Chapter 89: Saint’s tomb!

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“This ancient Bell is indeed in your hands! I can’t tolerate you today!”

Blackheart demonic emissary looked at the sky shaking Bell above ye Chen’s head with burning eyes. The black wheel cut through the sky, creating a huge pitch-black crack in the void, extending to an endless distance.

Ye Chen’s expression remained unchanged. The sky shaking Bell above his head bloomed with a boundless silver light. The Bell’s mouth turned in the void and lightly vibrated toward the black wheel.

Clang! Clang!

The sound of the bell shook the sky, and layers of circular Bell waves trembled toward the black wheel. Wherever the bell waves passed, the void collapsed, and several mountains below were flattened. Energy swept through the firmament.

“Boom boom boom!”

The black wheel and the bell wave collided, creating an earth-shattering boom. Rocks flew through the sky, and the world lost its color.


All of a sudden, a pitch-black blood godly spear pierced through the void, directly attacking ye Chen’s face.

The Blackheart demonist still wanted to subdue the Scarlet flying sword. He didn’t want to waste too much time here, so he directly used the divine spear he had just subdued.

Activating two half-Saint weapons at the same time was already the black-hearted demonist’s limit!

Facing the blood drop Spear’s attack, ye chen stretched out his hand and the ten thousand falling bow appeared in his palm. The bowstring was pulled into a full moon, and a golden light arrow shot out, forcibly breaking the blood drop Spear’s spatial lock.

The ten thousand falling bow was not strong enough to resist the blood dripping divine spear, but it was easy for him to break the seal.


Ye Chen’s feet lightly moved in the air, and with one step, he was three hundred li away, instantly disappearing from Blackheart demonist’s sight.

So close, yet so far!

Along with ye chen, the sky shaking Bell in the air also disappeared.

In the distance.

Zi Mingxuan, the heaven Yan Saint son, the Zifu saintess, and a few peak-stage Almighty realm existences were attacking the Scarlet flying sword with all their might. Under their continuous attacks, the power of the Scarlet flying sword had declined a lot.

Ye Chen’s figure suddenly appeared in the air, and the sky shaking Bell directly shot toward the Scarlet flying sword.

Ye Chen’s target was this Scarlet flying sword!

The Blackheart demonist was a late-stage Dao master, and he had two half-Saint weapons. After the previous battle, ye chen realized that the chances of killing him and taking his treasures were not high. There was no point in fighting with him now.

Seeing the Blackheart demonist use both the black wheel and the blood drop God spear at the same time, ye chen decisively abandoned him and locked on to the Scarlet flying sword, covering hundreds of miles with each step.

Clang! Clang!

The heaven-shaking Bell let out a bell ring that resounded through the world. Waves of vast Bell waves enveloped the Scarlet flying sword.

The Scarlet flying sword slashed out dozens of dazzling sword radiances in a row, but they were all shattered in the air by the bell waves. The power of the Scarlet flying sword was being suppressed rapidly.

“Shi Zhixuan, you dare to come and pick peaches?”

Zi Mingxuan cried out in alarm. His purple whip cracked the void and swept towards the heaven shaking Bell.

When Zi Mingxuan made his move, the Zifu saintess Lu Yao, the heaven amplification Saint son Chu Feiyang, and a few Almighty realm pinnacle stage experts who were fighting for treasures all made their moves. One by one, superior-grade spirit treasures that emitted terrifying power bombarded the heaven shaking Bell.

Clang! Clang!

The heaven shaking Bell released a vast Bell wave that sent the purple whip and the other four to five superior-grade spirit treasures flying.

Ye Chen’s ferocity had shocked Zi Mingxuan and the others.

They had never thought that ye chen would be able to get rid of the Blackheart demonist so quickly, and even shake off all their attacks with one attack!

As expected of someone who could compete with Dao master!

Ye Chen’s arrival had caused their hearts to sink. They all felt that it was almost impossible for them to subdue this Scarlet flying sword.

“Shi Zhixuan, you still want to snatch the treasure? In your dreams!”

Right at this moment, the Blackheart demonist’s figure suddenly appeared in the sky. The divine spear dripping blood pierced through the heaven and earth and arrived in front of the sky-shaking Bell in the blink of an eye.

Clang! Clang!

The sky-shaking Bell produced a vast Bell wave that blocked The Blood Divine Spear’s attack. At the same time, it locked down the space where the Scarlet flying sword was. The Scarlet flying sword was trapped in it and escaped into the void.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

A deep bell ring came from the void. A vast spatial fluctuation rushed toward the giant peak. Wherever it passed, the space collapsed and the void collapsed. It seemed that the whole world couldn’t bear the sound wave.

When ye chen had just used the sky shaking Bell to cover the flying sword, it was still resisting.

After the bell rang three times, the Scarlet flying sword was completely subdued by him.

Zi Mingxuan and the others were so depressed that they wanted to vomit blood. They had spent so much time and effort to fight, but in the end, ye chen had gotten the upper hand. They all wished they could swallow ye chen alive.

Blackheart demonic Messenger’s face turned even gloomier. His eyes were filled with killing intent as he looked at ye chen, ” “Shi Zhixuan, I will definitely kill you!”

At this moment, the Blackheart demonist’s heart was filled with brutal emotions, and his killing intent was earth-shaking.

“Demon Lord? You’re nothing more than this!”

Ye chen sneered. He moved his feet lightly and arrived at the huge peak where the tomb was located, stopping right outside the main tomb.

With the collapse of the surrounding array, the no-fly zone on the entire mountain disappeared. Only the area around the main tomb was filled with complex Heaven Earth Law. With the no-fly zone, even spiritual force could not penetrate it.

This was the core of the entire tomb. The treasure that ye chen had sensed was not any weaker than a Saint weapon, and it was in this main tomb!


The void shattered, and the blood drop divine spear appeared, attacking ye chen. The tip of the spear emitted a cold light, as if it could destroy a great world.

Ye chen disappeared into the sky shaking Bell and disappeared into the void, quickly disappearing into the distance. The blood drop divine spear didn’t have time to change its direction, and it struck the boundless law of heaven and earth outside the main tomb.

“Boom boom boom!”

The laws of heaven and earth around the main tomb of the palace were completely stirred up, blowing away the blood drop divine spear on the spot. The brilliant light illuminated the nine Heavens and even covered the light of the scorching sun in the sky.

As the laws of heaven and earth in the main tomb trembled, brilliant treasure light came out of the main tomb. There were ten thousand rays of multicolored light and thousands of auspicious colors, and it gave off a hazy Saint might.

“There’s a holy weapon in the main tomb!”

“This is the place where the sage passed away!”

there might be Saint Dao cultivation techniques inside!


Many cultivators standing in the void far away could not help but exclaim. The pressure was so earth-shattering that they could clearly feel it even from a distance.

When the tomb was first revealed, everyone thought that it was the tomb of a Daoist master and that it didn’t attract many people.

Later, many spiritual treasures were born on the giant peak where the tomb was located, which attracted many saints and Almighties.

A half-Saint weapon had appeared in the inner area of the tomb. Everyone had vaguely guessed that this might be the tomb of a Saint, but feeling the pressure of a Saint weapon in person still made them extremely excited!

That was a holy weapon, a holy weapon without an owner!

It was enough to make a Holy Land go crazy!

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