There was no need for words since the two of them had already activated their Beast Integration. One moment, Yun Zhe was standing on the other end of the room; the next moment, he appeared in front of Satoshi, swinging his fists which transformed into a tiger's paw.

Amongst all the beast tamers Satoshi fought, this was the first time he encountered someone who could go head-to-head with him. It took Satoshi a split second to react to the attack, but he still managed to guard against it nonetheless.

As soon as Yun Zhe's attack connected, the burst of power from his fist almost sent Satoshi flying. He pulled back his arms, preparing for the next attack so Satoshi won't be able to recover.

However, Satoshi manifested chainsaws on his feet, anchoring himself on the ground and taking in the full brunt of Yun Zhe's attack. It broke both his arms, of course, but it healed instantly, thanks to Sera. The attack also didn't injure Satoshi that much since Droplet helped absorb most of the damage.

"You didn't even budge. But both your arms are broken. You're a real feisty one, aren't you?" Yun Zhe said with a smile; his fist was already prepared to unleash another punch.

Satoshi was expecting such an outcome, however. He created a portal behind Yun Zhe and punched as hard as possible. Yun Zhe didn't see the attack at all, and Satoshi broke his right arm before he could even unleash his punch.

A grunt came out of Yun Zhe's mouth as he gritted his teeth in pain. His forearm was broken in two, and it didn't even take a split second for Satoshi to break it. "How come... both your hands were broken?"

No response. Satoshi appeared right behind Yun Zhe and unleashed another punch. He didn't want to attack him with an area-of-effect since that would destroy the entire room. Besides, he initiated with a punch, so Satoshi more or less figured out that he wanted a fistfight.

However, it won't be a simple fistfight since both of them activated their Beast Integration. Satoshi just went head to head with Yun Zhe even though he could tell that Yun Zhe was as strong as him.

Once again, Yun Zhe wasn't able to guard Satoshi's punch, and he was hit right by his obliques. He grunted for a second time wincing in pain. As mentioned before, Satoshi didn't want to underestimate Yun Zhe, so he didn't give him any openings.

While Yun Zhe was wincing in pain, Satoshi disappeared and reappeared in front of him, giving him a good punch right by the solar plexus. Yun Zhe's eyes widened, and he kneeled on the ground. Oxygen was squeezed out of his lungs, and he wheezed.

"What? How? Impossible!" Yun Zhe muttered to himself. That window of time when he lost his concentration gave him his loss. In that instant, his beast integration was deactivated.

Because he assumed that Satoshi is his attendant, he concluded in his mind that Satoshi was probably weaker than most in the Black Fog Faction. In other words, he clearly underestimated Satoshi. Even when he saw that Satoshi could integrate with a lot of tamed beasts, he still thought of him as inferior.

And that's how he met his defeat. If he had put his guard up the entire time, he would've been able to win against Satoshi.

"Even though you're just an attendant... tell me, what's your rank in the Black Fog Faction?" Yun Zhe asked as he stood up. He didn't want to fight anymore. He just wanted to sit down and take a rest.

Meanwhile, Satoshi was kindhearted enough to heal Yun Zhe's injuries. At the end of the day, both of them are participants in the Official Beast Tournament. Furthermore, Satoshi wanted to have a rematch with him. No holds barred. That's why he gave him another chance after what happened a moment ago.

"As I said, I have no idea what you're talking about. I don't belong to the Black Fog Faction... well... I do belong to the White Mist Faction, technically speaking... but that's just because they coerced me to be their teacher." Satoshi pointed out, scratching his head. "How about you? What's your deal?"

"Figures, there's no one as strong as you in the Black Fog Faction. If you were, then I should've heard about you before I got here." Yun Zhe muttered to himself. "Now that you said it... I guess we're more or less the same, huh? I'm also the one who taught Black Fog everything he knows about tamed beasts. You're pretty strong; you managed to injure me even though I integrated with three of my tamed beasts."

"I guess I know who I'm going to fight in the finals. By any chance... that Primordial Excalibur of yours... could it be that he's a Representative?" Satoshi couldn't help but ask.

At first, Yun Zhe's eyes widened. But when he remembered how formidable Satoshi was during their exchange, he wasn't surprised anymore. He exhaled before he nodded his head. Before Satoshi could add to what he was saying, he pulled out a Gren from his bag and summoned his Representative, Primordial Excalibur.

"This here is my companion and my very first tamed beast. I was lucky because he chose me due to my fighting capabilities. I wouldn't have gotten this far as a beast tamer if it weren't for this guy." Yun Zhe said, patting the Primordial Excalibur's hilt as he nodded. "I'm surprised you know about Representatives. Let me guess, that tamed beast of yours with mechanical cogs as halos on her head... she's a Representative?"

"You mean Sera?" Satoshi asked, summoning Sera. Sera let out a cute squeal as she rubbed her cheeks on Satoshi's leg. "She's a cute one, isn't she? She's not a Representative, though."

"What she's not? Then how about that chainsaw tamed beast of yours?"

Satoshi shook his head, enjoying the little guessing game Yun Zhe was playing.

"WHAT?! Then... that tamed beast of yours that looked like a violet-hued ghost... is that a Representative? He's pretty strong." Yun Zhe asked. His eyes were about to pop out of their sockets while he waited for Satoshi's reply.

"No. I didn't use any of my Representatives during the fight. Now that I think about it... I never used my Representatives whenever I activated my Beast Integration. It just never occurred to me." Satoshi responded.

"YOU'RE KIDDING?! You managed to injure me even without using a Representative? Don't tell me... are you also a Disciple?" Yun Zhe asked.

"A disciple? What's that? I don't think I'm one." Satoshi responded.

"Never mind that. In any case, you're pretty good. What do you say about joining the Black Fog Faction?" Yun Zhe asked, extending his hand toward Satoshi. "I'm Yun Zhe, by the way. Nice to meet you."

"Satoshi, Midoriyama Satoshi. The pleasure's mine. I guess I won't have to hold back during the finals." Satoshi said, returning Yun Zhe's handshake. "And no, I'm afraid I won't be able to join your Faction."

"Understandable." Yun Zhe said.

Knock knock.

There was a pause, followed by the two of them staring toward the door. It was Yun Zhe who stood up to greet who was at the door, though.

When he opened the door, there were two people standing right behind it. Yun Zhe had no idea why they were there, so he just waited for them to speak up.

"I'm sorry I was late, sir Yun Zhe. I lost the paper with your waiting room number, so I had to go back to sir Black Fog to ask him." The first person, a guy wearing all-black, bowed down toward Yun Zhe in greeting.

"That's all right." Yun Zhe muttered as he let the guy in. His eyes then drifted towards the second person— a lady who was wearing a blouse and a skirt. She seemed to be a worker in the American Dome.

"Sir, I'm sorry. There's been a mix-up with the waiting rooms; I'm afraid we assigned two people to one room. We're really sorry." The girl explained, also bowing down towards Yun Zhe.

Seeing that he was also part of the concern, Satoshi stood up and approached both Yun Zhe and the girl. "That's all right. You can just assign one of us to another room. Things happen. We don't mind." Satoshi answered.

The girl heaved a sigh of relief since the two participants were friendly. She was still a bit nervous, though, since she had only told them the first half of the problem. "But kind sir... the thing is... there were no more waiting rooms available."

"That's all right. The two of us can stay together in one room. It won't be a problem. We just have one request, though."

"Yes sir, please say it." The girl asked.

"Can we call housekeeping? We kind of left a mess on this room." Yun Zhe said, pointing at the room where he and Satoshi had their light scuffle.

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