Once Upon a Time In Hollywood
Chapter 451: party (2)

  Chapter 451 Party (2)

   "Oh~Steve~ you are finally here~ You really made me wait~"

  Although there were too many guests, Roland couldn't remember which guests came and which ones didn't, but this kind of mistake would not be reflected on Roland's face, let alone expressed by him.

  So, after seeing the person coming, Roland leaned forward and gave him a warm hug.

   While patting the other person on the back to show his concern, the old man in black short-sleeved jeans also responded in a helpless voice, "Sorry, sorry, it's all my problem, I shouldn't have come by plane."

   Such words aroused Roland's curiosity, "What's wrong? What happened?"

"What else can I do? Of course the airport is limited!" The old man shrugged and said, "How many people did you invite today? How many of them live in Los Angeles? These guys are all flying in private jets." I came here, and I basically chose LAX. In this case, I started relatively late, and I was directly stuck in the sky!

   They had me hovering for half an hour! This is nothing short of a disaster! "

  The rapid-fire words made Roland smile.

Even though he knew that the person who came was Diss Los Angeles International Airport's flight capacity, but at the same time, wasn't it a disguised compliment to Roland's circle of friends? When these guys travel, all major airlines have to give these guys The private jet gives way, this choice is simply a reflection of the card.

  Of course, even if Roland thinks this way, it doesn't mean that he will brag about himself. While walking in with his arms around his shoulders, he also said: "Oh, then this is my problem...

  I should buy a piece of land in Los Angeles to repair the airport, so that everyone will not be afraid of traffic congestion~”

Such pretentious words are simply the embodiment of Fan Xue. If it were someone else, they would roll their eyes and be speechless, but when the old man in Roland's arms heard it, he shook his head and said, "No, no, no , you will still be blocked if you do this.”

   "Why?" Roland didn't understand.

   "Because everyone will allocate their own optimal time according to their own itinerary." The old man gave the reason and at the same time said the solution, "The best way is actually that you send a plane to pick us up.

   In this way, it is the time that everyone allocates to you, and you plan directly. "

  After speaking so far, the old guy turned his head and winked at Roland.

  The way of pretending to go deep into the soul made Roland bow down.

  What should I do if the flight is delayed due to airport traffic control?

  Build an airport directly?

  No! no! no! no! no!

  Building an airport is just to provide everyone with an effective but not useful solution.

  Because there is no guarantee that guys from all over the world will arrive at the same time.

  In this case, the only way to accurately control the flow is to control the departure time of everyone.

  If it is difficult to understand, then explain it in plain words, that is, the former solves problems, while the latter solves people.

   After all, all the problems in the world are created by people!

   The old world police!

   After discovering that Roland, the master, was squeezed out by himself, the old man burst out laughing and patted Roland on the chest, signaling him not to care.

  While delivering the gift, he also looked around and said, "You won't be here to receive people all the time, will you?"

   Also didn't take it to heart, Roland, who took this pretense as a joke like kissing a baby before, shook his head and said: "No, just welcome some familiar friends, you should be the last one."

   "I'm the last one?" The old man immediately showed joy when he heard this, "Then this is really a coincidence?"

'uh-huh? Just as Roland was thinking about the meaning of the old man's words, the guy beside him had already said what was in his heart, "Since everyone thinks you are here to welcome guests, then you can reasonably They disappeared in front of them for a while, can you give me half an hour? I have something to tell you. "

  Looking at the old man's smiling face, listening to the straightforward words, Roland nodded without finding anything.

Although today's theme is the housewarming party, Roland knew in his heart that when so many top figures gather in one place, it is absolutely impossible for pure playfulness to occur. Those who want to continue to climb will seize every opportunity. Get on good terms with your target as much as possible, and those who can give resources to others will have a lot of chats.

  As the host of the party, Roland provided a platform for everyone to communicate.

  Because of this, it is impossible for him to be exempt.

  As Kate said, the higher the circle, the higher the circle, does not mean that you will be free.

  Because each circle has its own rules of the game.

When you are promoted to the top of the food chain, you can indeed rule downwards, but the rules and regulations that come with it will still restrict you in this existing circle. willing to break.

Of course.

  Except for Dong Wang who chooses hard decoupling.

Because of this, when the old man said that he had something to say, Roland took the initiative to take him away from the gate and into a room beside him. After dismissing all the staff, he asked, "What's wrong? Apple there is a problem?"

  That's right, the guy who was fighting with Roland was none other than Apple's godfather, Steve Jobs.

   Or in other words, only this kind of guy who is more slick than his skills can put Fanxue into the ground.

   And when the old man heard Roland's question, he who was still observing the surrounding decoration immediately turned his gaze back. Although he also wanted to lament Roland's handiwork, these were not important compared to the business.

"Apple? Apple is fine." Steve Jobs said, "Because of digital music copyrights, iPod shipments are very good. After Sony is officially cut off, it is estimated that within half a year, we will be able to swallow up the global More than 80% of the digital multimedia player market has an annual revenue of more than one billion, which is not too simple."

  Although Roland stopped taking care of things after his wife became pregnant, the war in Afghanistan was almost over.

  On September 26, 2001, the CIA's Special Activities Department had formed a North Afghanistan liaison team. Two weeks later, on October 7, the United States, which hadn't disliked Britain's Gu breeding, teamed up with it and officially declared war.

Starting from the first wave of air strikes, in the past ten months, the U.S. military has carried out a series of powerful strikes in Afghanistan, including sniper operations, condor operations, and anaconda operations. Under this powerful siege, Taliban militants have been forced to Scattered to every corner, so it has become an option for the US military to continue to pursue and support the local government for long-term cleaning, and before the former will cost a lot of money, and the latter can establish the decision of US military rule in the local area, Congress will take risks. There were two voices.

The hawks feel that they should continue to pursue Han, because this kind of revenge must not be done under the guise of others, and in the name of Qing Han, they can send troops to Asia in an open and honest manner, and continue to consolidate their prestige as the world police; The doves feel that a puppet regime should be established so that expenses can be reduced and funds can be spent elsewhere to continue building the United States.

  Although both are reasonable, the starting point of the former is actually to obtain more military expenditures.

   In this way, the military giants can be satisfied.

   Don't think it's impossible.

  Twenty years later, the anti-epidemic funds have become military expenditures!

  The desire of capital is endless!

  The starting point of the latter is actually money.

  The annual financial expenditure is an attractive cake.

  When the military-industrial complex wants to **** most of it, the remaining profits cannot satisfy others at all.

  In this case, the core figures who oppose the increase in military spending are actually not the politicians, but the supporters behind the politicians.

  Because of these capitals, money is also required.

   In this way, disputes have already arisen.

  The best way to resolve disputes is actually to solve the people who caused the disputes!

  Now this dispute, who made it?

   Is it a struggle between the military-industrial complex and other capital?


   Are Taliban militants?


Who is that?

  Sony who is on fire!

  When everyone is unwilling to break the rules, the scapegoat will be pushed to the foreground.

   And in early July, CNN, which has been reporting on the frontline war in Afghanistan, had already begun to exaggerate the atmosphere. When the host asked the camera—why did we send troops in the rescue process last year? ’, ‘Why do we have so many shootings in the United States after the incident? ’, ‘Why are there two voices in the country to clean up the twists and support the local government? ’ After this series of questions, everyone knew that the little bush wanted to slaughter Sonia to warn the pigeons.

  When this situation arises, companies that can embezzle Sony's assets are naturally excited.

   As for failure?


  If you talk about before, the big guys may still be worried, because the elephant party is going against the sky.

   But now, no one thinks that the next carve-up feast will end in tragedy, because—

  Goldman Sachs can also enjoy potential benefits.

  When John Weinberg, the son of the Goldman family and Sidney Weinberg, the big butler of the Sachs family, attended today's party, no one would doubt whether Goldman Sachs' investment in Hollywood was a whim.

   After all, this seventy-seven-year-old man has been in charge of Goldman Sachs for 14 years.

   And his son is still serving Goldman and the Sachs family.

   But when Roland heard the other party's denial, he frowned strangely.

   "Then... what's wrong with you?"

  Roland thought of Steve Jobs' illness.

  Although he can't remember when the pancreatic neuroendocrine tumor was detected, this matter will eventually happen, because after his death, his doctor released his medical records.

Long before pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors were detected, Steve Jobs had experienced abdominal pain for eight years. Because the pain was not strong, the doctor diagnosed it as kidney stones for the first time. After that, he believed in Buddhism Exercise therapy was adopted, and further medical intervention was refused, and the most was to take a painkiller.

  This resistance to treatment made him sick without knowing it, and when he couldn't bear it, it was already in the late stage.

   In addition, after being detected, he continued to resist treatment, which led to hematogenous metastasis of cancer cells, and finally...

   There is really no cure.

  Of course, even if Roland knew all this, he had no intention of intervening in advance.

  Because there is no one in this world who can speak to each other.

In Roland's previous life, when Steve Jobs was ill, co-founder Steve Wozniak, old rival Bill Gates, good friend George Lucas and Steve Jobs, who had been kicked out of Apple by him, Steven Spielberg even dragged him into surgery, but unfortunately no one talked about this stubborn donkey, and after Steve Jobs passed away, Microsoft also treated him at half-mast, but the problem is...

   He will never be seen again.

  Thinking of this, Roland felt a little regretful.

  Because he really didn’t want to hear the news, he was afraid that after hearing the news, he would make a decision of ‘if you don’t receive treatment, get out of Apple immediately’.


  Before entering Apple, Roland had already thought about it.

  If Steve Jobs is sick and not treated, then I will definitely tie him to the operating table.

  Even if he feels that his actions are destroying his faith, what is faith compared to his son Apple?

  However, Roland's remarks made the old man feel a little baffled.

   "What's wrong with me? Why did you change your career to become a doctor?

   I have a physical examination every year and I am very healthy. I can guarantee that I will retire after William! "

   This kind of confident words made Roland heave a sigh of relief. Since it has nothing to do with Apple or health, then this guy obviously has something to ask of himself. If this is the case, Roland who takes the initiative is really not afraid of anything.

   "Then what do you want to tell me?" Roland joked, "Isn't it just a small talk?"

   "Small chat? No, No, No, I'm here for your help."

  The old man shook his head and said, "You know I own an animation company, right?"

   "Pixar, what's wrong?" Roland nodded.

   "I once wanted to sell it, you know?" said the old man.

   "Huh?" Roland really didn't know about this.

Seeing Roland's surprise, the old man smiled and said: "When I bought Pixar, the most fundamental purpose was actually to attack Microsoft and sell my own computer, and the computer animation production system was just to show the capabilities of our machine. performance.

But unfortunately, graphics computers are not sold well at all, and few people want them, so the company has suffered huge losses, and in order to find funds, my shares have also been diluted. At the beginning, I was 100% holding , and after that, ninety, eighty, seventy, but unfortunately, this dilution did not make the company profitable.

  So, in 1994, I actually wanted to sell the whole company.

   Like Oracle's Larry Ellison and Microsoft's Paul Allen, they have all quoted prices to me. "

   Such words made Roland frowned, "No, didn't you sign a contract with Disney in 1994?

  Going to make them the CGI movie Toy Story!

  Why would you even think about selling the company in this situation? "

  Roland thinks that Steve Jobs has a brain problem, or maybe he expressed it wrongly?

   After he expressed doubts, Steve Jobs laughed at himself and said: "Yes, I wanted to sell the company because I signed the contract. At that time, I thought that CGI might fail.

Even though Steven and George kept telling me that there was absolutely no way Toy Story would fail based on the success of Jurassic Park, I still felt that the prospects for this were very poor, so I wanted to take advantage of the relationship with Disney. With a contract that can increase the company's market value, sell the company first, so as not to lose it in the hands of the movie after it fails.


   They just won't let me sell.

   And decided to help me take Pixar public and raise money in the public market.

   It was precisely because of this decision that I kept Pixar and let me see the prospect of CGI. After the explosion of "Toy Story", Disney and I had disagreements...

Because back then, when I signed the contract, I went with the idea of ​​selling the company, and it was because of this idea that all the film copyrights of Pixar belonged to Disney, although I didn't care at the time, because we only signed five films , but now, the situation is different. I don’t want to sell. When the contract is about to expire, I hope to reach a new cooperation agreement with Disney, but Michael Eisner is unwilling. They still want to renew the contract of that year. copyright! want to invest! Want to share!

but me…

In no mood! "

Note: ①The situation of the war in Afghanistan is true. After the US military strangled the Afghan regime, on June 13, 2002, the Afghan interim government named "Afghanistan transitional state" was established. At that time, the United States internally There are two voices, one to continue fighting, and the other to support the puppet government. As for the result, everyone knows it, and no one hates the second generation ancestor. ② It is also true that Jobs suffered from chronic abdominal pain before he got cancer, which was confirmed by his attending physician. ③It was true that Jobs wanted to sell Pixar in 1994, but it was Spielberg and Lucas who prevented him from selling it. Many people may know that the craziest Netscape was born in 1995, but many people certainly don't know that the biggest IPO in the US stock market was not Netscape, but Pixar, Spielberg and Lucas took Amblin and Lucas Pixar Films and investors bet that "Toy Story" would make history. Under their bet, Pixar was priced at $22 per share, and it soared to $49 on the day of trading, and closed at $30. nineteen. This is already terrifying, because Pixar didn't have a single movie at the time, and no one knew whether "Toy Story" could really make a profit. It was purely selling air!



  (end of this chapter)

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Once Upon a Time In Hollywood Chapter 451: party (2)