My Passive Skills are Invincible!
Chapter 346 - All the Flame Mages in the World Were Furious!

Chapter 346: All the Flame Mages in the World Were Furious!

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Unlike the previous few times, this time, Mike had killed the true body of a god.

In other words, after Ragnaros dies, he would never be able to revive again.

In the Second World, the God of Fire now no longer exists. Even if a new God of Fire emerged, it would no longer be Ragnaros.

Perhaps another god would inherit the position, or perhaps another existence would take over his place. As for what happens after that, it was not something Mike would know.

He only knew that he had obtained a huge amount of benefits, and he had also gotten into huge trouble!

After killing the God of Fire, Mike immediately rose to level 80.

Mike had never seen such a huge amount of experience in one go.

However, at the same time, the status of his mission Blasphemer had changed once more.

[You have successfully killed the God of Fire, Ragnaros, but this is only the beginning. As one of the gods in the heavenly realm, Bader wants to talk to you…]


Seeing this name, Mike’s expression turned serious.

According to his memories from his previous life, Bader was the strongest god in the Second World that had the most followers.

He was sure that it was none other than that god!

It could be said that what Mike had to face next was no longer a side character like Ragnaros, but a real colossus!

Mike was not sure what would happen to him next, but he was very clear about one it.

It was best not to provoke Bader!

At this time, the players in the canyon had already passed the period of shock where they had witnessed the scene of God Slayer slaying a god with their own eyes.

After a brief moment of silence, everyone cheered loudly. Some people could not help but hold their heads in their hands, their faces flushed red, unbelieving of what just happened.

“Oh my gosh, God Slayer really killed a god. That’s insane!”

“The God of Fire was killed by a player. This is going to be big news. I’m so lucky to be able to witness this!”

“Wait, after the God of Fire is dead… What should the Fire Mages in this world do?”

“What do you mean?”

“You id*ot! All magic is created by the gods. Since the God of Fire is dead, won’t the Fire Mages be unable to use fire magic?”

“Is there such a thing? That’s not possible…”

“Possible? A god got killed in this game. Is there anything impossible in this game?”

“Huh….. You’re right.”

Not long after, someone in the crowd began to wail.

“F*ck, my skills have turned gray!”

“Mine too, I can’t use any skills!”

“all fire magic has lost its effect. What’s going on?!”

It was just as the players had guessed, Ragnaros’s death had a huge impact on the players.

‘The fire magic in this world had lost its effect. Whether it was the players or the NPCs, no one could cast fire magic anymore.

It could be said that Mike’s actions had brought huge losses to everyone!

In terms of the importance of the Second World in the real world, Mike’s actions could be said to have ruined these people’s lives.

Those players who had gained strength from the fire attribute attacks had been completely beaten back to their original forms.

There were only two things they could do now.

Either they completely withdraw from the Second World, become the most worthless low-end labor force in the real world, and then quietly pass this time.

Or they could only think of a way to change their profession that has nothing to do with fire, and then start all over again.

It was without a doubt that these two paths were very difficult, and the sacrifices were huge!

“God Slayer, I hate you!”

This sentence seemed to be shared in every corner of the Second World.

Every single one of these words were said by the Fire Mages.

‘The person they hated and cursed — Mike — had a grave expression on his face.

In front of him, a door of light that no one else could see but himself appeared. Above the door of light, there was a countdown. At this time, it had already gone from five minutes to four.

“It seems that I have no choice but to go in. I go wherever trouble goes I suppose.”

Mike smiled bitterly.

‘The next moment, his body disappeared from where he was.

Only Arthas was left floating in the air, slightly stunned.

“Huh? Where did this kid go? What did he say just now? What trouble?”

Even as the God of Death, Arthas could not see the door of light. Similarly, he did not know what Mike was going to face next. However, he soon revealed a satisfied smile.

“Who cares, that human’s matter has nothing to do with me.

“Lonly know that my hatred has finally been avenged!

“Ragnaros, go to h*l and slowly atone for your sins!”

Even gods had to go to the underworld after death.

Conveniently, Hell was Arthas’s home ground.

No one knew what Ragnaros would face. If anyone were to know, it would probably only ever be between Aethas and Ragnaros themselves.

At this time, Mike had already used the Space Travel Bracelet to return to Little Fatty Tom’s equipment shop.

“Where’s Egg? Egg’s coming with me..”

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My Passive Skills are Invincible! Chapter 346 - All the Flame Mages in the World Were Furious!