"What do you want to do to me!?" Tenku gets scared when he sees the glasses shining. He thought that Wang Haotian would shoot lasers from his glasses.

"Ahaha… I won't do anything harmful to my disciple. I only see the flow of energy around you." Wang Haotian laughed when he saw Tenku's reaction.

"That's not funny at all! After all, I haven't agreed to become your disciple." Tenku snorted and looked out the window. His face was sullen, and he looked annoyed by Wang Haotian's behavior.

"Okay. I know I was wrong. However, being my disciple will help you overcome your situation. You don't want to be taken over by your weapon, do you?" Wang Haotian smiled and returned their conversation to its topic.

"What do you mean? How could being your disciple help me deal with my situation? Is that related?" Tenku looked at Wang Haotian and tilted his head in confusion.

"I will explain it once, so please listen carefully. A human who had awakened their Phantasmal Object would become stronger whenever they killed the monsters. But in reality, that is not what happened. What became more powerful were their Phantasmal Objects. So, what would happen if the weapon was stronger than its wielder?" Wang Haotian asked with a serious face.

"Will they be eaten?" Tenku asked back because he wasn't sure about the answer.

Even though he aspires to become a Realizer and has read many books about them, it doesn't go into detail. How did they get that power or control the Phantasmal Object perfectly? Tenku never knew about it. He knew how to fight only after his Phantasmal Object possessed him.

"You are right. Their souls will be eaten, and the weapon will take over their bodies. So you are no longer who you are. Your body still has the same, but your Phantasmal Object has replaced your soul." Wang Haotian said heavily.

Tenku shivered after hearing Wang Haotian's explanation. If he kept using his power like that, his soul would be replaced by that scythe. Tenku didn't want that to happen.

"What should I do?" Tenku asked in a trembling voice.

"What you have to do now is get stronger. Not for your weapon, but for yourself." Wang Haotian smiled when he saw the fear on Tenku's face.

"I want it! What should I do so that I can become stronger quickly!?" Tenku became excited after hearing Wang Haotian's words.

"Calm down, kid. Didn't I already say that the ability of your Phantasmal Object is unique? If you are an ordinary Realizer, then training like martial arts or using genetic serum will solve your problem. But in your case, your weapon will get stronger ten times faster than other Realizers. No, maybe 20 times. I don't know how many times exactly because the stronger your weapon, the stronger the ability. Because of that, ordinary methods won't be able to keep up with the growth of your Phantasmal Object." Wang Haotian sighed heavily.

"What exactly is the ability of my Phantasmal Object?" Tenku asked curiously.

"Swallow! The ability of your Phantasmal Object is swallowing! I don't know what he can swallow. But when you fight against those monsters, I see the energy you get from them is ten times greater than an ordinary Realizer. That power is not directly absorbed into your scythe but stops in your body first, and it seems that your Phantasmal object can change the form of energy according to its needs." Wang Haotian explained.

"I don't understand what you're saying. Is it something great?" Tenku smiled in embarrassment while scratching his head.

"I can't say it's great, but I can confirm that it's unique. I still don't know to what extent your Phantasmal object's swallowing ability is. But I'm sure the stronger your scythe is, the stronger the swallowing ability will be." Wang Haotian still didn't know about Tenku's Phantasmal Object's abilities. Therefore, he could not give a definite answer.

"Then what should I do?" Tenku was a little dizzy after hearing that complicated explanation. So he immediately asked about the crux of the matter.

"Of course, you must grow strong along with your Phantasmal Object. No, you have to be more powerful if you want to control it. If it were an ordinary Realizer, then it would be easy. But for you, only I know the method." Wang Haotian said proudly.

"What is the method?" Tenku urged Wang Haotian because he couldn't wait to get stronger and tried to enter the portal again to look for Haruna.

"Calm down, kid. I don't know why you're so hurried to enter the portal. But I will warn you one thing. Before your power reaches a certain stage, I want you to restrain your urge to go to another world using that portal. If you do so with your current strength, you will become minced meat from being torn apart by the terrifying space storm." Wang Haotian knew what Tenku would do because he had seen him try to enter the portal, but he still didn't know the reason behind his actions.

Tenku was frightened when he heard Wang Haotian's warning. Even so, his intention to find Haruna didn't slacken. Whether it's five or ten years from now, as long as he still feels a connection with his sister, Tenku will keep looking for him.

"So, what is the suitable method for me to grow stronger using my Phantasmal Object? I will do anything!" Tenku looked at Wang Haotian with determination.

"Hahaha... Good! Good! My method is cultivation." Wang Haotian took out three books from inside his shirt.

"Cultivation? Isn't that a type of martial art in Chinese novels?" Tenkuu was pessimistic when he saw the three old books in Fang Haotian's hands.

"It's a little different from the martial arts in the novels but what I said is real! Didn't you see my fast movements without using a Phantasmal Object?" Wang Haotian said and reminded Tenku.

"Ah! So that's the power you get from cultivating! Then, I want it! How long would it take to have that kind of power?" Tenku tried to take the book from Wang Haotian's hands, but the other party smiled slyly and pulled the book back.

"Hey… You haven't agreed to become my disciple. But for your information, ordinary people who want to become cultivators will take decades. Highly talented people only need half the time. But if it was you, it might quickly surpass me! So, will you be my disciple, kid?" Wang Haotian grinned and showed Tenku the three old books in his hand.

"My name is not a kid. I am Tenku. Tenku Okuihara. I am willing to be your disciple if your words are true!" Tenku agreed without hesitation if it was for the sake of finding Haruna.

"Hahaha... Good! Then these three books are yours. That book is the Sovereign Cultivation Set and something that my ancestor passed down. Even though my family and I can learn it, we can't bring out its full potential because the earth lacks aura." Wang Haotian gave the three books in his hand and said helplessly. But before Tenku opened his mouth to thank him, he suddenly continued his speech.

"But you can! Usually, a cultivator would require considerable cultivation resources the higher their realm was. But what you need is a monster! The more monsters you kill, the more power you get to raise your realm!" Wang Haotian raised his voice and said excitedly. His face was grinning like a madman, and it scared Tenku.

"Heaven Swallowing Monarch Scripture, Tyrant King Body Tempering Art, Thousand Weapon Emperor Technique. Is it okay to give this book to me?" Tenku read the words on the covers of the three old books, and he felt strange.

"No problem. Because we have several copies of it, have you noticed anything from those three books?" Wang Haotian knew what Tenku was feeling right now because he had also felt it when he first saw the books in the past.

"How can I understand these words even though I don't know the language?" Tenku asked confusedly. He could read and write because his parents had taught him since he was four. Therefore, Tenku was sure that the words in the book were not in Japanese or Chinese but in a language he didn't know.

"Hahaha… that's one of the great things about that book!" Wang Haotian looked very satisfied with Tenku's reaction.

"This book is that great?" Tenku is shocked and remembers that he reacted the same when he received a bracelet from his parents as a birthday present, which made him sad.

"Okay. We don't need to talk about it. I will explain a little about the books." Wang Haotian noticed that Tenku's mood had suddenly changed, and he quickly shifted their conversation to their main topic. Tenku understood and nodded his head vigorously.

"The Heaven Swallowing Monarch Scripture was a cultivation method. The Tyrant King Body Tempering Art was a body forging technique, while the Thousand Weapon Emperor Technique was a practice of using weapons to perfection. For further explanation, we will talk about it tomorrow since we have arrived at your house. This is my address and come tomorrow. Ah, don't forget you have to read the books properly." Wang Haotian gave Tenku a business card.

Initially, Wang Haotian intended to explain the three books in detail. But since they had arrived at Karitoshi's residence, he decided to postpone it and would do so tomorrow.

"Okay. Then, I will take my leave." Tenku nodded and intended to get out of the car, but Wang Haotian quickly stopped him.

"Wait a minute! Before you go, I want to give you a few warnings. First, don't ever say anything about me and the books. Second, never show your strength carelessly in front of others because it is dangerous. Once they learn about your abilities, you will be captured and used as a research subject. In addition, they will also control you and use you as a war slave. Do you understand?" Wang Haotian said seriously and gripped Tenku's hand tightly.

"I understand!" Tenku subconsciously nodded under pressure. He felt that Wang Haotian said it for his good.

After hearing Tenku's answer, Wang Haotian let go of his hand and let Tenku out of the car. Tenku still trembled at Wang Haotian's words. But he forced himself to walk. When he arrived in front of the Karitoshi's residence, he was startled after hearing gunshots from inside.


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