Chapter 11: Gathering information on boss monsters and leaving the city for the first time

“No one has ever killed a boss before?”

He searched for information about the boss on the forum.

Su Yang didn’t find anyone who had killed the boss, so he couldn’t help but be surprised.

There wasn’t much information on bosses in the forum.

Moreover, most of the information related to the boss was marked with the dragon kingdom’s official warning of danger.

This was because of the boss’s information.

The lowest level was bronze level 10.

As bronze-grade, these bosses were tens of times stronger than ordinary level 10 monsters.

At the current stage, bronze bosses were too strong for ordinary professionals.

Once they encountered one, if they couldn’t escape, they were basically declared dead.

Therefore, the dragon kingdom officials issued a warning when they discovered the location of the bronze bosses.

Furthermore, they had also specially dispatched troops to stand guard and monitor the situation.

After understanding the essential information.

Su Yang thought for a moment.

These bronze bosses were stronger than normal monsters, which was within his expectations.

He had used the radiance potion, and both had very high essential attributes.

Most of the skills he had were silver-grade.

Heart Slayer was also powerful.

In that case, they might be able to fight the bronze boss.

Moreover, his magic resistance had already been stacked to 100%.

He could select a limited number of bronze bosses with magic attacks as his targets.

So, Su Yang began to pick his favorite boss from the bosses that the officials in the rock city war zone had warned.


“Giant lava monster ...”

“This bronze boss seems to be alright!”

Soon, Su Yang chose the target he wanted to attack.

According to the official information from the dragon kingdom.

The magma golem was a bronze boss with a magic attack.

It could create a powerful explosive fireball.

Previously, a small team had overestimated themselves and wanted to challenge it.

Ultimately, they were quickly crushed by it, and all of them were annihilated. Not a single one survived.

“That’s you!”

After thinking for a while, Su Yang decided to kill the lava monster compared to the other bosses discovered near rock city.

However, it was very late today.

Therefore, he decided to rest for the night to replenish his energy and maintain his physical strength before hunting the lava monster.

After eating some simple food and filling his stomach, Su Yang took a bath and fell asleep.


The next day.

Su Yang woke up early in the morning, had a simple breakfast, and left the house with Heart Slayer.

The streets were already bustling with activity early in the morning.

Many people, wearing all kinds of protective clothing or equipment and holding weapons and equipment, walked out of the city.

At the same time, some unhappy soldiers were also patrolling the streets.

On both sides of the street, some shops had already opened early.

The adaptability of humans was quite strong.

“Heaven” had only been here for a week, and most people were already used to it.

Occasionally, a monster would appear out of nowhere, but before it could hurt anyone, it would be killed by nearby people.

Of course, some people were killed by the monsters in the city when they were not paying attention.

However, this situation was relatively rare.

This was because the locations of the secret lands and instance dungeons that appeared in the city were basically guarded by soldiers.

As such, it was rare to see monsters on the city’s streets.

Su Yang spent most of his time killing magic bugs in the secret realm at home.

He didn’t really go out.

When he went out today and saw the changes in his surroundings, he felt a little emotional.

When he walked out of the city.


In his field of view, he could see a city wall under construction.

The huge wall had already taken shape.

This wall was built around rock city.

The entrance and exit were all guarded by soldiers.

Su Yang could see the ordinary professionals leaving the city in an orderly manner.

Su Yang, who wanted to avoid trouble, was also at the end of the reading list, waiting to leave the city.

“You don’t look familiar. This must be your first time leaving the city.”

When it was Su Yang’s turn, the soldier in charge of ranking looked at Su Yang and said: “Yes, it’s indeed my first time out of the city.”

Su Yang nodded.

“Did you bring your identification? We must get the level information first if we want to leave the city.”

“I did.”


He had noticed this when he was browsing the forum yesterday.

Therefore, he had brought his ID card with him when he left the house this morning.

“Alright,” he said.

The soldier took the ID card, registered his information, and returned it to Su Yang.

“I’ve finished the registration.”

“Well, it’s your first time out of the city. There are a few things you need to pay attention to.”

“Outside the city, because we can’t stop the large-scale army’s raid, for the time being, there are a lot of monsters, and their levels are very high.”

“Secondly, you have to be careful. Because there is no effective supervision method, some areas outside the city have begun to develop. The further away from the city, the more serious the situation is.”

The soldier looked at Su Yang and continued.

“I see that you’re going out of the city alone. Be careful.”

“Alright, thank you!”

Su Yang replied with a smile.

After bidding farewell to the soldier, Su Yang stepped out of the city.

“Little brother, are you alone? Do you want to join our team?”

Su Yang, who had just left the city, heard a voice behind him.

Su Yang turned around and saw a middle-aged man.

Behind him was a team of seven people, and they seemed to be quite strong.

“It’s fine. I’m used to being alone,”

Su Yang shook his head and refused.

“Alright, little brother. Be on your guard when you’re out!”

Seeing that Su Yang had refused, the middle-aged man didn’t insist and reminded him.

Su Yang waved his hand and turned to leave.

“He looks like a proud young man. Why would we invite him? ”

“That’s right. He dares to go outside the city alone. What’s the difference between this and seeking death? ”


The other people on the team all spoke up when they saw Su Yang’s rejection.

The middle-aged man didn’t say anything about his teammate’s mockery. He originally wanted to help if he could, but since the other party refused, he couldn’t force him to stay.


After leaving the city, Su Yang headed straight in the direction of the lava monster.

However, there were indeed a lot of monsters outside the city.

He only took a few steps when encountering a dozen long-armed apes.

Because this group of long-armed apes was blocking his way, it would take him a few more hours to make a detour. Therefore, Su Yang planned to kill this group of long-armed apes!

[ You killed a long-armed ape ]

[ Gained 7 experience points ]

[ Acquired 6 copper coins ]

[ Your sexual endurance has been improved ]


“This attribute ...”

“Forget it. Although this special attribute can’t increase my combat strength, it has no disadvantages.”

“Let’s mark it.”

Su Yang thought about it and decided that this ability was not inadequate. He would make a mark first.

After killing all the long-armed apes in his way, he continued to move toward the lava monster.

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