My Super Pet Dragon
Chapter 11

Chapter 11: To Buy A Saber 2

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The next morning, Yang Tian drove to the High Alert Area outside of Tianxiong City.

Within the city, the environment was that of complete peace and serenity. The citizens were living a productive life no different from the age before the YS Virus outbreak. The only difference was that areas of activities had been downsized, and no one was able to leave the city at will.

As for the High Alert Area outside, it was an orderless world of chaos. As long as one is a powerful person, he could literally get away with murder, the city authorities would not investigate.

Yang Tian came here to sell the two Grade One Beast Cores he obtained so that he could purchase some much-needed gear. 3

Yang Song-Yang Tian’s grandfather-was a Class One Warrior who left behind a good amount of fine gear, Yang Tian’s parents sold them, partly in exchange for living expenses, and the rest, to pay management fees to the city.

If it was not for that, Yang Tian’s family would have been ten times worse off than they were then, he may not even be able to attend high school.

Yang Tian felt that the pair of alloy daggers that his grandfather left behind did not have the kind of control he was looking for when fighting Monsters. During the battle with Tank Lizard for example, he would only have to give a single blow to cause a fatal wound which could have avoided all the subsequent troubles.

Things were quite out of the ordinary in the High Alert Area. Surrounding the 100-meter high city walls were various tents occupied by adventurers who were traveling outside the City, as well as normal folks who lived there. By living in tents, they could conveniently relocate when Monsters made spontaneous attacks. Moreover, it was cheaper to purchase a new tent if it was destroyed.

Yang Tian drove around the outer rim of the High Alert Area and found a big green tent. He saw a big black banner across the tent with large, unskillfully written white letters that read, [Buying And Selling Beast Cores, Weapons For Sale, Best Price!] with the exclamation mark at the end being the largest of them all.

Next to the big tent were little tents that were closed during daytime.

Yang Tian drove to the entrance of the big tent, took out his backpack, locked the car, and swiftly headed in. 1

As he was about to enter the tent, one of the little tents next to it opened up. Out came a big guy in a black singlet holding up his trousers. Behind him was a yawning woman in a sleeping gown. “Sir, please come again!” she said to him.

The big guy turned around with a chuckle and waved his hand at the woman.

Yang Tian only gave them a quick look before he drew the curtain open and entered the big tent.

The big tent was an actually small scale weapons market. As Yang Tian entered the place, all he could see were guns of all kinds-everything from pistols to powerful sniper rifles, and even a Gatling gun! 2

Other than guns, they also had electric grenades of different sizes and shapes.

These were weapons used by normal folks, which during a real battle with Monsters, would not do much. Only group assaults were useful in such situations.

The reason being, guns required large amounts of backup ammo. As soon as bullets were fired, they would be as good as pieces of useless metal. Besides, for these fast-moving Monsters who had skin as thick as armor, normal bullets would not do much damage. 1

The Warriors preferred various kinds of alloy sabers instead.

Alloy sabers that were produced in this era were very different from those used by Yang Tian’s grandfather. New alloy weapons were fused with an element called ‘YT’ that were taken from the Monsters’ bones, which greatly raised the quality of alloy weapons. Regular alloy blades could not compare in terms of both hardness and flexibility. 2

Yang Tian would very much like to have owned one of these YT alloy sabers, which is what they were called, but he was not sure if the one million Wu from selling the two Grade One Beast Cores would allow him to purchase a blade like that.

Other than guns, the largest number of items displayed on-shelf were alloy sabers. As Yang Tian went up to look at the blades, a short-haired man in camouflage came over. He smiled and asked, “My brother, would you like to sell or buy? We sell with the cheapest price in the area.”

“Do you buy Beast Cores?” Yang Tian was very straightforward.

Hearing that, the short-haired man was slightly stunned, he went on to ask with a smile, “Of course! It’s written outside! Following the rules, we buy Grade One Beast Core for 500,000 Wu each. We can pay cash, or do a bank transfer.”

He only mentioned the going rate for Grade One Beast Core because he did not think a young man like Yang Tian could have possessed anything more than that.

“I’d like to sell two. Bank transfer please!” Yang Tian nodded.

The guy could not help his eyes from widening. ‘He’s got two of those! This is big business!’ As soon as he snapped back to reality, he dragged Yang Tian toward the counter while saying, “According to the rules of our shop, if the first transaction is a million or above, you’ll immediately become our VIP member. Everything that you buy in the future will be 20% off...” 3

As he was speaking, he brought Yang Tian to the counter.

There was a beautiful woman with long hair who had an incredible figure. She winked at Yang Tian as he arrived at the counter.

Yang Tian took off his backpack and presented two Grade One Monster Cores together with his bank card.

He knew that doing business in a High Alert Area was safe as people were mostly very honest and fraudulent activities seldom happened, especially toward high-end customers.

Someone like Yang Tian, who could come up with two Grade One Beast Core at once in exchange for a million Wu, was considered high-end. 3

Behind the counter, the beautiful woman picked up the phone and made a call. After picking up the two Beast Cores to make sure they were genuine, the short-haired guy nodded at her.

The woman took Yang Tian’s bank card and started the transferring process on the computer. Soon after, Yang Tian received a text message from the bank on his cell phone, indicating that he had received the transfer of one million Wu.

Yang Tian then went online with his phone to check his bank account. After making sure everything was settled, he nodded his head with joy.

“Bro, nice doing business with you! If there are more opportunities like this, please don’t forget to take care of us!” As soon as he said that, he winked at Yang Tian, walked his side, and whispered, “This beautiful lady is yours tonight.”

Yang Tian shook his head with a smile and asked, “I would like to purchase a YT alloy saber. Do you guys have it?”

“Why, of course we do! But we only have one because there aren’t many people who can afford to use this weapon. Please give me a second,” the guy quickly answered.

He went behind the counter and pulled out a long rectangular case from below. Upon opening the case, he lifted a long saber in a black sheath.

“YT alloy Tang dao1, one million Wu. And a 20% discount for you, our VIP. That makes it 800,000,” the short-haired guy said after handing the blade to Yang Tian. 5

At this moment, the beautiful woman behind the counter had processed Yang Tian’s VIP card and passed it to him.

Yang Tian knew that there was no point bargaining so he agreed to the price. He held the sheath on one hand and gripped the handle on another to pull the blade out carefully.

The saber was white as snow, and smooth on the surface but not reflective, like animal bone.

Because of the blade’s high density, it felt heavy in the hand. Yang Tian estimated it to be at least 20 kilograms; normal people would not last long swinging a weapon this heavy. 7

As Yang Tian unsheathed the saber, he reached out to pull a strand of hair from the woman and placed it on the edge, and the hair immediately broke into two. This weapon was even sharper than the legendary weapons that were said to ‘break hair with a blow of air’! 5

This Tang dao was 70 centimeters in length, its handle was 25 centimeters long, and its width about 3.5 centimeters. Yang Tian took a few swings and was very impressed.

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My Super Pet Dragon Chapter 11