Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi
Chapter 103 Arrangement

Chapter 103 Arrangement

Nine Hellhounds are standing in front of Nanairo, compared to Nanairo's huge size, they are very small.

It seems that because they are too young, they all only have one head.

"It's great that you are fine. Is Hell Valley still okay?"

"Nanairo-sama, the Hell Valley has now become a ruin, only nine of us are left."

The little black Hellhound said sadly.

The remaining eight are equally bleak.


"Nanairo-sama, how did you escape?"

"I went with Nanaretsu to deal with those six people. But those six's strengths are really powerful. We are not their opponents at all. It didn't take long for me and Nanaretsu to be seriously injured. Finally one of those six people release a powerful Ninjutsu that destroy the Hell Valley. In order to let me escape, Nanaretsu forcibly send me away from the Hell Valley. When I look back, I saw that the Hell Valley is already destroyed and Nanaretsu was killed."

Hearing the story, the nine little Hellhounds are crying with face full of sorrow.

"How did the nine of you escape from those six people?"

"Nanairo-sama, we just hid in the depths of Hell Valley, and were not affected by that Ninjutsu. When we came out, everyone was already…"

The Hellhounds' mood is really low at this point.

Shisui walked over to Kakashi and whispered, "Senpai, who are those six people they are talking about? How can they be so strong? The Hellhounds are so powerful, and now their entire race are defeated by those six. Are there really such a strong people out there?"

"You don't need to think about this matter. I will tell you when you have enough Strength."

Kakashi does not intend to tell Shisui regarding Pain, after all it is better if less people know about this kind of thing.

"Okay, I understand Senpai."

Seeing that Kakashi is not willing to tell him about this, Shisui can only accept it as his strength is still weak.

"Well, since Hell Valley has been destroyed, then we will have to rebuild Hell Valley! We should never let the Hellhound race die!"

"Yes! Nanairo-sama!"

The nine Hellhounds look firmly at Nanairo because Nanairo are their hope.

"This person is our contractor. In the future, we will fight with him. At the same time, I will also fight with him!"

Nanairo said as he pointed at Kakashi.

The nine Hellhounds then look at Kakashi with doubt.

Kakashi showed a kind smile and said, "Hello, I am Hatake Kakashi."

"Nanairo-sama, are you sure about this?"

"Yeah, he has already signed the summoning contract of our Hellhound race. So now, he is our contractor"

"Okay Nanairo-sama, we understand."

Nanairo and Nanaretsu have absolute authority in the Hell Valley. Now that Nanaretsu have already lost his lives. Nanairo naturally becomes the leader of Hell Valley.

With the prestige of Nanairo in Hell Valley, these nine Hellhounds will naturally obey him.

Since Kakashi has been approved by Nanairo, the nine Hellhounds will naturally not object.

"Kakashi, I will go back with them. If there is something, you can call me."

"Okay, but are you not afraid to meet those six people if you go back there?"


Nanairo starts to hesitate. According to the current situation, if they met those six people, they will die.

It doesn't matter if he dies, but if the entire Hellhound race die, his sin will be very great.

"I think you can stay at my Hatake Residence with Pakkun."

Hatake clan has a mountain range that is specially used to become the summoned beast home. Pakkun and the other seven dogs usually live there.

Pakkun also jumped out and said: "Yeah Nanairo, you should go back with me for now. Wait for your injury to be healed and then you can go back to Hell Valley."

Nanairo hesitated and said, "Okay, I will go back with you for now."

"That's good. Let's go back then. Kakashi, I will get back first. After a minute, you should summon me back, and then you will use the Reverse Summoning Technique to get to the Hatake Residence."


Parker finished talking and then he disappeared with a smoke.

A minute later, Kakashi once again use summoning technique to call Pakkun. After that, he immediately uses Reverse Summoning Technique to get to the Hatake Residence.

Kakashi did not waste time as he immediately summons the Hellhounds to this place.

With a bang, ten Hellhounds appeared again in front of him.

"Nanairo, you can stay here for the time being. When your injuries are healed, I will accompany you to the Hell Valley."

"Thank you very much."

"No need to be polite."

After Kakashi said that, he was summoned back by Pakkun.

"Pakkun, please take care of Nanairo and the others for me."

"Don't worry, Kakashi."


With Pakkun's departure, they finally complete their mission on this island.

"Senior, congratulations on getting such a powerful summoned beast."

Hearing Shisui's congratulation, Kakashi just smiles.

He didn't think that he would get such a big gain from this mission. Not only he is able to settle the problem with the Kirigakure's Shinobi, but he also got such a powerful summoned beast.

In conclusion, this is a very worthwhile mission.

"Blink, our mission is done, we can go back now."

"Yes, Senpai."

The two then starts preparing to leave the island. As for Terumi Mei and Ao, they are already on the boat leaving the island.

"Mei-dono, why did you give up the previous plan?"

"Ao, did you not agree with my decision?"


Ao was speechless. He already didn't care about it as he just wanted to ask for the reason.

"Ao, one of the reason I cancel that plan is because I have seen the strength of Hatake Kakashi. Unfortunately, I don't have any confidence to win against him. And there is an Uchiha who we don't know the depth of. If we really fight against them, can you be sure that we will win?"

Ao just smiled bitterly when he hears the reason. He understands as he was just abused by a young kid who is still thirteen years old.

"And the other reason is that I learned from Hatake Kakashi's mouth that Yagura was indeed controlled by Genjutsu."

Terumi Mei said as her eyes reveal a glimmer of light.

"Really? Mei-dono, is this information reliable?"

"It is reliable, I think we can go back and starts to plan how to counter the other big clan."

"Yes, Mei-dono!"

Terumi Mei looked at the island in the distance as she secretly thought: "Hatake Kakashi, you really are a good man. It is a shame that you are not one of the Kirigakure's Shinobi."

Terumi Mei's thoughts just passed by, and strange feelings slowly began to take root at the bottom of her heart.

Somewhere in the Land of Rain.

A girl with short, straight blue hair with a bun, amber colored eyes with lavender eye shadow, and a labret piercing is standing at the top of a tower. She looks very cold and lonely.

"Pain, how is the production of the animal path's summoned beast?"

"It is almost finished, you can see it yourself."

Pain said as he pointed to the behemoth behind him.

The girl saw a large three headed dog quietly squatting there with a black iron rod on his head.

It slowly opened its eyes, as there are some mysterious circle patterns on its eyes.

At this time, the space is getting suck like a vortex, and Obito who is wearing a spiral mask appeared.

"Congratulations Pain. It looks like you have successfully captured a powerful summoned beast."

"Madara, what are you doing here?"

Pain did not pay attention to Obito's congratulations, but just asks indifferently.

Obito shrugged his shoulder and didn't care about Pain's attitude.

"Hanzo has return to the Land of Rain, when are you going to kill him?"

Hearing this, Pain eyes turn cold!


"Okay then." 𝗶𝓃𝓷𝒓𝘦a𝐝. 𝗰𝒐𝗺

At this time, Konan suddenly said: "Madara, what happened to your ass? It looks like it is swollen."

Obito's face turn ugly, but no one knows as he is wearing a mask.

'Fuck, can you not mention the ass!'

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Naruto: The Strongest Kakashi Chapter 103 Arrangement