246 Eternal time, The Guardian spirit of the Wildlands!

Son of God desolate fire’s expression changed. Although he already knew that Yu Ling had the immortal slaying Flying Daggers, he didn’t expect Yu Ling to use such a great killing weapon the moment he appeared!

“As long as the wildfire doesn’t die, time will last forever!”

Son of God desolate fire roared as a blood-colored flame that exuded a desolate and ancient aura appeared in the divine sea between his brows. It was beating wildly.

At the same time, an illusionary flame of a thousand feet in size appeared around the feather spirit. It burned silently without any temperature.

The frequency at which the illusory flame was throbbing was the same as the blood-colored flame on desolate fire Divine son’s forehead. As the illusory flame throbbed, everything in the world stopped.

The drifting clouds in the sky, the swaying tree branches in the mountains, the dust rising from the ground, the radiance refracted by the ancient formation, and so on were all still in the void, like a scroll painting that had been isolated from the erosion of time.

From the outside, the feather spirit, who was in the center of the illusory flame, also seemed to have fallen into a state of stillness. Even the fluttering of her dress had stopped.

Son of God desolate fire’s entire body trembled slightly. Forcefully using this unparalleled divine power that seemed to freeze time and space was a huge burden on him. His life essence was burning wildly, and he clearly couldn’t last long.

The immortal slaying Flying Daggers were too infamous, and Son of God desolate fire didn’t dare to place his hopes on Gu Li. He burned his life force to stop Yu Ling from using the immortal slaying Flying Daggers.

To Yu Ling, the flow of time around her was normal, but everything in the world outside the illusory flame was changing rapidly.

The feather spirit saw the branches and leaves on the cliffs in the distance swaying quickly. The drifting clouds reached the horizon in a flash. The light reflected by the lake was changing rapidly. All kinds of changes were unbelievably fast.

“A divine ability that can affect the flow of time? This is interesting!”

Yu Ling’s eyes were filled with realization. Tens of thousands of rumbles sounded in his body, shaking the world.

If the feather spirit wanted to fuse with the most fundamental power of the thousands of great DAOs, even a great divine ability like the divine Son of wildfire, which could freeze time and space, could not stop it.

As Yu Ling made her move, the 300-meter-long illusory flame flickered. The time and space covered by the illusory flame began to move, and the flow of time was returning to normal.

The veins on desolate fire Divine son’s forehead throbbed as he shouted, ” “Gu Li, aren’t you going to attack?”

“It seems that you don’t believe that I can trap her. In that case, let me kill her!”

Gu Li’s figure appeared in the sky. He looked at Yu Ling, who was in the illusory flames, and shook his head. He yelled,”Ten great Magus Berserkers, hear my order! Guardian spirit of the savage beast!”

According to their original plan, Gu Li would try to trap Yu Ling, while the divine Son of wildfire would kill Yu Ling.

However, the plan could not keep up with the changes.

As soon as Yu Ling appeared, he was ready to use the immortal slaying gourd. Son of God desolate fire was scared out of his wits. He didn’t dare to put his life in Gu Li’s hands. He was willing to burn his own life force to hold Yu Ling back. He couldn’t spare any time to kill Yu Ling, so he could only let Gu Li do it.

“Yes, sir!”

The figures of the ten Magus Berserkers emerged from the void. The complicated and profound totem patterns on their bodies quickly lit up and finally gathered in the area of their hearts.

Extremely dazzling light burst out from their hearts, and a wild and ancient aura spread out, as if the door to an ancient world had been opened.


A loud buzzing sound came from the whole world, and one after another, fierce beasts with surging evil Qi appeared under the feet of the ten Magus Berserkers. Dragons, tigers, lions, elephants, wolves, snakes, Eagles, and other fierce beasts covered the sky. Each of them was a peerless fierce beast in the Dao severing realm, and their surging evil Qi gathered together, causing the void to tremble and rumble.

The auras of these savage beasts were all extremely fiendish and bloodthirsty. Clearly, they were the native beasts of this immortal estate world.


The ferocious beasts roared at the sky and struggled in the void, trying to escape from the control of the ten Magus Berserkers.

However, a dull drum sound came from their hearts, and streams of ancient energy quickly seeped into their limbs and bones from their hearts, binding their strength in their bodies. No matter how they struggled, it was useless.

The ten Magus Berserkers ‘hair was disheveled, and they let out strange cries as if they were wailing at a funeral. Their bodies shook and jumped violently in the void, like a group of quarrels performing a ritual.

As the 10 Magus Berserkers moved, the 10 Dao severing stage savage beasts all let out shrill cries. Their bodies emitted an extremely dazzling light and their mountain-like bodies quickly faded in the void.

At this moment, a mysterious force started to gather around Gu Li.

A profound and complicated rune appeared between Gu Li’s brows. Black light circulated around it, and it was filled with the power of ancient sacrificial offerings.

Gu Li let out an extremely strange sound as the rune between his brows released a dazzling light. It illuminated the sky in front of him, forming a Savage guardian spirit that blotted out the sun.

This guardian Spirit’s appearance was blurry, and its entire body was formed from extremely profound sacrificial power. The might it emitted was ancient and vast, not the slightest bit weaker than a true Saint.

Gu Li looked at Yu Ling. He waved his hand and shouted, ” “Kill!”

The Guardian spirit raised its hand and pointed at Yu Ling. A stream of sacrificial power that transcended time and space shot toward Yu Ling. Wherever it passed, the void was annihilated and everything collapsed. It was comparable to a full-powered attack of a Saint.

Even a Saint would be severely injured if not killed!

Ten Dao severing realm beasts were considered the Trump cards of any Imperial sacred land, and they would not be used easily.

Gu Li had ordered his men to sacrifice them all without any hesitation to ensure that nothing would go wrong when they killed the feather spirit.

In the center of the illusory flames, the time around Yu Ling was quickly recovering.

However, everything in the outside world happened relatively faster.

Yu Ling saw Gu Li and the ten Magus Berserkers appear from the void. He saw the ten Magus Berserkers summoning ferocious wild beasts as sacrifices. He saw Gu Li summoning the wild guardian spirit that was formed by the power of sacrifice. He saw the wild guardian spirit launch a fatal attack. Everything was done in the time it took for a spark to fly off a Flint.

Just as The Guardian Spirit’s sure-kill attack came into contact with the illusory flames, it began to slow down. The illusory flames began to throb violently, and the desolate fire godchild’s life force began to burn even more frantically.

Son of God desolate fire’s expression changed. He took the opportunity to withdraw the blood-colored flame from his brow. The illusory flame that was a thousand feet in size disappeared at the same time.

The Guardian Spirit’s attack ignored all obstructions, and the divine Son of barren fire’s eternal time was the first to bear the brunt of it, forcing him to withdraw his attack.

As soon as the illusory flames disappeared, the flow of time around the feather spirit returned to normal.

In the face of danger, Yu Ling didn’t have the time to take out the immortal slaying Flying Daggers, and only had time to use the immortal slaying gourd to block in front of her.


An earth-shattering boom erupted between heaven and earth as monstrous killing intent and mysterious sacrificial power swept through heaven and earth. The void collapsed, the earth caved in, and divine mountains crumbled one after another. It was as if gods and demons were destroying the world.

Gu Li was shocked. This attack that could threaten a Saint was so easily blocked by the immortal slaying gourd. It didn’t even make the immortal slaying gourd move an inch.

“Guardian spirit Blade! Kill!”

break! Gu Li shouted. The mysterious mark between his brows lit up as if it was communicating with some ancient power.

In the air, The Guardian spirit that blotted out the sun quickly condensed into a sharp blade that was about a foot in size. It emitted a faint light that seemed to be able to cut through time and space. It was as if it could collapse everything as it pointed at the feather spirit.

At this moment, the lid of the immortal slaying gourd in Yu Ling’s palm opened automatically. A bright light shot into the sky, and the immortal slaying flying knife with eyebrows, eyes, and wings hung in the sky, exuding a heart-palpitating monstrous killing intent.

Yu Ling had originally wanted to use the immortal slaying gourd to kill the divine Son of barren fire, but Gu Li’s appearance had disrupted her rhythm. At this moment, The Guardian spirit had turned into a blade, and it made her feel like she was on the verge of death.


Under the feather Spirit’s control, the immortal Flying Dagger’s eyes bloomed with two rays of white light. It stared at The Guardian spirit Blade in the distance, and The Guardian spirit Blade froze in the air.

“Please turn around, baby!” Yu Ling’s cold voice spread out.


The immortal slaying Flying Dagger instantly appeared above The Guardian spirit Blade and spun three times. The Guardian spirit Blade shattered and disappeared without a trace.


Gu Li spat out a large mouthful of blood. He had suffered an extremely powerful backlash, and the profound mark between his brows had disappeared.

Gu Li knew that he couldn’t let Yu Ling use the immortal slaying Flying Daggers again. He didn’t care about his injuries. He opened his mouth and spat out a piece of ancient and bright Saint bone, which exuded the pressure of the Saint path as vast as the sea.”Man Tian borrowing power! Suppress!”

As soon as Gu Li’s voice faded, the wind and clouds in the ancient secret realm began to surge as if some ancient existence had been summoned. A terrifying consciousness that was unclear but real appeared in the sky and earth. It landed on Yu Ling’s body and imprisoned her in the void again.

At this moment, the feather Spirit’s consciousness was sealed, and it couldn’t even communicate with the immortal slaying gourd.

“Divine Son of wildfire!” die! Gu Li shouted.

At that moment, Gu Li knew that the ten great Magus Berserkers under him would definitely not be able to kill Yu Ling. He would have to let the divine Son of wildfire do it!

Son of God desolate fire understood the severity of the situation and didn’t dare to delay. With a loud shout, a Saint Sword burning with black flames rushed out from between his brows. It tore through the sky and shattered the void, arriving in front of Yu Ling in an instant.

Gu Li’s seal on Yu Ling was completely different from that of the divine Son of desolate fire. He had only sealed Yu Ling’s own body and had no effect on the divine Son of desolate fire, allowing him to attack with all his might.

“Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang! Clang!”

At this critical moment, the Dao-suppressing Bell appeared and covered Yu Ling. It let out deafening sounds and waves of Bell waves surged toward the Black Flame Saint Sword.

When the Natal weapon sensed danger, it would automatically protect the body without the user’s activation!

However, the bell wave that was powerful enough to kill a Dao executioner realm expert collapsed under the black fire Sacred Sword. The black fire Sacred Sword slashed the Dao-suppressing Bell and cut it in half, causing it to fall from the sky.

At this moment, Yu Ling finally regained consciousness. Affected by the damage to her Natal weapon, she spat out a mouthful of blood, but the Black Flame Saint Sword was already in front of her.

Even if the immortal slaying gourd was in Yu Ling’s hands, she didn’t have the time to use it to fight the enemy!


Yu Ling used the ultimate realm of the divine Dao, and her essence, Qi, and spirit exploded ten times. Complicated runes of disasters appeared in her eyes, and she used all the power of disasters in her body to forcibly wrap the Black Flame Saint Sword.

At the same time, the feather spirit cast out the six paths reincarnation and retreated in the world of the six paths reincarnation.

The black flames around the Blackfire Sacred Sword started to dance uncontrollably. Under the influence of the world of six paths of reincarnation, the Blackfire Sacred sword’s aim on Yu Ling was thrown into disorder, and its direction was obviously off. It grazed Yu Ling’s hair and cut into the void near her.

“Boom boom boom!”

With a world-shaking boom, the space collapsed uncontrollably. A crack that was thousands of miles long appeared in the void, as if the entire world had been split open by the sword.

This sure-kill strike missed. Son of God desolate fire’s expression changed drastically. He couldn’t care less about retrieving his Black Flame Saint Sword. He opened his mouth and spat out a Qiankun talisman. Spatial power enveloped his entire body. He was about to escape from this world.

“Swish!” 𝒊𝒏𝒏𝙧𝗲𝓪𝙙. c𝒐𝙢

The lid of the immortal slaying gourd in Yu Ling’s hand automatically popped open, and the eyes of the immortal slaying Flying Dagger stared at the divine Son of wildfire.

Son of God barren fire’s figure suddenly froze in the void. His eyes were dull, and his consciousness was hazy.

“Please turn around, baby!” Yu Ling bowed.

The immortal flying knife instantly appeared above Son of God desolate fire’s head. It spun quickly, and Son of God desolate fire’s head flew out. His headless corpse fell to the sky, staining it with blood.

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