My System: An Evolved Computer I Made With My Unique Ability—
Chapter 309 Grandson’s Mysterious Superpower

Finally, Grado inadvertently let go of Satoshi's shoulder as he walked forward. He assumed the position on one end of the field before turning around to face his grandson. On the other hand, Satoshi had no idea what his grandfather was doing, but he stayed in place. He figured that his grandfather most likely had a surprise for him or something of the sort, and that's why he was acting weirdly.

Flashing a smile at Satoshi, Grado then manifested a condensed ball of air in his hand, shooting it high up in the air. Once again, the orb of air went up, exponentially increasing in size as it rose higher. The moment it reached its peak, it covered the entire field where Satoshi and his grandfather were in. While it kept them shielded from outside forces, it also protected the house from the two of them. This also blocked all the noise coming from either side of the wind territory.

"Satoshi, I hope you're ready," Grado called out. "I'm going to show you the sheer power of the Midoriyamas." He continued, unleashing his full power and almost blowing Satoshi away with it.

Shielding his eyes from the rocks and debris that suddenly appeared in the air, Satoshi decided to integrate with his familiar Sain, his Chainsaw Familiar. As soon as he did so, Satoshi materialized a chainsaw in his hands and anchored it on the ground. His grandfather hadn't done anything out of the ordinary... and yet he was already struggling trying to hold himself in place.

The transition that Satoshi made when he summoned chainsaws from his hand was too quick for the eye to see. For a moment there, the only thing that Grado saw was Satoshi manifesting chainsaws from nothing. Now he was even more confused as to what his grandson's superpower was.

'I've seen a lot of weird superpowers before, but through all my years of experience, this is the first time I saw something that I couldn't explain. Does my grandson have multiple superpowers? No, I've seen how he moved back then... he's already got two superpowers... don't tell me he has three?' Grado's thought process seemed to hit a wall, so he decided to unleash even more of his power to pressure Satoshi. For now, he decided to keep his distance from Satoshi so he'd be able to gauge his strength and true potential.

What he didn't know, however, was that Satoshi was just as experienced with fights and his instincts were more in-tuned to himself. That's why he immediately realized that his grandfather was trying to gauge his power while keeping his distance. Of course, the first thing that came to Satoshi's mind was that he had to close the gap between him and his grandfather.

Accessing his Storage Familiar, Orb Oboros, once again, Satoshi now summoned his trusty White Lion, one of his most balanced familiars in terms of offense, defense, and overall speed. With this, Satoshi more or less assumed that he'd be able to cancel out his grandfather's wind pressure, enabling him to approach him.

Once again, Grado was left confused when blue flames suddenly erupted from his son's body. White fur seemed to cover his neck, his wrists, and ankles, and the blue flames seemed to envelop his body, rising into licks as the fire got stronger. Satoshi charged forward, still holding two chainsaws in his hands. Satoshi twisted in mid-air before he flung himself up, 360-ing in mid-air before side-slashing his grandfather with max-powered chainsaws. Grado confidently summoned a wall made out of rocks to block the attack, but Satoshi cleanly cut through it as if it were butter.

With pupils dilated, Grado only had a split second before he produced a layer of condensed air to block Satoshi. The shock made Satoshi pierce through the air, whizzing higher and higher until he almost hit the edge of the wind barrier. In one desperate attempt to reorganize his second attack, Satoshi summoned Ghast, his Portal Familiar, to integrate with him.

,m In a split second, Satoshi disappeared from the air, reappearing behind his grandfather. Grado was surprised that Satoshi managed to teleport despite losing his balance. Despite the surprise attack, however, Grado was able to defend himself, erecting a wall of water that froze in an instant in front of Satoshi.

So far, Satoshi had seen his grandfather use the wind, earth, fire, and water elements, and he pretty much concluded that his grandfather had the four elements as his superpower. Still, he didn't want to assume that that was everything his grandfather had up his sleeve. For all he knows, he could be hiding his most powerful of superpowers.

To be on the safe side, Satoshi integrated with Sera before charging at his grandfather for the second time. He didn't worry about holding back anymore since his grandfather could handle him just fine even at his full strength.

As for Grado, he could tell by his grandson's gaze that he didn't intend to hold back anymore. And as such, he decided not to hold back as well. A smile spread across his face. The alone time he wanted to spend with his grandson is finally here, it was a dream come true and he wanted to savor it for as long as he could. He didn't want the moment to end. Nonetheless, there was no way he'd give the victory to his grandson, not when he could help it. He might be his grandson but his pride just won't easily give him the easy win. 𝒾𝗻𝐧𝓇𝒆𝒶𝒅. 𝒸૦𝒎

"I'm not going to hold back, all right." Grado called out as a flash of light erupted from where he stood. Even then, Satoshi didn't stop charging at his grandfather. He knew that if he were to be indecisive in the middle of the match, certain loss will befall him.

His grandfather was not holding back, and he wasn't going to hold back either.


Before Satoshi knew it, he was enveloped with a bright light. He had been enveloped with a pristine white light before and usually it was Sera's doing. But right now, the white light felt different. It felt too calm... too serene... and Satoshi couldn't quite put a finger around it. His memory then drifted to Sera's status window where he saw that she had unlocked three of her skills. 'Sera, are you using one of your new skills right now?' Satoshi asked in his mind.

Satoshi felt his heart rate going up as if it was a ticking time bomb. He felt the blood rushing through his veins, making them almost pop out, and what's more, he felt incredible power welling within, and he couldn't contain it as much as he wanted to.


A huge explosion was heard, and the windows of the house shattered as the wind barrier was eliminated. Satoshi felt weird, but it was a different kind of weird. It's as if he had become twice as powerful as normal... no, a hundred times more powerful than normal.

As for Grado, however, he felt something in his mind click when the explosion of bright light happened. Not only did the explosion cancel the wind barrier that he erected so he could protect their house from the aftermath of the fight, but he also felt as if he had lost his powers. He tried to activate his energy, but nothing manifested in his hand.

And he wasn't the only one who felt that way. People in a twenty-kilometer radius felt the same way as well. Even Tatsuki, who relied on his power so much, sensed that he had lost every power he had plundered altogether. Even his enhanced senses were lost. Ayumu, meanwhile, felt her most vulnerable right then and there. All of her superpower energy was gone, and her counterattack was momentarily lost.

Then there was Aira, who could see the future from time to time. She felt as if her mind shut down for a moment, and for the first time in her life, she felt peace and quiet, with nothing disturbing her mind.

"That was a pretty good skill... Energy Cancellation, huh. Good thing I still have one last trick up my sleeve." Grado muttered to himself as he extended his hand in the air. He positioned his hand in an open-grip as if he was waiting for the mjolnir t appear.

For a moment, Satoshi even believed that the mjolnir would appear and lodge itself on his grandfather's hand. Then again, that was just his expectation. He remembered a certain superhero with lightning powers who considered himself the strongest avenger or something, but there was no way that's his grandfather so he shook his head and stopped his imaginations from running wild.


A flash of lightning broke the silence with its thunderous presence. The moment the light dissipated, Grado was already holding a weapon in his hand, and he was wearing a different costume unlike his casual outfit of an oversized long sleeves and jeans.

He was now holding a trident, and his energy was filled to the brim, much to Satoshi's surprise. "I told you, I'm not going to hold back against my grandson." Grado said as lightning cracked between his fingers.

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My System: An Evolved Computer I Made With My Unique Ability— Chapter 309 Grandson’s Mysterious Superpower