Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO
Chapter 9 - Beating The Mistress Into A Pulp (1)

Chapter 9: Beating The Mistress Into A Pulp (1)

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Greatly taken aback, Li Wei immediately reacted. She denied, “No, I didn’t. I didn’t say anything to Luo Anning at all. We only happened to run into each other, so we just had a casual chat. Things are not like what you think.”

“Is that so? How do you explain the pregnancy report that you showed Young Madam then?”

Li Wei bit her lips and wondered to herself, is Luo Anning not at odds with Young Master Rong?

According to my investigation, they rarely met each other throughout the two years of their marriage, let alone have feelings for each other.

But why does Rong Yan know about it even though it only happened yesterday?”

“Why aren’t you saying anything?” questioned Rong Yan who was running out of patience. He stood up elegantly and walked towards the French window where he looked at the scenery below.

He was incredibly displeased at the thought of Luo Anning.

She actually thought of making a cuckold out of me just because of something that did not even happen. How daring of her!

“Young Master Rong, I really didn’t say anything to Luo Anning...”

“It seems you have not realized how grave this matter is,” Xu Zhiyuan said while sliding his gold-framed glasses up his nose bridge before gesturing for the man in black to come forth.

The men in black held Li Wei down, causing her to grow flustered immediately. She frantically pleaded for mercy.”Young Master Rong, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have spouted nonsense to Luo Anning. I was stupid. Please give me a chance, will you?”

Rong Yan remained silent while keeping his back facing her. Having worked for him for years, Xu Zhiyuan instantly knew what he meant.

“Who are you to address Young Madam by her full name?” Xu Zhiyuan chastised. He then instructed, “Take her away. If Young Madam doesn’t forgive her, get rid of her at Tang.” Li Wei burst into tears after hearing his words.

Everyone knew that Tang was the biggest gang in Asia and even the European mafias had to show them respect. Tang Chao who helmed Tang, was Rong Yan’s childhood friend. Hence, sending her to Tang was akin to killing her.

After Li Wei was brought away, Rong Yan smiled in satisfaction. This time, that damned woman Luo Anning will not think of making a cuckold out of me anymore, will she?


Back in the mansion.

Luo Anning was still taking a nap in the bedroom when she was jolted awake by a disruptive crying sound.

She was exasperated, for all she wanted was to catch up on some sleep after a torturous night with Rong Yan.

She opened the door of the bedroom with a sullen expression and made her way downstairs. Upon sight of Luo Anning, a burning glare formed in the eyes of the pathetic and disheveled Li Wei who was bawling in the living room.

Luo Anning immediately got the chills. She looked at Auntie Li and asked, “What’s the matter? Who let her in?”

“Young Master Rong was the one who instructed Assistant Xu to bring her here to apologize to you, Young Madam,” Auntie Li answered truthfully.

Xu Zhiyuan pushed his glasses up and said smilingly, “Young Madam, whatever Miss Li said to you at Duke’s Cafe yesterday wasn’t true at all. Young Master Rong didn’t touch her and he has nothing to do with her at all, regardless of whether she’s pregnant or not.”

Luo Anning stared at Li Wei before stifling a yawn and wiping her tears away. She walked towards the couch and took a seat. “You mean, I was deceived by her?”

“Yes,” Xu Zhiyuan answered.

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Priceless New Bride: Accidentally Offending The Dangerous CEO Chapter 9 - Beating The Mistress Into A Pulp (1)