Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi
Chapter 109 The Envoy Has Arrived!

Chapter 109 The Envoy Has Arrived!

These two days, Konoha's atmosphere starts to get tense, and it seems that all the shinobi have become a bit strange.

It's just that the civilians that still didn't understand the changes and still live like usual.

Hyuga clan's residence, inside Hyuga's courtyards.

The young Neji waves his little fist in the yard.

"Neji, keep your hands steady! Your strength is not powerful enough! The Gentle Fist of our Hyuga clan is not like that!"

"Yes Father!"

The little figure in the yard moves again even when he is sweating.

Hizashi couldn't bear to see this, but he didn't say anything.

'Neji, the purpose of our Branch Family is to protect the Main Family. You must protect Hinata-sama. Right now, your strength is still not enough.'

Even when Hizashi thinks so, he still feels that it is kind of unfair to Neji.

In the Hyuga clan, Neji's Talent is the best, and he can become the hope for the rise of the Hyuga clan.

But he was bounded by this stupid clan's tradition.

Looking at the Cursed Seal on Neji's forehead, Hizashi can't help but clenches his fist.

'If only I were born earlier, maybe Neji's fate would be different.'

Unfortunately, there is no if in this World.

He and his brother are twins, but they have a completely different fate just because of a few seconds gap between their births.

This is the weakness in Hizashi's heart.

As for getting revenge on his brother?

Hizashi can't do that as there is no hatred between them. What's more, Hizashi deeply loves his brother.

If it weren't for Neji, Hizashi won't ever have this grievance.

Some people will change for the sake of their children.

The subtle change in Hizashi's heart is because of Neji's sake.

'Neji, I'm sorry. It's all because of my incompetence for you to have this fate.'

Hizashi sighs and looks depressed.

Neji saw his father's expression, he thinks that he was not doing well, and quickly said: "Father, I'm sorry that I'm wrong, I will continue to work hard!"

Looking at Neji's nervous face, Hyuga who has been distressed could not help but reveal a smile, and then he said: "Neji, you are doing very well, you should continue."

"Okay Father."

Hokage office.

"Sandaime-sama! The envoys from the Land of Lighting has arrives at the perimeter of Konoha, and they should be able to reach the Konoha's gate in half an hour!"

Sandaime then put his paperwork down when he hears the report, he then said, "I understand, let's go."

"Sandaime-sama, do you want to receive them personally?"

Anbu asks incredulously.

"Yes, they are visiting as the Land of Lighting's envoy. If I don't receive them personally, I am afraid that it will be disrespectful."

"Yes, I understand Sandaime-sama!"

The Envoys' carriage.

Along the way, Sawamura or Kuze were feeling a lot of emotion.

"Kuze, can you see the state of the Land of Fire, it is really enviable."

"Yeah Sawamura, this Land of Fire is located on the most fertile land in the world. It is expected that they can grow to this state. If the environment of the Land of Lighting is like this, the Land of Lighting will develop better than the Land of Fire!"

Sawumara nodded as he said: "Yes, the Land of Fire is just taking advantage of this great environment. Our Kumogakure is becoming stronger under the rule of Yondaime Raikage. One day, all the territories of the Land of Fire will belong to us!"

"Yeah, I also believe in that!"

"Let's go Kuze, in front of us is Konoha village, our mission has officially begun, are you confident?"

"Of course Sawamura! Sorry for the trouble."

Kuze said as he bows toward Sawamura.

"Kuze, you don't have to do this."

"It is a must. Sawamura, you are the Hero of Kumogakure! I, Kuze, admire you!"

Sawamura just chuckled and no longer speak, and Konoha's gate was also reflected in their eyes.

At the gate, Sandaime Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi is standing there waiting for the envoys, and behind him, stand a dozen Konoha Ninja.

One of them is Kakashi, he is wearing Anbu's clothes, and a mask on his face.

'Did they arrive?'

Kakashi secretly thought, and he immediately saw the Land of Lighting's envoys in the distance.

The number of envoys is not large, there are only 20 people, most of them are walking, and there is a carriage in the middle of them.

When the carriage approached the gate of Konoha, a man came down from the carriage.

It is Sawamura!

Sandaime take one step forward and said: "Mr. Envoy of the Land of Lighting, I am very glad that you came to visit my Konoha village."

"Thank you for receiving us Sandaime-dono. This time, our reason is to improve the relationship between the Land of Lighting and the Land of Fire. The Daimyo of the two countries have reach consensus, and I hope that Konoha and Kumogakure can maintain this kind of harmonious relationship."

Sawamura revealed that he got the backing of the Daimyo, apparently wanting to create more momentum for his visit.

After all, if Konoha is increasing the surveillances at Sawamura, then Sawamura won't be able to use his hidden ability.

Therefore, Sawamura must get a strong identity. It is to let Sandaime knows that he represent the sincerity of the Land of Lighting.

In this way, Sandaime won't increase the surveillances, and will reduce it.

It is just for the sake of respecting the Daimyo.

After all, Sawamura's visit got the backing of the Daimyo.

And as long as he is not strictly monitored, Sawamura will be able to do his mission.

Hearing this, Sandaime's mind has also calculated that this guy obviously wants to show his power to suppress Konoha.

"Of course, we also hope that peace between the Land of Fire and the Land of Lighting will last forever."

"That's great, I hope that in my visit to Konoha this time, I can feel the sincerity and heroism of Konoha."

After that hypocritical conversation, Sandaime brought the envoys' group into their temporary residence.

After sending the envoys' group away, Sandaime sighed.


Hearing Sandaime suddenly called his names, Kakashi is stunned.

"Yes, Sandaime-sama?"

"This time, the envoys of the Land of Lighting are up to no good, but they got the backing from the Daimyo. Because I don't want to disrespect the Daimyo, I will need to remove all the surveillance from the envoys. I will hand over monitoring the envoys to you."

Sandaime said as he looks at Kakashi with a serious expression, his eyes were full of dignity.

"I understand, Sandaime-sama!"

Kakashi nodded.

This is good for him. After all, his own plan will be much easier to implement if he is monitoring them himself.

Sandaime naturally doesn't know what plans Kakashi has. He just thought that Kakashi is the best person for this.

After all, Kakashi has Sharingan, so there is naturally no problem for him to this kind of monitoring.

In this seemingly calm place, a Storm is coming!

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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi Chapter 109 The Envoy Has Arrived!