Not only was Satoshi covering for everyone on the offensive side of things, but he was also taking care of the entire supporting role while defending everyone just in case they had any openings. It took a toll on his energy expenditure, of course, but Satoshi decided to do what he could before the superheroes arrive. If he didn't step up to the plate, there was no way that the four of them would be able to hold back the entire army of dragon-like beasts. Another reason why Satoshi had to overextend was because of Shiroi's dad and his mom. The two of them could only hold the dragon-like beasts out because their superpowers are meant to take on the supporting role.

If it were only one dragon-like beast, Satoshi would've easily taken care of it. But he still had to support everyone on the team so it was hard for him to even take on one. Fortunately, Gabriel and Ice Empress were doing easy work with the beasts. They didn't need any back up at all.

Even though the beasts were almost a hundred meters tall, their movement wasn't sluggish at all. In fact, they could easily keep up with Satoshi's speed if he didn't integrate with Ghast. Their motor movement as well as their speed of sight allowed them to defend and attack without lag, even managing to connect a couple of attacks here and there.

And just when things couldn't get any harder, another batch of these dragon-like beasts appeared from the portal. Now there were more than ten of them, and Satoshi had to engage four of them in a fight simultaneously.

After dodging one of the dragon-like beasts's arms, Satoshi teleported to the back of the second one, firing off a dark energy beam. He didn't even notice that the fourth one was behind him, and it slammed him onto the ground. In one desperate attempt to save himself, Satoshi transformed the Dark Orb he held into a soft cushion, but that didn't nullify the fall at all.

There was no time to waste. As soon as he dropped to the ground, the third beast was already on top of him, positioning its legs so that it could crush Satoshi in its weight.


As soon as Satoshi teleported, a shower of blood erupted in front of him, almost drowning him even though he was in mid-air. By the time he realized that another superhero had joined the fray, it was already too late. The third beast he was engaged in combat with... well, it was already dead. Its head was blown to bits and pieces as if someone put a sizeable grenade in its mouth and made it explode.

When Satoshi finally recovered, three more heads popped off, producing a shower splatter of blood and gore everywhere. Well, this was a better mess than dilapidated buildings, so Satoshi couldn't really complain. He was bathed in blood though, but that's beside the point.

"Kid, you all right? That superpower of yours is pretty good. Good job hanging in there."

The man who greeted Satoshi was a man in his sixties, and Satoshi could tell that he somehow looked familiar. He couldn't quite put his finger around it though so he just nodded along. "Um... thank you, sir." Satoshi voiced out before the old man popped the head of another beast.

With just an additional man in the team, the group was able to sweep the entire flock of dragon-like beasts. As for Grado, he was surprised to see his son and daughter-in-law in the fight, and he more or less ruled out that the kid he met a minute or so ago was actually his grandson.

'No wait... that's impossible... my grandson doesn't have any superpowers.' Grado said in his mind.

On the pile of dead dragon-like beasts, Grado descended, slowly deactivating his powers and returning to his usual self. He didn't want to believe that the kid he saw a moment ago was actually his grandson... and if he was really his grandson, then how come he has a superpower?

Grado had a couple of questions in his mind but he didn't know what to say so he just remained quiet. Without further ado, he approached his son and shook his hand. He was elated to see him again after all these years.

"Son!" Grado called out, giving his son a bear hug and almost squeezing him to death. Even with Tatsuki's abilities activated, his father's gorilla-like strength still overwhelmed him.

Tatsuki held his breath and tightened his core, but even then he still felt as if his back was about to snap. He groaned, and then he smiled when his father finally let go of him. He was laughing, patting his son on the back as he turned around. "I see that you've got yourself an apprentice, he's pretty strong," Grado called out as he jerked his thumb towards Satoshi who was quietly lingering by the side.

As of the moment, Satoshi still had no idea that the old man that came to his rescue a moment or so ago was actually his grandfather. He was preoccupied with admiring the bodies of the dragon-like beasts that he didn't even realize his father and grandfather already reuniting with each other. 𝐢𝙣𝓃𝘳𝙚𝐚𝙙. 𝓬𝐨𝑚

Ayumu also approached her father-in-law. With a bow, she greeted him and in turn, Grado also bowed toward her. It's been so long since they last saw each other as well, much longer, since it's only Tatsuki who usually comes to visit.

One might wonder why Grado had no idea about his grandson when he had appeared on television multiple times. To be fair, Satoshi's grandparents had been living on the outskirts of the city ever since they moved to America. And since they wanted to lead a simple life, they didn't really update themselves with the news. Even the phone they used were classic landline telephones, and that's why they weren't even updated with current events.

"What do you mean apprentice?" Tatsuki asked as he beckoned for Satoshi. Satoshi finally came back to his senses and he quietly approached his dad when he gestured for him to come.

"Satoshi, you probably don't recognize this old man over here but he's your grandfather." Tatsuki introduced with a wide beam on his face. "And old man, how can you not recognize your own grandson even after all these years?" Tatsuki chuckled.

"Eh? That's my grandson? No that's impossible... you said he didn't have any superpowers?" Grado exclaimed as he looked at Satoshi with wide eyes. He couldn't believe that the person in front of him was really his grandson.

And how could he? All these years, he believed that his grandson was powerless and no matter how badly he wanted to train him. It won't happen anymore. This was also one of the underlying reasons why Tatsuki never brought Satoshi to his grandparents during his visits... and Grado was aware of that as well. It was understandable though since he could get a little too overbearing at times when it comes to his spartan training. He even lost count of how many times he broke Tatsuki's bones when he was still young.

Grado grabbed Satoshi by the shoulders and stared at him long and hard. He couldn't believe it! His grandson awakened his superpowers and he could even rival the number one superhero of America. A stray tear streamed down Grado's face, followed by another and another and another. Before he knew it, he was already bawling his eyes out in front of his grandson.

As for Satoshi, he indifferently stared in the open air. He felt something different when he integrated with Sera a while ago that's why he just had to check her stats.

[Sera: SS-Grade

Description: (All descriptions are based on the perception of Midoriyama Satoshi. Henceforth, this is a biased description) Sera looks like a cute teru teru bozu (look it up if you don't know what a teru teru bozu looks like). She has seven cogs as halos floating over her head. Her main weapon is a staff, but she never uses it.


Area Debuff— Debuffs specific targets in a wide radius. The effective area varies and it is unclear as to how much area Sera's debuff can cover. (Sera's debuff range from decreased movement speed, physical attack, attack speed, etc.)

Area Buff—Buffs specific targets in a wide radius. The effective area varies and it is unclear as to how much area Sera's buff can cover. (Sera's buff range from increased movement speed, physical attack, attack speed, etc.)

Area Heal— Heals specific targets in a wide area. One of the most common buffs that

Heal— HEAL!!! (No one should get this reference)

Instant Regeneration— Grants a specific target instant regeneration. Be it a lost limb, or a lost lower body, Sera can regenerate it in an instant as long as she has enough energy.

Special Abilities:

Locked ???? Unlocked! See more info!!!

Locked ???? Unlocked! See more info!!!

Locked ???? Unlocked! See more info!!!]

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