Poison God's Heritage
Chapter 438 Book Worm

"No," spoke elder Xian.

While I grinned on the side.

The alchemy elder seemed to be fuming at the current situation, after all, he just lost the chance to get his hands on a Cloud Pill.

"This was done by the efforts of disciple Shen Mo, the request clearly states that the sect only requires the taker of the request to provide one pill. As long as a disciple is able to make several he is in all his rights to keep whichever he want. The commission also requires that a disciple has to hand over a pill of at least sixty percent purity, and what Shen Mo had given the sect was clearly a pill of an even higher purity. So why are you here bothering me?" asked Elder Xian.

The elder snorted and moved away from the disciplinary hall fuming with rage.

Elder Xian sighed as he rubbed the bridge of his nose. "You really are something, Shen Mo, tell me what do you plan on using that Cloud Pill for?" he asked.

'I don't really need it.'

"I was thinking of keeping it saved in case I'll use it some day," I said.

"It's a pill with a very high concentration of Qi, though I have to compliment your accomplishments in the path of Alchemy, I cannot think that you'll be able to fully use the power of such a pill. Are you willing to sell it to the sect? I'm willing to put in a good word for the Sect Master, and consider the pill as a great achievement for you."

I thought for a moment. Though the pill is good, it is in fact completely useless to me, not Shen Mo's body, but my original body, I need far more poisonous and potent pills to consume. Although this is a good pill, it is far below my standards.

And if I were to get some merit points from selling this pill, then there is no harm done.

"Okay, I'm willing to give it to the sect then," I said.

"Great, great, now, since it's a newly birthed pill, we'll have to be careful in transporting it. Give me a moment," he said.

The elder walked out of the office he was in and went somewhere. After some time he came back with a green jade box in hand.

It seemed to be radiating a great deal of Qi.

"Please place it here, and do it fast, we don't want the tribulation to trigger again, it's a pain to deal with it." he said.

I placed the pill inside the box, and before the clouds even gathered, the elder closed the lid and the skies cleared again.

"Good, I'll inform you of your updated Merit Points once I have a word with the sect master. For now, you may rest or take on more tasks. Whichever you wish," said the elder.

"I'm actually interested in the Beast Taming." I said.

"Oh, I assume you obtained your own beast," he said.

"Yes," I said as I pulled Kyu from my hood.

It looked like a small snuggly fur ball, not intimidating by any means. But to the eyes of elder Xian he frowned.

"Seems like a Feline type. Perhaps a rare breed. This is interesting, though I can't recommend a method to raise it, I'm sure the elder at the Beast Hall would have some materials on how to raise and empower such a creature, you should go there, and tell him that you were sent by me." He said.

"Thank you," I replied.

After being done with the disciplinary hall, I headed out and toward the Beast Hall. It was actually in the Inner Sect unlike the Disciplinary Hall so I had to climb all the way up again.

Just as I entered the Inner Sect, I saw the girl who loved tapping her shoe on the ground, she seemed to be annoyed and clearly irritated.

Just as our eyes met, she spoke first, "Don't feel too proud of yourself, it was clearly just luck that you managed to make such a pill where even brother Xu Tian failed. Humph," she said as she walked away.

I shook my head at her childish behavior and moved away from the front of the inner sect Entrance.

After some time walking I found myself in front of the Beast Hall.

The loud sound of creatures growling, howling and even shirking was making this place sound like a zoo.

Once I was inside, I saw many disciples in, either treating their pets or feeding them. The first floor was like a keep for all the animals. As for more 'administrative' purposes I had to go up.

Once I was upstairs I found an old man dozing off in front of a desk.

I lightly dragged my feet as I walked to inform him of my presence.

"Ahem, ahem," he coughed faking being awake. "Yes, what do you require?" he asked.

"I've been sent by Elder Xian, he said that I could check the books regarding beast taming," I said.

"Is that so... I find that hard to believe," the elder said. "But, it doesn't matter, it's not like there is a limitation on the books you can read about beast taming, enter, you can access all the library content, but you must not take any books out with you, do you understand? If I find anything missing, I will not tolerate it," he said.

"I'll make sure to keep my hands to myself, I just wish to browse some of the books," I said.

"Good, then go in," he said.

He then muttered something along the lines, 'it's rare to even see disciples interested in books regarding the beasts, most just feed them and train them like slaves. I hope this child is different,'

One I walked in, I was surprised to see a giant-sized library that seemed to reach all the way to the ceiling and extend several dozen meters in all directions. It was a giant library.

"Damn," I said and my words revibrated through the library.

"Quiet!" I heard, someone was already inside.

"Sorry," I said in a lower tone.

I then began looking around the library, headed first towards the Feline section.

It hosted several rows of books. Starting from Tigers to lions, leopards and more. The library was divided into books that talked about normal and mortal felines, Demonic Felines, Mystic Felines, and even mythical ones. ๐“ฒ๐“ทnr๐’†๐šŠd. ๐˜ค๐‘œ๐˜ฎ

I ignored the normal and mortal ones and began browsing the books that addressed feline creatures that could cultivate.

The first type was Demonic Felines, and on the first page of the first book I saw a tiger. And this brought me back to my first encounter with a demonic beast in that dark forest. It was just after I came out of the Poison God's cave as a weakling Qi Condensation cultivator.

I read about the creature and all of its habits, food diet and even its prows. It wasn't that strong but it was dangerous for a beginning cultivator. I'm still surprised I managed to survive that encounter, but it was all thanks to Poison God's Heritage.

Then I began looking for more, finding more about demonic felines, in one I even found the Purple Armored Lion and many other creatures I saw in my travels. However, there was nothing regarding the beast I have.

So I kept searching, and searching, from Demonic to mystic, and all the way to the Mythical.

In the mythical, I found the Dark Heavenly Tiger, the very tiger that's inhabiting the part of the forest closest to the sect.

The entry lacked a great deal of detail about him. The only thing it described as its shape, a relative and very vague depiction of its power. Yet nothing about the characteristics of the Dark Heavenly Tiger.

There was nothing about its greed for the new, nor for its ceaseless curiosity.

I kept looking through the book, finding more information about other creatures that I've never seen, some were Kilins some about a lion that resembled a Manticore, and even a Zheng.

Yet none of these were informative for me. Though I did note and memorize their details in case I ever met such a creature in the future. I still kept looking.

Yet sadly I didn't find anything regarding what I was looking for.

Deciding to give up, I walked by a row of books that seemed to be on the verge of breaking apart with a mere touch.

This shelf seemed to host ancient books. And on the top of the shelve was something written on it.

Extinct Beasts


"Quiet!" I heard again.


I grabbed the closest book and opened it, and my eyes immediately opened wide.

Dark Beast!

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Poison God's Heritage Chapter 438 Book Worm