My Passive Skills are Invincible!
Chapter 328 - Star City Lord

Chapter 328: Star City Lord

[Congratulations player God Slayer for successfully refining the first god-tier forging material. As the first refiner, player God Slayer will immediately be upgraded by one level as a reward!]

Instantly, three golden lights flashed on Mike’s body.

Hearing the announcement get repeated three times, Tom immediately rushed over and looked at the iron ingot in front of Mike.

“Oh my gosh, a god-grade forging material!?”

Even Super Rich could not help but stand up and come to Mike.

His eyes were full of disbelief.

A god-grade forging material?

He had never heard that forging materials could have such a quality!

At this moment, the way he looked at Mike had completely changed. If he had only admired Mike before, now he was almost in awe of him.

Super Rich knew very well that a forger who could forge materials of such quality would sooner or later reach a height that even he had to look up to and become one of the top figures in the world.

He had to make good use of such connections!

Super Rich swallowed his saliva and tried hard to keep his tone calm as he said, “God Slayer, hurry up and forge it. I also want to see what kind of equipment these two god-tier ingots can forge.”

Mike nodded slightly and threw the materials in his hand into the forging furnace in front of him without hesitation.

Seeing this scene, Tom turned pale with fright and said, “Why did you forge it directly?! We should hurry up and find a higher-level forging furnace!”

It must be known that different forging furnaces would have different forging effects.

It was like this at the forging convention held by the dwarves. An excellent forging furnace would greatly affect the forging results.

However, Mike shook his head and said, “The best forging furnaces are basically controlled by the dwarves, and I don’t want outsiders to know what equipment I will forge. Moreover, it should be enough to forge with this furnace.”

Mike was very sure that as long as the equipment forged this time was given to Egg to eat, Egg would definitely be able to make a breakthrough.

However, he was still a little hesitant in his heart. If he forged something particularly good, should he keep it for his own use?

He turned his head and looked at Egg.

At this moment, Egg’s eyes were already filled with anticipation as it stared at the forging furnace in front of it. Obviously, before the forging was completed, this little guy was already hungry.

Mike smiled helplessly.

Forget it, I’ll just feed it whatever I forge.

Since Egg was already his pet, upgrading Egg was equivalent to upgrading himself. There was no point in considering whether or not to keep it for his own use. It would only add to his troubles. 𝗶𝚗𝘯𝘳ℯ𝒂𝑑. co𝙢

Super Rich looked at the forging furnace and asked, “How long will it take to forge this time?”

Mike looked at the time and said softly, “Half an hour.”

Tom quickly said, “This time is too long. Do you need help with anything else first?”

During the forging process, blacksmiths were not allowed to leave the vicinity. Otherwise, the forging process would be interrupted and the forging would be declared a failure.

Originally, the blacksmiths would not leave because they needed to use their own skills to improve the forging results.

However, Mike could only sit there and wait. After all, he really did not understand anything about forging skills.

As Mike’s friend, Tom would naturally wait here. After all, he had already shifted the focus of the game to forging. Now that the forging furnace was being provided for Mike to use, he naturally did not have anything else to do.

Super Rich was different. He could be doing other things instead of sitting around here. However, after a moment of silence, Super Rich said, “No need. I’ll wait here too. I’m also looking forward to what equipment God Slayer will forge this time.”

Super Rich knew very well how to build a good relationship with others. At this time, accompanying others and leaving directly gave people a completely different feeling.

This was a good opportunity to build a good relationship with Mike.

Although Super Rich felt that his time was very precious, he felt that this time was a very worthwhile investment.

After saying that, he even joked, “Maybe God Slayer can create a divine artifact this time?”

When Little Fat Tom heard that he smiled and waved his hand, “How is that possible? How can a divine artifact be created just like that?”

Super Rich also smiled when he heard that. Although Super Rich also thought so, he was only joking when he said that. However, he would not say what Tom said.

This was because Tom was a friend of God Slayer, it did not matter what he said.

However, Super Rich was still trying to get closer to God Slayer.

Although he said that he and Mike were friends, he knew very well they were not at that stage… yet.

He would try his best to avoid any behavior that might cause Mike to be unhappy. This was the family education of a successful person. It was no longer limited to knowledge.

Time passed bit by bit. The matter of triggering the announcement had already begun to boil.

The entire forum was discussing the matter of God Slayer. Words like ‘God-tier forging materials’ could be seen everywhere.

Even the big shots in the region were alarmed. Originally, those big shots had already noticed Mike, and many guilds had the intention to rope him in.

However, that was all there was to it. Powerful experts were everywhere, but they were still in the early stages. No one could guarantee that Mike’s strength would not be reduced by others in the future.

However, forging techniques were not like this.

As long as someone had high-end forging techniques, they would immediately be highly valued by all the big shots.

The guild leader, Moon Picking, of the region’s publicly recognized largest guild, Myth, had even said, “Obtaining a super forger is better than obtaining 100,000 powerful combat-type players!”

From this point, one could see the importance of super forgers.

Many guilds had already issued the highest order. They had to find God Slayer within three days to recruit him.

It did not matter what price they had to pay!

As long as they could recruit this forger, the strength of the entire guild would increase by a large margin.

In future guild wars, God Slayer’s forging skills would greatly increase their chances of victory!

In the forum, Moon Picking had even posted a message, “We sincerely invite God Slayer to join the Myth Guild. As long as God Slayer is willing to join, we would be willing to give anything, especially more so a title of being a city lord in our Star City!”

If the forum was a pool of water, then Moon Picking’s post was undoubtedly equivalent to throwing a heavy bomb into this pool of water!

At this moment, the entire world was shocked!

One had to know that among the man-made cities in the region, Star City was publicly acknowledged to be the largest and most prosperous placee.

If Mike could become the city lord of Star City, then even if he did nothing every day, he would not have to worry about food and clothing for the rest of his life!

Super Rich had long expected that this full-service announcement would definitely cause a huge uproar, but he did not expect that Moon Picking would be so bold to open his mouth and give away a city!

In an instant, Super Rich had given up on trying to rope Mike in as a benefit.

Although he was super-rich, how could he be better than Moon Picking?

It seemed that this network was destined to be snatched away by others.

However, just as Super Rich was sitting in the corner feeling dejected, Mike suddenly said, “Oh right, you said that you wanted to build a guild last time. How’s it going? Do you still need people?”

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My Passive Skills are Invincible! Chapter 328 - Star City Lord