Tenku and Wang Haotian immediately departed for their destination by car. Wang Haotian couldn't help but laugh when he saw Tenku was still in a state of shock after hearing his answer.

"You don't need to think about that right now. You have to focus on your cultivation. I'm sure that you will become stronger in no time. I don't know why you wanted to enter that portal and go to another world in such a hurry. But you have to remember. There's no point in crossing the portal if you have to die in the process. Wouldn't that make your goals unattainable and even abandoned?" Wang Haotian tried to give him encouragement and advice.

"I don't know how long it will take me to reach the golden core realm. I haven't even officially set foot on the path of cultivation yet. But I'm sure it will take years. Are you already at the golden core realm, Master?" Tenku weakly replied and then looked at Wang Haotian in the driver's seat. His question made the old man's lips twitch.

(Of course, it will take a long time! The me who was called a cultivation genius when I was young didn't even reach the innate realm until now because the earth lacked aura!)

Wang Haotian roared in his heart. He couldn't say that directly to Tenku for fear that the boy would underestimate him.

"Cough! Didn't I say it was a secret? Put that problem aside for now. You better prepare yourself for your battle with the monsters." Wang Haotian tried to change the subject.

"Hmm? Are we headed to where the space collapse will appear?" Tenku asked.

"You are right. We'll start your training there." Wang Haotian nodded and secretly sighed in relief. Luckily, Tenku didn't continue to talk about his cultivation realm.

If the boy continued to urge him, then Wang Haotian would have to answer even though he was reluctant. After that, Tenku would look down on him because, as a master, he didn't even reach the Innate realm, or so he thought.

"Where are we going, master?" Tenku was confused because Wang Haotian had not said their destination since they departed.

"Didn't I tell you yet? We're going to Totoro's Forest in the Saitama region." Wang Haotian raised his eyebrows. He forgot to tell Tenku about it because they were leaving in a hurry.

"Isn't that a tourist spot? Am I allowed to use my power in front of many people?" Tenku asked confusedly. He had heard about the place from his mother, and the forest was supposed to be frequented by people.

"That's in the past. After the space collapse, the tourist spot was closed and no longer open to the public." Wang Haotian explained.

"Then how did you know there would be a space collapse? Ah! Did you get it from your Realizer organization just like Uncle Kouta and Aunt Misora?" Tenku was curious as to why Wang Haotian could tell that a space collapse would appear in that place. But when he remembered about Kouta and Misora ​​getting information from his organization, he finally understood.

"Cough! Yes. More or less." Wang Haotian turned his face away and didn't want to meet Tenku's eyes directly. He had lied and felt guilty when he saw the boy's innocent face. The information was not what he got from the Realizer organization, but he couldn't say it for now.

Their journey went smoothly, and they arrived at Totoro's Forest at noon. After lunch at a restaurant, Tenku and Wang Haotian immediately entered the forest and headed for where the space collapse was about to appear.

Not long after, they reached the depths of the forest, and the atmosphere in the place was dark and eerie.

"Will the space collapse appear here?" Tenku asked in a slightly trembling voice.

"Ooh, are you scared, kid?" Wang Haotian smirked and teased him.

"I am not afraid! But the atmosphere here is a bit strange and makes me uncomfortable. Is it because this place hasn't been visited in a long time?" Tenku looked around warily.

"You don't have to worry about that. You have to focus on fighting monsters and follow my directions. You must finish them cleanly and quickly while practicing from one of the books I gave you. If you linger with those monsters, other Realizers might come and interfere with your training." Wang Haotian warned Tenku.

"Which book are you referring to?" Tenku looked at Wang Haotian and tilted his head in confusion.

"Thousand Weapon Emperor Technique. In this battle, you will practice the ability to use weapons. You will start with efficiency in using your Phantasmal Object. You should be able to control your speed and power when using your weapons and dodge attacks from your opponents. We'll continue to do that practice until you become proficient with your scythe and can fully control it. After that, we will switch to your spear mode. Do you understand?" Wang Haotian said seriously.

At this time, Wang Haotian had to be tough on Tenku for him to be serious and focus on his training. He wanted Tenku to become stronger and surpass him quickly.

"I understand, master!" Tenku said with determination. He also wanted to become stronger quickly and immediately went to find Haruna. Not long after, a familiar sound like broken glass rang in Tenku's ears.


"Finally, what we have been waiting for has come. I'll be watching and giving you instructions from afar. Good luck, kid!" Wang Haotian smiled and disappeared from where he was standing.

On the other hand, Tenku's childish face turned serious. He stretched out his left hand, and a scythe manifested.


What appeared first were a dozen ogres, followed by the goblins and orcs behind. In addition, Tenku also saw several green creatures, such as goblins of larger size.

"Hobgoblins!" Tenku slightly raised his voice. Then he was about to release the ability of his Phantasmal Object, but Wang Haotian's voice stopped him.

"Hey, kid! You are not allowed to use your Phantasmal Object abilities! You can only kill those monsters with your ability! Remember what you read from that book!" Wang Haotian shouted, scolding Tenku.

"I understand!" Tenku tightly gripped his scythe and charged forward to attack the horde of monsters while remembering the contents of the Thousand Weapon Emperor Technique.

The ogres, hobgoblins, and other monsters noticed Tenku's presence and smirked evilly in the pleasure of prey coming naturally to them.

"Unite your heart with your weapon and swing according to the rhythm of your body." Tenku moved quickly and arrived in front of an orc instantly.


The Orc swung its spiked mace at him, but Tenku quickly turned his body to the Orc's side and swung his scythe horizontally. He cut the orc in half with ease in one slash.

After killing the monster, Tenku immediately retreated, and a spiked mace fell where he had been standing before.


The other orcs attacked Tenku together. The monsters were angry that the little boy had managed to kill one of them.


Tenku remained calm when facing the hordes of monsters because half of him had been possessed by his Phantasmal Object. He charged forward and swung his weapon, but the Orc smirked as if it knew the direction of his attack and quickly raised his spiked mace to block Tenku's scythe.

"Using a weapon isn't just about swinging it around but how we can slash our enemies with minimal effort." Tenku immediately changed the trajectory of his scythe before touching the spiked mace, and his vertical slash turned horizontal.


The monster was split in half, just like the first Orc. Then Tenku ran towards the giant trees when he saw the orcs running amok after two of them died.

Tenku was about to slash at one of the orcs chasing him, but then the tip of his scythe collided with one of the trees. It disrupted his swing and distorted the trajectory of his attack.


"Tsk!" Tenkuu clicked his tongue and quickly hid among the trees when he saw one of the orcs throwing a spiked mace at him.


In that situation, Tenku recalled the words written in the Thousand Weapon Emperor Technique.

"Feel the environment around you. Not all weapons can be used in all fields. If you feel disadvantaged by that, you must create the terrain that will allow you to use your weapon optimally." Tenku muttered. He looked at the horde of orcs running toward him, and his eyes flashed a green light.

Tenku moved at high speed among the trees and approached the monsters. Then he swung his scythe. It was aimed not at the orc but the surrounding trees. Tenku cut the trees in the forest and made them fall towards the monsters.


The orcs swung their spiked maces to crush the trees that fell on them. But while the monsters were busy with that, Tenku suddenly appeared in their midst. He swung his scythe in a circle and slashed at the orcs all at once.

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