President Daddy's Excessive Love
Chapter 26 Consequences of not letting go

It should have been a glorious thing to have given birth to his children, but why did this woman have an expression that was worse than death?

"To hell with your conditions. I don"t care about them. I only want my children. They belong to me alone. I"ve brought them up with great effort. You ca

ot take them away, you robber." Tang Youyou was so angry that her heart felt like suffocating. She used one hand to pat her chest as she warned the man in a resentful and dissatisfied ma


Don"t even think about snatching her children away!

"Tang Youyou, just accept your fate. You don"t need to worry about the children"s future, for I will give them the best education and let them live the best life. And you ca

ot provide all these for your children.” Ji Xiaohan had not yet recovered from the pleasant surprise, so towards Tang Youyou, who had contributed the most, he still retained a bit of kindness.

Tang Youyou was so shocked by his words that her small face turned pale white.

"If you"re a qualified mother, you should consider the future of your children, shouldn"t you?"

Tang Youyou was so angry that her eyes turned red, and she glared at the man"s pleased eyes, "I believe that the children have their own choices."

"I"m going to see the kids at school. Are you going?" At this moment, he couldn"t wait any longer. The only thing that Ji Xiaohan wanted to do was to tightly hug his two lovely biological babies in his arms.

"You… You"re not allowed to go!" It was unknown where Tang Youyou got her courage and guts from, but she stretched her little arms and appeared in front of him, blocking his path.

Ji Xiaohan did not expect this woman to have such courage as she looked so thin and weak.

She actually dared to block his way?! Truly, the ignorant were fearless and the foolish were at their wits" end.

If the woman in front of him wasn"t his children’s biological mother, he would have definitely had his bodyguards throw her out immediately.

But at this moment, Ji Xiaohan did not want to treat her in a cruel ma


After all…

She was now a very special existence to him.

When Tang Youyou saw that the man was staring at her, the courage that she had accumulated suddenly dispersed.

Her two small hands that had stretched out were so weak that they were about to fall off.

She was thinking of a way to stop this bastard from harassing the children.

The man suddenly put his head down slightly and kissed her on her snow-white face without any warning with his scorching thin lip.

"Is that enough?" His deep and charming voice rang with an imperious attitude.

Tang Youyou thought that this man would either push her away or kick her out of the room.

However, she didn"t expect that this man actually… kissed her.

Damn it!

He actually dared to molest her.

"Pah!" Tang Youyou immediately gave him a slap, and berated him furiously, "You beast! Disgusting!"

Ji Xiaohan did not expect that the kiss he bestowed her could be exchanged with a slap from her. His handsome face immediately darkened.

"Out of the way!" He no longer had the patience.

"No!" Tang Youyou immediately shouted angrily.

Ji Xiaohan"s thin lips curved upwards sinisterly: "Could it be that I kissed the wrong place?"

Tang Youyou"s thin skin instantly turned red from his words. What"s in this bastard’s head?

Not wanting to give him the chance to be so frivolous, Tang Youyou immediately dodged to the side in frustration, but still warned him seriously, "I won"t agree to give you the children even if I die."

Ji Xiaohan never thought that this woman would have such a stubborn and unyielding temper, and he slightly frowned.

He then took a step forward and headed out.

Tang Youyou"s face turned red and then white. Seeing him leave, she immediately chased after him.

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President Daddy's Excessive Love Chapter 26 Consequences of not letting go