255 Killing towards the ten thousand Flower Valley

Outside the feather immortal abode.

Many of the ancestor-level experts were discussing the situation in the profound sky sacred land. They were all very interested in the many things that had happened in the sacred land.

After the golden era had started, the dark sky Saint Lord had resisted the heavenly Tribulation and reached the Dao Lord realm. The dark sky Saint son and the dark sky saintess had also resisted the heavenly Tribulation and reached the Almighty realm. All of them were rare overwhelming prodigies.

In recent years, the xuantian sacred land’s development was in full swing. All kinds of heaven’s favorites appeared, and the overall level was many times higher than before. There were hundreds of young Almighties, and their fame spread throughout the eastern barren territory.

The profound sky Saint son had become a Dao master not long ago, which had pushed the profound sky Holy Land’s reputation to another level.

It was rumored that the profound sky sacred land had reached the peak of the Dao Lord realm long ago and was building up strength. He wasn’t far from breaking through to the Dao severing realm. The profound sky sacred land’s Foundation was unfathomable.

Since the start of the golden age, the recovery of magic became more and more intense. The cultivation of any living creature was thousands of times easier than before, and more and more powerful people emerged.

In the past, Dao Masters were rare existences in the ancient barren world. Even Dao severing experts rarely appeared. Those Saints and Kings could only struggle on their last breaths through deep sleep because the recovery of the Dao in the world was not enough to support their consumption in the outside world!

As the revival of Dao techniques became more and more intense, many young prodigies with unparalleled talent had already stepped into the Dao Lord realm, and many of the older experts had stepped into the Dao severing realm.

Today, the recovery of the mantras in the world was becoming more and more prosperous. It was enough to support the consumption of the unrivaled Saints and even Saint Kings in the outside world. There was no need to worry about consuming their life essence. In fact, many saints and Saint Kings had even improved their cultivation again.

If not for this, sacred king Huangtu and the other Saints wouldn’t have dared to show up outside the feather immortal abode. 𝗶𝗻𝙣r𝑒𝑎𝚍. 𝘤𝑜𝘮

As Zi Fengyun listened to the discussions around him, he looked at sacred king Huangtu with an ugly expression and said in a muffled voice, ” “Senior Saint King, can I return now?”

At this moment, Zi Fengyun felt extremely aggrieved. The Ziwei Empire had millions of miles of territory. As the tenth Prince of the Ziwei Empire, he had grown up with cultivation resources. His talent was also one of the best among his peers, and he was followed by a large group of people wherever he went.

When he was training in the ancient barren Central Plains, he had accidentally found out about the appearance of the immortal abode. He had entered the immortal abode in search of opportunities and had managed to escape from danger several times. In the end, he had brushed past the inheritance of the feather immortal.

Not only that, but after coming out, he was also questioned by sacred king Huangtu with a secret technique, which made him feel helpless.

This kind of matter where one’s life and death were completely in the hands of others was really too sullen.

Sacred king Huangtu glanced at Zi Fengyun indifferently and said casually, ” “You can leave!”

Zi Fengyun cupped his fists and bowed. His figure turned into a Golden ray of light and quickly disappeared into the horizon.

With Zi Fengyun’s departure, the other heaven’s favorites and old experts from the feather immortal abode didn’t dare to stay any longer. They used all kinds of secret techniques to leave, afraid that they would be captured by some Saint King or Saint ancestor and have their souls searched.


At this moment, the White mist in the area where the feather immortal mansion was located suddenly churned violently, like boiling water, which attracted the attention of many experts in the void.

Under everyone’s watchful eyes, the White mist quickly became thin and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

With the disappearance of the White mist, everyone was shocked to find that the feather immortal mansion had long disappeared without a trace!

“Where’s the feather immortal mansion?”

“The immortal estate has escaped! I didn’t expect this immortal mansion to actually be mobile!”

“Then aren’t we waiting here in vain?”

“There must be some sort of connection between the profound heavenly sacred land and Kun Lun! Why don’t we attack the profound heavenly sacred land together and have them give us an explanation?”

“Where do you think the innate Dao fetus went with the feather immortal mansion?”


The experts discussed animatedly. They all felt as if they had punched cotton and were powerless. This made them all angry.

Just when everyone was so angry that they had no place to vent their anger, Yu Ling had already traveled through the deep void with the feather immortal mansion. Soon, they arrived outside the ten thousand Flower Valley in the ancient barren Central Plains.

The ten thousand Flower Valley was known as one flower one Saint. At its peak, it had dozens of Saints. Although it had declined, it was still a behemoth with a deep foundation.

Ever since ye chen had become Daoist Lu ya and slaughtered the Saints, the ten thousand Flower Valley’s protective formation had always been in its active state. The colorful formation shield reflected a dazzling divine light under the sunlight.

At this time, a cloud of thick white mist suddenly appeared in the void outside the ten thousand Flower Valley. It became thicker and thicker, and the area it covered became larger and larger.

who is this demon? how dare you act so atrociously in my ten thousand Flower Valley? are you tired of living? ” A cold and stern female voice came from the ten thousand Flower Valley.

Immediately after, a noble woman in a purple brocade robe appeared at the edge of the ten thousand Flower Valley’s Mountain-protecting formation. Her sharp eyes swept toward the White mist. There were many crystal-like petals flying around her, pressing the surrounding void and making it rumble.

This person was the valley master of the ten thousand Flower Valley. He was a peerless expert at the peak of the Dao Lord realm.

At this moment, there was an ancient and pure immortal Dao rhythm coming out of the White mist, which made people feel as if they were floating. Yu Ling’s figure appeared from the White mist.

“The Yu family’s innate Dao fetus!” what? ” the myriad Flower Valley master cried out in shock, her eyes filled with disbelief.

Not long ago, they used the members of the Yu family as bait to lure Yu Ling into the primitive immortal mansion. Then, they set up an inescapable net to kill Yu Ling in the primitive immortal mansion.

But now, Yu Ling had suddenly appeared here, which was far beyond her expectations!

“From now on, there will be no ten thousand Flower Valley in this world!”

Yu Ling said with a cold expression. She waved her hand, and the bronze formation-breaking plate flew out. The obscure heavenly secrets and the power of the saintly way were dormant inside, and it soon fell on the protective formation of the ten thousand Flower Valley.

The formation-breaking sacred plate instantly split into six, and then six six six again, turning into thirty-six sacred plates, and then continued to split. In the blink of an eye, it had split into hundreds and thousands of formation plates. The obscure operation of the heaven’s secrets got stuck at the key position of the ten thousand Flower Valley’s Mountain-protecting formation.

“Boom boom boom!”

The protective formation of the ten thousand Flower Valley let out a series of earth-shaking rumbles, and all the formation disks, flags, and stones hidden in the void and the depths of the mountains were shaken out. The light shield of the formation covering the entire ten thousand Flower Valley flickered a few times and then shattered.

The ten thousand Flower Valley’s Mountain-protecting formation was broken!

When the myriad Flower Valley master saw this, her expression changed drastically. She shouted, ” “Elders, listen up! Let’s kill this demoness!”

At this moment, Yu Ling’s eyes were already locked on her. She opened her palm, and the immortal slaying gourd appeared. She opened the lid and shouted, ” “Please turn around, baby!”

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