Time goes back to when Tenku was still in the classroom. A little girl aged six to seven was standing in front of the gates of the Suisei Elementary School. She was wearing that school uniform and looked like a freshman there.

The little girl's name is Kohana, and she looks adorable with her short hair and oval face. She kept looking at Suisei High School periodically while checking the watch wrapped around her small wrist.

"Why did big sister still not come until now? Was she busy and forgot her promise to pick me up?" Kohana puffed out her cheeks cutely and continued to complain.

Kohana was bored and a little scared because the area around her was relatively quiet at those hours. She didn't even see a single person several meters away from her. When Kohana was looking around her surroundings, she found a cat lying in the middle of the street.

"Eh? Is the cat injured? The cat will get hit by a car if he stays in that place!" Kohana looked to the right and left of the street to ensure no cars would pass. After she was sure, she ran quickly towards the cat.

But then she realized that a truck was coming towards her at high speed and was in front of her eyes. Kohana couldn't help but stare at the big car in shock.

(Am I going to die with this cat?)

Kohana closed her eyes and hugged the cat tightly. Her body was shaking with fear. She had just entered elementary school and didn't want to die and leave her sister forever.

"No!" Kohana screams and hopes someone will hear. Even though she knew it was useless because no one was around, she did it out of fear and as a last resort. But then, Kohana felt like her body was lifted, and the pain she had been waiting for didn't come.

Kohana slowly opened her eyes and saw a boy hugging her. he felt the boy was about the same age as his brother. Although his face is not handsome, he is also not ugly, and Kohana feels comfortable and safe in his arms.

(Uh? What happened?)

Kohana was confused by the rapid change in the situation. She was sure that no one was around him within a few meters. So how did the boy save her from the truck and get her onto the sidewalk in no time?

(He's wearing the same uniform as a big sister? Does that mean he's also a student of Suisei High School? He must have just walked out of the school gates. Then how did he move that fast to my location? Was he using a Phantasmal Object? No! I don't see anything on his body that looks like that)

Kohana comes from the Realizer family, which is quite famous in Japan. So Kohana knows a few things about them. Kohana continued to watch the boy without saying anything, and she was lost in her confusion. She didn't even notice that the cat in his arms had left her.

The little girl was sure that the boy instantly closed the tens of meters gap using only his physical strength. But how? Even the best martial arts she knew couldn't do that.

"Isn't what you're doing dangerous? Where are your parents?" The boy released Kohana from his embrace and asked, but the little girl was still deep in thought.

"Okay. You have to be more careful in the future. Don't cross the street carelessly." The boy said and left Kohana alone at the place. When Kohana regained her senses, the boy had already gone quite far.

"Big Brother! Wait!" Kohana jogged and screamed, but the boy walked quickly and immediately disappeared.

"How stupid I am! Why am I pensive at a time like that instead of thanking him for saving my life!?" Kohana felt disappointed in herself.

"He's wearing a Suisei High School uniform. So he must be a student there. I will ask big sister to find out about him!" Kohana muttered while looking in the direction the boy had gone. But then she was startled by a voice from behind.

"What are you talking about, Kohana?" a girl suddenly appeared behind Kohana and asked softly.

"Ah! ! You surprised me! You're late! I almost got into an accident if I wasn't saved by the students from your school!" Kohana looked at the girl who was talking to her and complained.

"What!? You almost had an accident!? Which part of your body is injured!? Let's go to the hospital immediately, or we'll use the Fuyushima Temple's potion to treat you!" The girl knelt and examined Kohana's entire body.

The girl who appeared was the student council president of Suisei High School, who had given her welcome speech at the new student admissions ceremony, Setsuka Fuyushima. Kohana is her sister, and her full name is Kohana Fuyushima.

Setsuka is a cold girl and doesn't talk much. She gave off a naturally aloof and indifferent atmosphere to those around her. Because of that, not many students dared to approach her. But when Setsuka is with her sister, she becomes more warm, caring, and talkative.

"Please calm down, big sister! I'm fine. Didn't I say that someone saved me?" Kohana tried to calm her panicked sister.

"Ah! I forgot about it. Can you tell me what happened?" Setsuka stood up and cleaned her dirty knees after kneeling on the pavement. Kohana nodded and excitedly recounted everything that happened back then. Setsuka fell silent after hearing the story from his sister. he was pretty shocked about it, but she believed Kohana would not lie to her.

"So you've been saved by him but haven't expressed your gratitude because you pondered about his abilities??" Setsuka looked at her sister and flicked her forehead.

"Ugh! I was wrong about that. Therefore, you must help me find the boy and let me properly thank him." Kohana looked at Setsuka with a sad face.

"I understand. You don't have to make a face like that. I will find the boy for you." Setsuka smiled and pinched her sister's cheeks.

"Yay! You are the best, big sister!" Kohana jumped up and then hugged Setsuka.

"Today, I have a lot of business in the student council office. That's why I'm late picking you up. I apologize." Setsuka hugged Kohana back and rubbed her head.

"You don't have to think about it. You can help me find that student as your apology." Kohana let go of Setsuka's arms and gave her a big smile.

"Okay. I will look for him tomorrow. We better get back right now. I'm afraid Mother will worry because we're coming home late." Setsuka looked at the darkening sky and then checked her watch.

"Let's go! I don't want mother to worry about us!" Kohana nodded and took Setsuka's hand.

"Then let's go home!" Setsuka walked while holding her sister's hand. Fuyushima Temple is not far from Suisei High School and only takes about twenty-five minutes on foot. Because of that, Setsuka didn't need to take any vehicle.

(Who is that boy? Could he instantly close tens of meters gap without a Phantasmal Object? Mother and father can't even do that. Did Kohana see it wrong? No. I'm sure she's telling the truth. The person who saved Kohana must have been extraordinary. Then, it would be easy to find students with such outstanding abilities in school)

Setsuka is curious about the boy in Kohana's story. She also wanted to meet that person and thank him for saving her sister. Setsuka intended to use her position as student council president to be able to find that student quickly.


After returning home, Asuka immediately buried herself in bed. Today her mind was very messy because she felt she had lost something essential, but she didn't know what it was. Unknowingly a hole appeared in her heart and made her feel empty.

"What has happened to me?" Asuka looked up at the ceiling and muttered.

Asuka recalled everything that had happened today at school. This afternoon she accompanied Tenku to lunch under a big tree and parted with him to find her classroom. After she found the place, she was shocked when she saw the new student representative, who turned out to be her classmate.

She was happy to know that and tried to find a seat closest to him. Unfortunately, Asuka didn't manage to get it, and she could only stare at that student from afar. But without her knowing, a female student next to her seat caught her looking at the new student representative.

The girl's name was Michiko Takano, and she was a childhood friend of the new student representative. After chatting with him for a while, Asuka finally discovered the boy's name was Akio Sanagawa.

The host did not mention Akio's name during the new student admissions ceremony. Because of that, Asuka and the other students didn't know about it. Then Michiko helps her to get acquainted with Akio, and the two girls become close friends.

Another thing that happens at school is that her childhood friend awakens a Phantasmal Object with the lowest rank and has GP and Combat Power values below the other students. It made him the weakest among the other first-year students or the entire Suisei High School.

Asuka could hear the students in the hall mocking Tenku, but she couldn't do anything to defend her childhood friend because she felt disappointed when she saw the result.

She didn't help Tenku for fear that the students would discover her close relationship with him. It would be very embarrassing for him. Michiko and Akio even looked disgusted at Tenku and advised Asuka to keep her distance from him.

After listening to the two people's words, Asuka decided to stay away from Tenku because she thought it was for the best. She didn't want Michiko and Akio to be disappointed because she was still interacting with Tenku.

"What I did wasn't wrong! I want a man with the appearance and strength of a perfect hero! He's just my friend from the past. Now, we are in high school and have our own lives and dreams. So it doesn't matter if I no longer interact with him!" Asuka tried to deny her feelings and decided to stay away from Tenku. She still didn't realize how important the boy was to her and how much she cared about him. After that, Asuka closed her eyes, and her nightmare began.

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