Realm of Myths and Legends
Chapter 13 Goblin Foreman Rthuja

In total, it had taken Izroth around 20 minutes to clear out all the group of goblins, except for the goblin in the very middle who seemed to be their leader. It was holding a much larger pickaxe in its hands that seemed to be of much better quality than that of the ’Goblin Worker’ weapons. It originally should not have taken him so long, but he had to play it safe and wait for some of his skills to get off of cooldown before attacking any groups that contained a ’Goblin Scout’ in it.

In total, Izroth had gained 5,400 EXP as well as 1 silver and 65 bronze coins. He also managed to get extremely lucky as one of the ’Goblin Scout’ monsters he killed dropped an item called ’Lesser Healing Potion’. It was an HP potion!

Item Name: Lesser Healing Potion

Usage: Drinking this potion will heal the user for 150 HP.

Cooldown: 1 minute

150 HP may not seem like much, but that was 30% of Izroth’s current health! It could very well save his life.

Izroth had leveled up twice and was now level 9, but he did not use his stat points just yet. He felt as though he still had somewhat of a correct mindset when distributing them. Izroth would only use them when he felt as though he absolutely needed to. After all, 1 stat point in the correct area at the correct time could potentially save him.

Izroth eyes finally landed onto that lone goblin standing in the middle of the large open area. His eyes narrowed as he viewed the stats of this monster before him.

Name: Goblin Foreman Rthuja (BOSS)

Level: 12

HP: 3,000/3,000

ATK: 180

DEF: 50

AGI: 75

MAG: 0


Goblin Call(Passive): Calls out for a certain number of ’Goblin Worker’ monsters depending on how many enemies it is facing when its HP drops below a certain point.

Goblin’s Trickery(Active): Deals 125% of its attack as damage using tricky methods! This skill has a high chance of causing ’Confusion’ to its target!

A boss monster that had 3,000 HP and an attack of 180! It also had a decent defense and high agility. In fact, its agility was only slightly lower than Izroth’s!

"A boss monster!" Izroth was thrilled to run into a boss monster here. He hoped that it would drop loot as good as that world boss he fought earlier, the ’Shadow Wolf’.

Izroth took a moment to size up the ’Goblin Foreman Rthuja’ before moving his hand to the hilt of his ’Nameless Sword’. He had to be extremely careful as this would be his very first time fighting a boss level monster alone. Izroth knew that these type of monsters were usually meant to be a group effort, but he never really had the chance to fully test himself yet in this game and this would be the perfect chance!

Izroth decided to take the initiative to attack and launched himself directly at the ’Goblin Foreman Rhthuja’. He lowered his stance a bit before kicking off with his right foot and accelerating in the direction of the monster.

"Sword Force! First Baneful Sword: Destruction!" Izroth decided to start out with his strongest combination attack so far, a merger of the ’Sword Force’ skill from his ’Nameless Sword’ and a skill of his own creation, the ’First Baneful Sword: Destruction’.

A light milky blue light with a strong oppressive force appeared around Izroth’s ’Nameless Sword’ as it was aiming to strike the ’Goblin Foreman Rthuja’ directly across its neck.


The ’Goblin Foreman Rthuja’ immediately sensed Izroth when he entered into its range of perception and instantly became fully alert. It made strange noises as though it was trying to spew insults at Izroth for even attempting to fight it!


The ’Goblin Foreman Rthuja’ managed to adjust its position enough to where it avoided a hit aimed at its vital point, and instead took the hit on its chest area. Nevertheless, it was still greatly injured by the blow!

-670 HP!

2,330/3,000 HP Remaining! (Goblin Foreman Rthuja)

It really was worthy of being a boss monster! Even though Izroth had thought he would manage to catch it by surprise and get a critical hit at the beginning of the fight, it had managed to still react and protect its vital point in time!

"It seems as though boss monsters are quite good at protecting their vitals, even when caught completely off guard" Izroth thought to himself while not taking the time to halt his assault.

"Flickering Steps" Izroth activated the new S rank version of ’Flickering Steps’ increasing his agility by 400% for 20 seconds! His current agility was at 85, so a 400% increase would grant him a monstrous 340 agility! This was the power of an S rank skill, completely domineering by nature! If other players knew about this skill, they would definitely complain to the gaming company to have it nerfed!

Izroth’s afterimages flickered around the battlefield, the ’Goblin Foreman Rthuja’ had absolutely no chance of hitting Izroth as it lashed out with its large and sturdy pickaxe. But Izroth was just too fast! The ’Goblin Foreman Rthuja’ pickaxe hit nothing but an afterimage of Izroth.


Izroth did not waste any time and attacked once again with his ’Nameless Sword’ slashing against the sewage green body of the boss monster in front of him in quick succession.

Swiiiiiiish... Slash!

-70 HP!

-70 HP!

2,190/3,000 HP Remaining! (Goblin Foreman Rthuja)

Izroth’s attack speed had greatly increased to the point where he had no problem attacking multiple times. The system did not restrict him because his cheat like agility was able to handle the action!

The ’Goblin Foreman Rthuja’ was incredibly frustrated by this human constantly buzzing around it as though it were a fly! Its HP had dropped below 75%! Soon after, an unusually strange tone seemed to sound out from the mouth of the ’Goblin Foreman Rthuja’. Its passive skill ’Goblin Call’ had been activated!


Not too far away from the ’Goblin Foreman Rthuja’ was a small open pathway on the side of the cave wall. It was not big enough for a human to fit through but was more than enough for something the size of a goblin to do so.

As Izroth heard that ear retching creaking noise emitted from the mouth of the boss monster, he had a gut feeling that something was about to happen. He became much more vigilant and aware of his surroundings, and not too long after his ears twitched as he heard small footsteps approaching rapidly.

A few moments later, a ’Goblin Worker’ scurried out of that small open pathway with a pickaxe in hand!

The ’Goblin Foreman Rthuja’ eyes were darting all over the place trying to keep up with Izroth’s speed but to no avail. It could only roar angrily and brandish its pickaxe while striking at one of the many afterimages of Izroth. But it did not stop there, it was crazily attacking multiple afterimages left behind by Izroth. However, could such attacks even touch him at this moment?

Izroth still had 16 seconds remaining on his ’Flickering Steps’ and so he had to take full advantage of it! He had noticed the ’Goblin Worker’ rushing over towards him but it was still around 10 meters away. During that time, he would be sure to whittle down the ’Goblin Foreman Rthuja’ HP as much as possible.


Meanwhile, at Opal Town inside one of the small buildings, there were many players gathered. Some players were leaving and others were going into the small building. This was the temporary headquarters of a guild known as ’Blue Oasis’, one of the top 10 guilds on the MMORPG scene. Of course, when the first VRMMORPG was released, they invested much more resources into growing and advancing in RML.

A player rushed into the building looking a bit excited, "Captain! I have found someone who says they have information on that world boss as well as some information on the player called Izroth. You know, the one who cleared the first world boss!"

At the back center of the room was a desk with a chair behind it. On the chair sat a male with a sturdy build, brown hair and light green eyes. He wore an ocean blue armor with light blue markings all over it in the shape of ocean waves. On his face was a sharp look and although he did not look incredibly handsome, he still had the looks and gave off a peculiar aura of confidence that was enough to sway the heart of many women. That man who was referred to as ’Captain’ player’s name was Niflheim.

Niflheim looked up at the player who hurried in with a look of interest. Did he manage to find out something that fast? Niflheim was visibly surprised. He was tasked by the guild leader to look into the matter of the world boss spawn point as well as Izroth, the player who cleared the first world boss.

"Is it from a reliable source, Olohas?" even though Niflheim wanted information, he would not just believe anything he heard. As one of the seven captains belonging to ’Blue Oasis’, he had a responsibility to make sure things were done with efficiency and the correct way!

"Captain, I can guarantee you that the information you’re about to hear cannot be false. There’s even something incredibly rare involved!" Olohas quickly waved his hand towards the entrance area as though he was calling for someone to come in.

"Captain, this player said that he and his friends were in a party with the player known as Izroth. This player Izroth shamelessly kicked them out when the world boss was low on HP, and then sneak attacked to kill them taking all the loot for himself and his two other friends! How cowardly!" Olohas seemed to be infuriated by the injustice that had taken place.

"Is what he said true?" this time Niflheim was talking to the person who walked into the entrance after Olohas gestured for him to enter.

"Yes, it’s all true. Those shameless cowards took everything for themselves! That player called Izroth even had a rare weapon! I can show you where the world boss spawn is, I only have one request. I just want justice to be carried out!" the player who Olohas had brought in was none other than Mick!

Niflheim eyes slightly narrowed as a cold glint flashed in his eyes, "Tell me more"

... i𝓷𝚗𝓻𝒆𝓪𝒅. co𝘮

Izroth had no idea what was taking place at the moment in Opal Town, as he was focused on fighting the ’Goblin Foreman Rthuja’! His ’Flickering Steps’ had run out quite a while ago, but he managed to deal with the two ’Goblin Worker’ monsters that spawned and dealt a great amount of damage to the ’Goblin Foreman Rthuja’. They seemed to spawn every 25% HP that the boss loss. But Izroth himself also took a bit of damage as well.

1,020/3,000 HP Remaining! (Goblin Foreman Rthuja)

295/500 HP Remaining! (Izroth)

"I never expected to be given so much trouble by that skill!" Izroth thought to himself recalling the skill used by the boss monster, ’Goblin’s Trickery’. When he killed one of the ’Goblin Worker’ monsters that the ’Goblin Foreman Rthuja’ called out, it had exploded as though it was carrying an explosive!

Izroth did not expect the sudden explosion and had no time to retreat. He ended up paying the price for it and taking 205 damage and becoming ’Confused’. Luckily, he was a good distance away from the ’Goblin Foreman Rthuja’ at that moment and did not get attacked again right away or else he may have been in a more desperate situation!

Izroth’s ’First Baneful Sword: Destruction’ and ’Sword Force’ were finally off cooldown again. He would attempt to end it with his next strike!

"Sword Force... First Baneful Sword: Destruction!" Izroth’s agility was no longer that monstrous 340, but only 85. However, he was still slightly faster than the ’Goblin Foreman Rthuja’ as that light milky blue aura accompanied by an oppressive and destructive force descended towards the side of the ’Goblin Foreman Rthuja’.

Just as the ’Goblin Foreman Rthuja’ was getting ready to block the sword strike, Izroth suddenly changed the direction of the attack midway and aimed it towards the neck area of the boss monster!

He had not been wasting his time during this fight. He learned that if feints were executed properly, one would have a higher chance of successfully striking at a boss monsters vital points, even if they were on guard! Though changing the trajectory of an attack midway may seem easy, it required a lot of skill!

The ’Goblin Foreman Rthuja’ cried out in its strange goblin language as if it were trying to call for another ’Goblin Worker’ to come and assist it, but it was too late. Izroth’s sword arrived at its neck!

Critical Hit!

-1,390 HP!

0/3,000 HP Remaining! (Goblin Foreman Rthuja)

Izroth let out a small sigh of relief and soon after a smile formed on his face. He had defeated a boss monster by himself! Though strangely the quest he had was still not completed, so that meant that there was possibly more than a single boss in this cave! What luck! Though, Izroth had no idea that multiple bosses were a common thing for dungeons. The system alert finally went off in Izroth’s ears.

Ding! Congratulations, you have defeated ’Goblin Foreman Rthuja’!

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Realm of Myths and Legends Chapter 13 Goblin Foreman Rthuja