252 Chapter 252 the immortal mansion’s curtain falls


The lid of the immortal beheading gourd bounced up, and the immortal beheading Flying Daggers with eyes and wings appeared in the void. Two rays of white light bloomed from its eyes and shot directly at the falling Buddhist Kingdom in the palm.

Suddenly, the Buddhist Kingdom in the palm, which contained terrifying Saint power, froze in the void uncontrollably. It was completely out of the control of the Samsara Buddha.

“Shua shua shua shua shua shua”

The immortal slaying Flying Dagger instantly appeared in the sky above the Buddhist Kingdom palm and circled it three times.

“Boom boom boom!”

The Buddhist Kingdom in the palm crumbled between heaven and earth, and the 24 Buddhist realms behind the reincarnation Buddha also crumbled one after another. The Saint-level figures sitting in the 24 Buddhist realms were all beheaded. The sariras became dull and entered the body of the reincarnation Buddha.


Samsara Buddha groaned as he was affected. His entire body turned golden and an indestructible Buddhist aura spread. It was the great abhijna of Buddha, the indestructible golden body.

All the followers of the Samsara Buddha were killed by this attack!

The Samsara Buddha’s deep eyes were full of emotion. Yu Ling’s strength had exceeded his expectations, and he had a deep understanding of the immortal flying blade’s power.

If the immortal Flying Daggers had locked onto him, he didn’t have the slightest confidence that he would be able to survive!

“I’ll accept this karma! I’ll find you to settle this karma!”

Son of Buddha looked at feather spirit and the immortal-slaying gourd deeply. Then, layers of Buddha’s light of Samsara appeared behind him, as if he had opened up many worlds of Samsara. He disappeared without a trace.

However, before the Samsara Buddha disappeared, he glanced at Xiao Yixian coldly. It was obvious that he was extremely hostile to Xiao Yixian.

Yu Ling mobilized the will of heaven and earth in the entire immortal abode, but she couldn’t find any trace of the Samsara Buddha.

The Samsara Buddha saw that the situation was not good and left immediately. He had long left this immortal abode.


The heavens and earth rumbled, the void trembled, and thousands of wails could be heard.

The emperor’s seal between Gu Li’s brows flashed with a dazzling light as surging Emperor’s might enveloped his entire body. He forcefully tore through the seal of the immortal estate world and disappeared into the depths of space, leaving behind only a powerful and domineering voice that reverberated through the immortal estate world,”Kun Lun! Innate Dao fetus! I’ll remember that!”

When he saw that the will of heaven and earth in the entire immortal estate world was completely under Yu Ling’s control, and just as Yu Ling was about to use the immortal slaying Flying Daggers to deal with the Buddhist Kingdom palm, Gu Li knew that things were not going to work out. He decisively activated the Emperor talisman and left.

As the successor of the ancient wilderness temple, Gu Li had a deep understanding of the battle that made the immortal slaying Flying Dagger famous in the desolate starry sky. He knew that even the Emperor-to-be’s tainted blood could not block the immortal slaying Flying Dagger!

Although his Emperor talisman was left behind by the Barbarian wilderness Supreme Emperor, it was a Dao Comprehension Emperor talisman and not a protective Emperor talisman. He was already lucky to be able to escape with the help of the Emperor talisman. How could he dare to fight against the immortal flying blade?

As soon as the Samsara Buddha disappeared, Gu Li activated the Emperor talisman and escaped. 𝚒𝓃𝘯𝙧𝚎𝗮𝚍. 𝒄𝐨𝓂

Yu Ling felt it was a pity.

Gu Li had been on guard against his immortal slaying Flying Daggers all this time, and he was even willing to activate the Emperor talisman in order to leave this place. He had fled rather quickly!

These great emperor orthodoxies all had their own means and trump cards. Yu Ling was able to kill the Qilin Divine Son because he caught him off guard, and he was able to kill the barren fire Divine Son because he underestimated his enemy. The Samsara Buddha, Gu Li, and the others were already wary of the immortal slaying Flying Dagger. It wouldn’t be so easy to kill them again.


Zhuo Feifan, the Saint son of the thousand Jade Palace, took out the nine-story glazed Pagoda and enveloped himself in it. The mighty saintly might protected him firmly. He shattered the void and quickly left.

He knew that the thousand Jade Palace had participated in the battle that destroyed the Yu family. He knew that Yu Ling would never let him go. When Gu Li attacked Yu Ling, he had already planned to hit him when he was down. Now that he saw that the Samsara Buddha and Gu Li had retreated without hesitation, he did not dare to stay any longer. He made a prompt decision and fled with his Saint weapon.

“Get out here!”

Yu Ling shouted coldly. The will of heaven and earth in the entire immortal estate world trembled, and the Saint of the thousand Jade Palace was beaten out of the void on the spot.

The thousand Jade Palace’s Saint child’s face was full of panic. The divine power in his body burned crazily at all costs. A vast image of a thousand-story Pagoda appeared behind him, and all of it was integrated into the nine-story glazed Saint Pagoda. The Saint might emitted by the Saint Pagoda was even more vast, firmly protecting him.

Yu Ling looked indifferently at the thousand Jade Palace’s Saint son’s actions. She reached out and opened the lid of the immortal slaying gourd. Her clear and cold voice resounded through the world.”Please turn around, baby!”

The immortal-slaying Flying Daggers flew out of the gourd, and two beams of white light shot out of its eyes toward the Saint of the thousand Jade Palace.

The thousand Jade Palace’s Saint son was scared out of his wits. Even though he was hiding in the nine-story glazed sacred tower, he still felt an unprecedented sense of danger. Before he could react, his consciousness fell into a coma.

In the next moment, the immortal slaying Flying Dagger appeared above the nine-story glazed sacred tower and spun quickly. The head of the thousand Jade Palace’s Saint was removed from the tower. Blood stained the nine-story glazed sacred tower, and it was suppressed by the Saint might.

The Saint of the thousand treasures Palace was dead!

This nine-story glazed sacred tower was a Saint weapon that the thousand Jade Palace’s Saint had obtained from this immortal estate world. The thousand Jade Palace’s Saint could only exert a part of its power no matter how hard he tried, so how could it withstand the immortal-slaying flying saber?

Back then, Son of God Qilin and Son of God desolate fire both had Saint weapons to protect their bodies, but weren’t they still cut by the immortal flying knife?

The death of the thousand Jade Palace’s Saint shocked many of the Saint-level figures and old experts.

They had long heard that Yu Ling was extremely murderous. Now that he had obtained the inheritance of the feather transformation immortal sect, he was the master of this immortal mansion world. They were all worried that Yu Ling would kill everyone who entered the immortal mansion world to prevent the news from being leaked.

However, their worries were unnecessary.

Yu Ling put away the nine-story glazed sacred tower left by the Saint of the thousand Jade Palace, glanced at the crowd, and said in a cold voice, ” “The feather immortal mansion is now owned. Please go back!”

After saying this, Yu Ling raised her hand and waved. A vast will of heaven and earth fell on everyone in the immortal mansion, and a huge spatial force was shaking.

In the next moment, they found that they had already left the primitive immortal mansion and reappeared in the hundred thousand mountains in the southern region of the ancient barren Central Plains.


Before they could stand firmly in the void, they suddenly felt a vast and terrifying Saint might envelop them, making them all keep quiet out of fear. They could not control their bodies and stayed still in the void.

Sacred king Huangtu sat cross-legged in the void, and the great desolate immortal refining furnace above his head emitted a vast Emperor’s might to protect him. His divine sense, which was like the will of heaven and earth, swept across everyone and he asked domineeringly, ” “What secret is hidden in the immortal mansion? Why did you all come out? Where is the innate Dao fetus?”

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