My Passive Skills are Invincible!
Chapter 312 - : Where’s My Treasure?

Chapter 312: Where’s My Treasure?

Mike was feeling a little embarrassed, and he did now know what to do. Suddenly, a dialog box appeared in front of him again.

Before he could see the contents of the dialog box, Mike was already shocked from receiving a notification.

‘Don’t tell me that they want me to accept a mission like helping a baby dragon get breast milk or something like that, no way in h*ll that a mission like this could be completed!’ Mike nervously rambled in his thoughts.

When he carefully read the contents of the dialog box, he heaved a sigh of relief.

[Please name the baby dragon.]

Normally, it was necessary to name a pet. After all, most wild beasts did not have a name.

In order to facilitate communication, naming one’s pet was absolutely necessary.

However, this matter was still a little strange. After all, logically speaking, the dragon race would inherit the ancient bloodline memories.

Therefore, they usually had their own name from birth. On the other hand, this little dragon needed to name itself.

Mike thought for a moment and looked at the little tree spirit.

“Now we have to give this child a name. What name do you think would them?”

When Stone heard this, he immediately became excited.

“A name? We tree spirits are really good at this.”


Mike looked at the Stone ID name on the head of his friend and fell silent. It had to be said that the tree spirit’s art of naming was obviously too advanced for humans.

“Forget it, let me think about it myself.”

“You don’t believe in naming it Master of Stone? You’ll regret it,” Stone said dejectedly.

Mike was silent for a moment before asking seriously, “What do you think of the name Egg?”

As he said that, he had already entered Egg into the dialog box. After he confirmed it, the new name, egg, appeared on top of the baby dragon’s head.

After all, Stone would have stopped Mike from naming the baby dragon egg, so he quickly typed it in and called it a day. Stone’s negation could almost be considered a good name in his books.

At this moment, the little tree spirit seemed to have thought for a long time before he nodded and said, “I think the name Egg is pretty good. It’s very similar to the level of art in my name.”

Hearing Stone’s words, Mike trembled slightly and fell silent.

He suddenly felt a little regretful for choosing the name Egg.

Although Mike felt a little regretful, Egg felt very happy. It seemed to be very satisfied with the new name.

Stone looked at Egg’s expression and tried to greet the dragon, “Hello, Egg.”

After Egg heard it, he flapped his wings happily and started to dance.

Stone felt Egg’s happiness and also started to dance. Mike just watched the two little beings dance in front of him.

Although he felt a little helpless, the corners of Mike’s mouth still curled up into a smile.

Perhaps he was happiest in front of these two little guys.

“Alright, now that we’ve settled on the name Egg, we should see how many treasures there are in this treasure vault. Let me see…”


Previously, Mike’s attention was all on Egg, so he did not have the chance to observe his surroundings.

While looking around, Mike discovered something strange.

This treasure vault was actually empty!

There was nothing!

“What the f*ck!”

“Where’s my treasure?

“Where’s the biggest treasure vault in the second world!”

Mike was completely stunned.

The small tree spirit also raised its head and looked around, asking tentatively, “Maybe there is no treasure in this treasure vault at all?”

There was a certain possibility. It was like opening a bank account, but you had not deposited any money into the account, so the bank account was obviously empty.

Mike shook his head with certainty, then he replied to Stone, “That’s impossible. I know very well that there must be treasure here!”

The reason why he was so sure was because he had a debuff on him.

[Fire Blade’s Curse: When you plunder a fortune, you will automatically transfer 10% of the proceeds to the Fire Blade Bandit’s treasure vault.]

This debuff had appeared on his body a long time ago. After he became the leader of the new bandit gang, this debuff had been stuck on him until now.

There had been a few battles in the past, and these battles had yielded some spoils of war.

Therefore, it was absolutely impossible for this treasure vault to be empty.

There must be something wrong with this.

When Stone heard Mike’s confident tone, it sighed and said, “Oh, my old friend, I think you must have had too many expectations for this treasure vault, which led to you being so disappointed. You should be more open-minded. When your expectations for the treasure are zilch, then any harvest will be a surprise.”

With that, the small tree spirit looked around and then ran to the corner as if it had found something. Then, he picked up a gold coin from the ground and said with a grin, “Look what I found? This is our treasure!”


Mike looked at the gold coin and the corner of his eyes twitched twice.

Could one gold coin be considered a treasure?!

If that was the case, then the whole world would be filled with treasures!

The small tree spirit did not seem to care about Mike’s reaction. He subconsciously asked, “How much beer can this gold coin buy?”

Mike thought for a moment and said, “A big barrel. The premise is that if we buy it from a poor village, we can probably buy this much.”

“That’s right, this is indeed a treasure that can not be spent within a week!”

Stone immediately became excited, he held the gold coin and danced in front of Egg.

Obviously, Stone hoped that Egg would have followed the dance movements as well. However, at this moment, Egg suddenly opened its mouth and took a deep breath in the direction of Stone.

No one knew what the baby dragon was going to do.

The gold coin instantly fell from the hand of Stone and was sucked into the mouth of Egg.

Stone looked at its hand that originally held on to the gold coin. He was stunned for a moment and said, “Where is my treasure! Where is the treasure that was supposed to last for more than a week!!!”

Meanwhile, Egg did not care about Stone’s surprise at all. Instead, it started to dance happily.

Their force fields immediately completed the exchange.

When Mike saw this scene, he was stunned. A strong ominous premonition suddenly arose in his heart. Subconsciously, he opened the pet’s panel.

After seeing Egg’s attributes panel, Mike fell silent.

[Money Dragon (juvenile)]

Well, it was obvious now that he could determine where the treasure went.

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My Passive Skills are Invincible! Chapter 312 - : Where’s My Treasure?