Once Upon a Time In Hollywood
Chapter 449: Time flies so fast...

  Chapter 449 Time flies so fast...

  Women are duplicity.

  Although Kate kept saying that what she liked was not the castle, but the power and money hidden behind the castle, but that night, she still pestered Roland and stayed on the mountain.

  Even though the bed she was lying on was exactly the same as the usual one, even if the style of the mattress was the same as the utensils at home in Malibu, and even though the material of the bedding hadn’t been updated, she still felt that this place was more fragrant than the beach.

  And when Roland asked what was the difference between the two places.

  The guy who can’t wake up after three poles in the usual day, but got up early today and wanted to do morning exercises, gave a ridiculous answer:

  “The scenery on the beach in Malibu is indeed good, but if you live by the beach for a long time and hear too many waves, it will make you nervous.”

   "And the air over there has a salty and damp smell, not fresh at all."

   “The most important thing is that it’s so small that the only place we can go for a walk is the beach.”

"Walking there once or twice is indeed quite refreshing, but after three or four times, five or six times, the feeling of one foot deep and one foot shallow will make people feel a little bored, especially in my current state. I'm afraid I'll fall if I don't pay attention."

   "Do you think I'm really lazy? Isn't the reason why I don't exercise is because the conditions don't allow it?"

   "It's better now, there is a medical center at home, and even if there is a problem, the doctor can arrive within five minutes."

   "..." Roland, who was holding his wife's hand and walking with her in the garden, was speechless.

  Because he really didn’t realize before that his wife ‘dislikes’ the living environment in Malibu so much.

  For example, my wife just broke out. Hearing too much sound of waves can easily make people nervous, and the salty and wet smell is not fresh.

  Is there such a thing?

  He clearly remembered that Kate liked lying in the sun room the most, listening to the waves and the wind, and falling asleep!

  For example, walking on the beach is prone to accidents.

  They don't go to the beach at all on weekdays! The most frequent place is obviously the pedestrian corridor in the villa area!

  As a place away from the public, motor vehicles and non-motor vehicles, it is not safe?

   This is outrageous!

   As for the medical center...

  This is true.

Although Kate told Roland at the beginning of this year that she hated going to the hospital, and at that time, Roland asked David to make a medical center at home, but in fact, as early as the beginning of the design plan, David It has copied the concept of a city within a city from Windsor Castle, and has designed a special building for the medical department at home.

It was only after Roland made it clear that he needed it that he reached a sponsorship agreement with the UCLA Medical Center, donating five million a year, and asked them to arrange two medical staff here on the condition that they bear the salaries of the medical staff abroad. There is a 7*24-hour rescue team of doctors, four nurses, and complete medical facilities.

   Not only that, David also donated a helipad to UCLA Medical Center.

   That is to say, if someone on the mountain has an accident, they can be dragged directly to the medical center located north of the main building.

  All injured patients can be treated in the first time.

   If manpower is needed, a helipad will do the trick.

   Within half an hour, the UCLA Medical Center will send the professors needed here.

  The reason why it is so troublesome is actually for safety reasons.

After all, the experience of a private doctor is definitely not as rich as that of a resident doctor. If you want to enjoy the best medical treatment, there are only two ways. One, build a hospital yourself, and two, turn the existing hospital into your own. of.

   As for Roland, choose the latter.

  Of course, even if the reason of the medical team is true, it cannot cover up the absurdity of Kate's other words.

   But even if Roland could tell, he had no intention of refuting it.

  The woman I chose has married and returned home, and the child is about to be born. If she wants to do it, let her do it...

  However, to Roland's surprise, while pampering his wife, a lot of troubles also followed.

I don't know who leaked the news, but it is also possible that the lights on the top of the mountain betrayed everything. In short, shortly after they moved into their new home, the originally deserted mansion area of ​​Beverly Hills was lit up every night. less lights.

   At first, no one thought this was a problem.

Because the people who live here in Beverly Hills are all wealthy people. Due to their irregular movements, they have homes all over the world, so when these owners come to live and when they leave is something that cannot be deduced and even more unpredictable. matter.

But one day, when I was staying at home without moving, I was discussing with my wife whether to ask David to convert an empty basement into an aquarium, and when I raised two little sea pains on the top of the mountain to play, I was going to guard from the gate. The visit request from everywhere made him frown, and when he took a quick look through the video, good guy, the guy in the shirt with his hands on his back turned out to be the major shareholder of AOL Time Warner, Ted Ted accept.

   Feeling puzzled, he went to meet him, and politely invited him into the house. After a short chat, Roland realized that the news of him moving quietly in the middle of the night had already spread throughout the circle.

   Or rather—

   "Someone has moved into the biggest place in Beverly Hills, how could this kind of thing be hidden from us!"

   While speaking, the two mustaches on Ted Turner's mouth also curled up.

After noticing Roland's gloomy expression, he patted the young man's shoulder very familiarly when he met Roland for the first time, and said, "But don't worry, there must be a small number of shameless guys like me who come to visit on their own initiative. And I came to bother you today mainly because I want to see what kind of building there is on the top of our mountain. This is a place bigger than Disneyland! It’s so comfortable for you to live as a family!"

   "Wow! Is the garden of your home actually planted with garland? Such a large area? It's really beautiful!"

  There is no impenetrable wall in the world!

  Even if Roland has repeatedly concealed his wealth and never revealed his wealth in public, those who should know know it.

  How many companies does he have under his name? What industries do these companies indirectly monopolize?

  As a guy in the capital circle, he is very clear.

   It is precisely because it is clear that it pays more attention.

  No way, who let this child have unlimited potential?

But if the reason why Roland was paid attention to by those capitals before was that while he was developing his own industry, the cash equivalents in his hands could instantly kill a bunch of rich people, then when Washington and Wall Street reached a cooperation at the beginning of this year, the one who used to fly in the two places The guy who flies around and finally "lays flat" to make a profit is even more eye-catching.

   After all, politics and economy are the two core fulcrums that dominate the development of a country.

  Choose one of the teams, and you can earn a lot of money.

   And when you can become capital by hugging one thigh, this guy Roland actually started a take-all business?


   It's outrageous!

  Although after the capital reviewed Roland's life history, he felt that it was a matter of course that he was selected by Washington and Wall Street at the same time, but it was precisely because everyone felt that it was natural that the whole thing was unnatural.

   Roland alone can maintain a good relationship with both parties, what does it mean?

  This means that no one who is a special superior will take him to the knife!

  In the case of policies and policies and economy and economy, capital can understand with the soles of its feet that its industry will continue to expand!

   In this way, if you have a good relationship with him, you can drink soup with him!

  When these consensuses appear in the minds of the big guys, finding an excuse to come to the door has become what all capitals want to do.

   But it's a pity that Roland doesn't eat oil and salt, and doesn't eat soft and hard food, so these guys can only scratch their heads with sad faces.

  According to their estimation, Roland, who doesn't like to hold parties, may only show his flaws when the child is born.

   But no one expected that Roland would leave the home where he had lived for half a year before the child was born.

  When Roland chose to move out of Malibu Beach and moved into the top of Beverly Hills, the capital immediately fell into a carnival when he got the news. Don’t you usually live in seclusion? It doesn't matter! Now you've moved! We can visit now!

   As for the reason?

  The top of Beverly Hills suddenly lit up, and I, a resident, came to take a look curiously, okay?

  This behavior also made Roland a little speechless.

  Because he is not a person who hates socializing, he just hates meaningless socializing.

   Like going to Guggenheim’s house as a guest, of course he readily accepts it, but if everyone gathers together for drinking today and gambling tomorrow, then it will be really boring.

   Don't say that gatherings can cultivate relationships.

  For capital, the last thing they need is emotion.

  When the benefits come, we are half-brothers. If the benefits are gone, we will never communicate with each other.

   And now Ted Turner's visit...

   Well, from Roland's point of view, communicating with him is somewhat meaningful.

After all, this guy didn't come empty-handed, and while visiting Roland's new home, he also chatted with Roland about Marvel's recent crazy project approval, and said that he was looking forward to the cooperation between Time Warner and Warcraft on DC. .

"Roland, I am an avid Batman fan. I really hope that one day, Bruce Wayne can shine on the big screen like Peter Parker, but this matter is out of my control, so …please."

  Like the old father asking the school teacher to discipline his unfilial son, Roland rolled his eyes in his heart.

  The subsequent invitation made Roland even want to shake his legs and laugh.

   “To be honest, I was never really a fan of AOL.

   Of the companies in the Internet field, my favorite is actually Google.

  But unfortunately, we have no chance to unite.

   If you have business dealings in the future, then you...

   Be sure to tell me!

   Of course, if you are willing to become a shareholder of AOL Time Warner, so much the better. "

  Chi Guoguo's words fully revealed Ted Turner's ambition.

As a guy who made his fortune by hugging Ronald Reagan's thigh, he certainly knows what advantages the policy tilt has on the media. The thigh of Goldman Sachs with the donkey's will is particularly necessary, and under the circumstances that the identity of the elephant party's **** cannot be abandoned, letting Roland become a shareholder of AOL Time Warner is actually the best choice to get rid of the blockade.


   Roland listened to such words.

   Because he doesn't need Time Warner.

   And after arguing with Ted Turnach for a while, and sending him away in a posture of Tai Chi, the new guy also came to the door.

  The same as Ted Turner, who had never shown up before, the second guy who came to visit, or the guy who wanted to hug his thigh under the banner of joining in the fun, was Walt Disney's nephew Roy Disney.

As the last guy in the Disney family to actively participate in the company's operations, he organized two dismissals of Disney executives, one of which was the siege against Ron Miller in 1984, and another...

   is the reckoning campaign against Michael Eisner that hasn't happened yet.

  Like Ted Turner, this guy who likes to be in charge but can't lead the company came to the door this time, and he also came to build relationships.

   But unlike Ted Turner, he didn't come empty-handed.

   After knowing that Roland had been buying baby products under the name of Disney a while ago, he came to the door with the mentality of making friends, but he brought Roland a copy of "Lilo and Stitch", which was only released recently.

  Taking the cute cartoon image of Stitch as a breakthrough point, I chatted with Roland about children.

   Then he cut into the "Pirates of the Caribbean" project, saying that he was looking forward to this movie very much, and wanted to know what kind of vitality this work could bring to the half-dead Disney California Adventure Park.

   To be honest, this kind of communication is actually quite boring.

  Because these guys are paying attention to Roland, it is impossible not to know that Roland does not handle specific projects at all.

  Pretend to be deaf and dumb to answer, but in fact they are looking for something to say.


   As a competent adult.

  Roland would not do something like reach out and beat the smiling face.

And after seeing off two guys one after another, it seems that Roland's reaction is relatively good, but it seems more like he doesn't want to lag behind others, so there are more and more guys visiting, like Viacom Summer Redstone, the boss of News Corporation, Robert Murdoch, the boss of News Corporation, as long as it is a guy who owns real estate in Beverly Hills, he will have a thick face.

   Roland can still accept a guy who receives him every few days, but when someone who has nothing to do with Los Angeles but just bought a house in Beverly Hills, such as Oracle founder Larry Ellison, also comes to join in the fun...

   Roland would be really annoying.

  Although he can understand the thoughts of these people, he hates the behavior of these people.

   And when he told Kate about these troubles, the guy who also received customers every day because of these people's troubles felt normal.

   Not only that, she also gave a solution.

   "Or...we'll have a party."

   "Having a party? This kind of thing is troublesome."

"Oh~ my dear~ this is the rule in the circle...you may not like this atmosphere, or even hate it, but when you get to this point, you can only do it, because only the guys who quit the circle In order to achieve real detachment, but you have to know that there has never been a class that betrayed the class, capital cannot withdraw from the circle, and we cannot ignore everyone, because you cannot be an enemy of the world, and they can find a new way , approaching us..."

   His wife's words made Roland feel deeply, looking at the guy who had entered the role, he...

   Well, he chose to accept.

  As Kate said, he cannot escape.

   And when Roland racked his brains to write invitations, and wanted to invite those who had the ability to come to the door, but he couldn't refuse to come to his new home as guests, the series of names made him stunned.

  Because there are too many guys who straddle the political and business circles.

  The former, far away, has a small bush that is impossible to come out but will invite Lao Tzu to come out of the mountain. Nearby, there are the Arnold Schwarzenegger family who have been stationed in California for many years and Zipperton, who has a good relationship with them.

  The latter, starting from Seattle, can cross North America and reach Wall Street.

The network that included 90% of the elites in North America made Roland himself feel a little emotional, and when he stroked the name on the invitation card and browsed the formulaic invitation words, the scene where he had tried so hard to hug his thigh also came to his eyes .

  Although Roland never thought that one day he would be able to stand up and become the master in the eyes of others, but when this day came, he was still very happy.

   "Twelve years...

  Time flies so fast..."

   After reading the outline, I can finish writing this month



  (end of this chapter)

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Once Upon a Time In Hollywood Chapter 449: Time flies so fast...