Chapter 26: Charging sword slash! Heavenly Sun is doing the mythical advancement mission!?

[ Sword Slash ]

[ Type: charging damage skill ]

[ Level: none ]

[ Effect: charging sword slash. For every second of charging, the sword slash”s power will increase by 100%, up to 100000%! ]

[ Restrictions: the charging process can not be interrupted! ]



“This skill is a little scary!”

He looked at the skill information he had obtained from the Blade Demon General.

Even Su Yang, who already had a mythical skill, couldn’t help but sigh.

Every second of charging would increase the damage by 100%!

It could deal up to 100000% damage!

In other words, it could charge up to 100000 seconds.

The power of the Sword Slash was directly increased by a hundred thousand times!

“This …”

If it took such a long time to accumulate power ...

Then, a Sword Slash with a 100000-fold damage increase!

If only he could slash out with this blade ...

It could probably split the earth!

This power was unimaginably powerful!

“It’s a pity that the charged state can’t be interrupted ...”

“Once interrupted, you need to gather your power again.”

This was the only weakness of Sword Slash.

The power accumulated before would all disappear if the charging state was interrupted.

The only way was to start over again and continue accumulating power.

This was also why the Blade Demon General could not use Sword Slash despite being constantly harassed.

It didn’t even have the chance to gather power!


In battle, Sword Slash could have been more helpful.

However, before the battle began, he could store power in advance and accumulate enough damage.

At the start of the battle, he would use Sword Slash and slash out all the accumulated damage.

“We can defeat the gold boss monster, the blade demon king!”

At this moment, Su Yang thought of the last stage of the mission-king of blade demons!

He could entirely rely on this Sword Slash art to accumulate power first.

He would wait until he had accumulated enough damage to challenge the gold boss, the blade demon king!

[ As the first professional in the world to kill a silver boss! ]

[ Your deeds will be announced to the world! ]



[ Important notice! Professional “Heavenly Sun” has killed the world’s first silver-grade boss!! ]

[ Important notice! Professional “Heavenly Sun” has killed the world’s first silver-grade boss!! ]

[ Important notice! Professional “Heavenly Sun” has killed the world’s first silver-grade boss!! ]


[ As the first professional in the Blue Planet region to kill a silver boss in the world ]

[ You have obtained the first kill reward: 5 free attribute points, 100000 gold coins, surprise treasure chest *1 ]


Su Yang had successfully killed the Blade Demon General.

He became the first professional in the Blue Planet region to kill a silver-grade boss.

Once again, these events were announced to the entire world. At the same time, they also received the reward for the first kill of a gray-silver boss.


[ Detected that you are in the middle of a myth advancement mission ]

[ The surprise treasure chest is automatically stored. It will be released after the mission is completed. ]




“It seems like “Heaven” doesn’t give any chance for promotion missions!”

Su Yang shook his head helplessly when he saw the system notification.

The treasure chest he had obtained from the silver grade first clear could not be opened because he was currently in the middle of the mythical advancement mission!

To obtain the treasure chest, he still needed to complete the mission!

Regarding this, Su Yang also despised it in his heart but didn’t care much.

Since the surprise treasure chest was there, he was quick to open it after completing the last stage of the quest.

After distributing the free attribute points, Su Yang began to think.

How could he rely on the charging ability of Sword Slash to fight against the gold boss, king of blade demons?


Just as Su Yang was thinking about how to deal with the gold boss ...

On the Blue Planet.


Because of the global announcement of the first clear of the gray-silver boss, everyone was in an uproar again.


“Heavenly Sun has already disappeared for more than ten days. Professionals from another world likely killed him!”

“Dammit! The professionals from the other world are getting more and more arrogant!”

“Hehe, how could those greedy guys let go of a resource area for new students? ”

“Ai! As the newly developed area of ‘heaven’, our Blue Planet is rich in resources. They must have been eyeing us for a long time!”

“Major general Shangguan was also assassinated not long ago. Fortunately, it was near the war zone, so they failed!”

“According to the information I’ve received, some countries still have hope and want to ask a tiger for its skin!”


In the tallest temple in the dragon kingdom’s capital.

The higher-ups of the government were in a heated discussion.


“Hmph, I don’t care what they think! The dragon kingdom will never compromise!”

One of the higher-ups slammed his hand on the conference table, his tone firm.

“That’s right. Once we compromise, we’ll face endless exploitation!”


“We’ve made complete preparations. It’s enough to deal with the drastic change in a month!”

“We still have to thank Heavenly Sun for the secret dungeon! It will allow the millions of soldiers in our battle area to level up quickly!”

“As long as we can produce a gold-tier master within a year, the dragon kingdom will have a certain level of self-protection even if an otherworldly master comes in the future! ”

The higher-ups of the government were discussing with anticipation.

At this moment ...


[ Important notice! [ professional “Heavenly sun” has killed the world’s first silver-grade boss!! ]



Three global announcements were made.

“Heavenly Sun!”

“It’s him! Professionals from the other world had not assassinated Heavenly Sun! That’s great!”

“The first clear of a gray-silver boss!?”

“He has already grown to this extent?”

“This is incredible! Heavenly Sun is the pride of the dragon kingdom!”

When the higher-ups heard the global announcement, they were stunned and extremely excited!

“To raise the Heavenly Sun’s status, we must give him the highest respect and treatment!”

The higher-up with the highest status said.

“This ... Isn’t that too much?”

“No! Not even a little bit!”

“The times have changed. The future will definitely be an era where the strong are respected, and the Heavenly Sun will become the potential of the strong!”

“This Heavenly Sun is really powerful!”


On the other side.

A group of professionals from the other world of all shapes and sizes gathered together.

“There’s already a change in attitude, regardless of the country. The attitude of God’s Chosen seems to have started to change.”

“This group of Blue Planet people is stupid. Do they think we can’t see through their thoughts? ”

“If they compromise and submit, they will never be able to rise again and become a lower-class race!”

“But the people from the dragon kingdom are very unyielding. I don’t think they’ll choose to surrender!”

“Don’t go alone. When the ranking competition starts soon, they will compromise after their hope is destroyed!”


The players from the other world talked about the news of the various countries and then about Su Yang.

They thought that Su Yang, who had not appeared for more than ten days, had overestimated himself, challenged a stronger creature, and died.

Just as they were rejoicing over Su Yang’s death.


[ Important notice! Professional “Heavenly sun” has killed the world’s first silver-grade boss!! ]



The voice that reached their ears made the group of professionals from the other world fall silent.

“A gray-silver boss?!”

“He ... He can kill a gray-silver boss?”

“It hasn’t even been a month since” heaven realm “Descended! He had achieved the first clear of a gray-silver boss! Who is he?!”

“Heavenly Sun, don’t tell me you’re currently challenging the myth advancement mission!!!”

As soon as he said this, the professionals from the other world burst into an uproar!

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