President Daddy's Excessive Love
Chapter 24 Throw money at her to make up for it

Tang Youyou"s relaxed mental state was immediately stretched taut. She looked at this terrifying man in front of her as if she had seen a ghost.

"Are you sure?" When the man asked this question, his voice clearly contained a hint of ecstasy.

"Send the results over right now!" After Ji Xiaohan finished speaking, he cut off his phone and continued to stare at her aggressively.

Tang Youyou gasped, looking at the man who was approaching her step by step, and the danger and pressure made her want to escape.

"Did you hear what I just said?" Ji Xiaohan covered the excitement in his heart, with his expression still as cold as ice.

Tang Youyou immediately covered her ears, and strongly shook her head. "No … I didn"t hear you."

"Then let me emphasize to you once again that the result of the children’s DNA comparison has come out. I am their biological father." When Ji Xiaohan said the two words “biological father”, he already disdained to conceal the joy in his tone.

Tang Youyou felt as if she was struck by lightning, her mind totally blank.

What nonsense is he talking about?

How could the children be his?

Could it be …

Was he the bastard who ruined her i

ocence five years ago?

"Say it. When did this happen? I don"t remember ever sleeping with a woman like you, who was not beautiful at all…" Before Ji Xiaohan could recover from his ecstasy, he had already started questioning her.

At that moment Tang Youyou felt it a bolt from the blue, and was unable to recover for a long time.

No...Why was the heaven being so cruel to her?

How could he be the children"s father?

The people on the Internet all said that he was Tang Xuerou"s sponsor and boyfriend, but now this bastard was the father of her own children.

It must not be true.

Ji Xiaohan saw that the woman who was choking with him just a moment ago had a pale white face, and stared hollowly at one place, as if she was a doll who had suddenly lost her soul. That expression made him feel she was a delicate and touching girl.

What the hell? This woman had bitten his hand into blood the night before. Why should he pity her?

"Don"t pretend anymore. Explain clearly. When did you bear my children…" Ji Xiaohan pulled the lifeless woman up. Her delicate body was so small and weak that it seemed she would faint at any moment in front of his tyra

ical and tall body.

"No... It definitely won"t be you. You lied to me, and it won"t be you…" Tang Youyou muttered, and her voice got louder and louder, and finally it became a low growl, "It must not be you!"

"What"s not me? So we did sleep?" Ji Xiaohan frowned even harder, but he remembered that in the past five years, there was only one woman he had slept with, and that woman was Tang Xuerou.

Tang Youyou covered her little face and cried bitterly. For the past five years, she had been thinking about how she would scold that bastard and take revenge on him if she saw him.

But now, when the truth was right in front of her, she tragically discovered that the other party could easily squash her to death as if she were an ant.

Ji Xiaohan hated crying women most, especially women who cried very loudly.

Tang Youyou"s heart had collapsed at this moment. All the supercilious looks, ridicule and grievances that she had suffered for the past five years had turned into tears as they slid down her face.

Ji Xiaohan"s handsome face tensed up, and he loosened his hand that was holding her. The woman immediately sat on the ground and continued to cry over her unfair fate.

"The children are mine, so you should be happy, because you will soon receive the 100-million-yuan reward for giving birth!" Ji Xiaohan tried his best to calm the excitement and joy in his heart, but the woman in front of him was crying like a ghost, which made him extremely a

oyed. He just wanted to give her the money and send her off.

After saying that, Ji Xiaohan took out a cheque and a pen from his pocket, and swiftly wrote a 100 million yuan on the cheque as well as his name.

He tore off the cheque and handed it over, "Take this. This is what you deserve."

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President Daddy's Excessive Love Chapter 24 Throw money at her to make up for it