244 Xiao Yi Xian: The profound heaven sacred land actually has a relationship with Kun Lun?

“Fairy Yu Ling, your target is the mysterious underworld Saint son. We have no enmity with you, so why do you have to make things difficult for us? If you let me go, I’m willing to use all my treasures to buy my life!” A Holy Son, who was surrounded by icy sword Qi, shouted in panic. His voice was full of despair.

After seeing the Qilin deity being killed and being trapped in the ten thousand flower God slaughtering array, the saint’s Dao heart had collapsed.

“You’re not qualified to negotiate with me! Die!”

Yu Ling’s voice was as cold as smoke. She reached out her slender hand and clenched it in the air. Enchanting flowers with the power of rules of saintly way all gathered toward the man.

The frosty sword Qi around the Holy Son quickly crumbled, and in the blink of an eye, his entire body was covered in a layer of enchanting flowers.

“Ah, Yingluo.”

With a shrill scream, the saint’s essence, energy, and spirit were devoured in the blink of an eye. He turned into a skeleton and fell into the air. The flowers in the air became even more enchanting and bright.

When the remaining Holy Sons saw this, their hearts were filled with despair.

“This innate Dao fetus even killed the divine Son of Qilin without hesitation. Don’t even think about getting lucky! Only by working together to break this formation can we have a chance of survival!”

The mysterious underworld Saint son’s voice reverberated through the formation as his divine power burned. He unleashed a black icicle that radiated cold killing intent and struck the formation’s barrier.

“Boom boom boom!”

The pressure of the half-Saint weapon clashed with the power of the rules of saintly way in the formation, making earth-shaking rumbles and terrifying energy waves sweeping across the wilderness.

The rest of the Saints knew that the mysterious underworld Saint son was telling the truth, so they didn’t dare to be slow. They quickly gathered around the mysterious underworld Saint son and used their secret treasures to attack him.

However, would the feather spirit give them the chance?

“Please turn around, baby!”

The mysterious underworld Saint son’s head flew off, and his blood stained the sky.

The divine firmament saintess was so frightened that her face turned pale. The rolling Thunder transformed into lightning dragons to protect her as she exclaimed, ” “The mysterious underworld Saint son is already dead. Why do you have to kill him?”

just now, you wanted to kill me to split my innate Dao fruit. How can I let you live? ” I’m Yu Ling, ” Yu Ling replied indifferently, and the immortal slaying Flying Dagger looked at the saintess.

The saintess’s face turned pale. Before she could react, she had already lost consciousness.

“Please turn around, baby!”

Yu Ling bowed to the immortal slaying Flying Dagger. The flying Dagger turned into a white light and appeared above the saintess ‘head. It spun gently, and her head flew up. The headless corpse covered in Thunder armor was covered in blood, and it fell from the sky.

The other Holy Sons and holy virgins were all scared out of their wits. Some of them madly attacked the formation, some of them fled underground, and some of them turned around and rushed at the feather spirit. However, their bodies were all burning with the flames of catastrophe at the same time, and they were burned into a pile of bones in the blink of an eye.

All the Saint-level geniuses in the God-slaughtering flowers formation had died!

“Boom boom boom!”

Yu Ling put away the God-slaughtering flowers formation and triggered the great Dao in the void. The void collapsed and heaven and earth lost their color. A huge ancient word was left on the ground by the vast power. Feather!

Xiao Yixian stood alone in the void, looking at everything that was happening in front of him with a dumbfounded expression. He felt that it was extremely unreal. He took a deep breath and bowed to Yu Ling.”Xiao Yixian of the profound heaven Holy Land thanks fellow Daoist for saving my life!”

I’m only here to kill the xuanming Saint son. I’ll kill them if they stop me. It’s none of your business. Yu Ling replied indifferently, and her figure floated away.

The feather spirit understood that the fight just now had caused too much of a commotion. There must be some powerful figures using secret techniques to investigate this place.

His master had made too many enemies in the lonely starry sky by using the name of daolord Lu ya. If the mystic heaven sacred land was dragged into this, it would probably be in great trouble in the future. This was definitely not something his master wanted to see.

Because of this, Yu Ling didn’t say much to Xiao Yixian and left the place.

Xiao Yixian still wanted to say something, but Yu Ling’s voice suddenly rang in his mind.”Senior brother Xiao, Kunlun and the profound heaven sacred land are old friends, but Kunlun has too many enemies, so it’s not convenient for us to meet.”

Xiao Yixian’s pupils couldn’t help but narrow. The profound heaven Holy Land actually had a relationship with Kun Lun?

That was Kun Lun, the one who had killed all the Holy Lands and emperors in the universe!

The profound heavenly sacred land has such a backer?

Why haven’t I heard anything about it?

Could it be the bloodline of the sword ancestor?

Xiao Yixian understood why Yu Ling didn’t reveal her identity. Although the profound heaven Holy Land had developed rapidly in recent years, its Foundation was still too weak. Kunlun had too many enemies. If the relationship between the xuantian sacred land and Kunlun was exposed, the xuantian sacred land would probably face the joint attack of many Imperial immortal sects.

Immediately after, Xiao Yixian felt a Jade bottle appear in his sleeve. He held it in his hand and quickly left.

A moment later, Xiao Yixian revealed himself in a desolate Valley ten thousand miles away. He opened the Jade bottle, and an extremely rich breath of life hit his face. He could not help but widen his eyes.

Life elixir?

This was a treasure that was hard to find in the world. Even the Treasury of the xuantian sacred land didn’t have a treasure of this level. How could this innate Dao fetus of the Yu family give it away so easily?

Was Kun Lun that rich?

Xiao Yi Xian swallowed a mouthful of the spiritual liquid of life and felt that his energy was quickly recovering. In a few breaths, he had completely recovered to his peak state.

Xiao Yi Xian carefully kept the remaining life spirit fluid. He chose a direction and continued to explore the depths of the ancient secret land.


In the thousand Fey divine dynasty of the southern mountains.

The thousand Fey God dynasty’s ancestral bloodline was a long stretch of mountains, and every peak was high up in the clouds. Ancient trees gave birth to mist, and clouds and mist drifted through the air. Waterfalls fell from the cliffs that were covered by clouds, as if they were the Milky Way that crashed down from the nine Heavens. Immortal divine trees of various shapes opened up the sky and earth, and thousands of rays of light and auspicious colors shone.

The entire ten thousand Fey divine dynasty was shrouded in a sea of fate. The power of fate gathered in every royal family’s territory, forming heaven and earth phenomenons. Five-colored ROCs shuttled through the clouds, pure white ice phoenixes stood proudly in the snow, fire Qilins looked down on everything in the world, and majestic divine elephants crushed the stars and thousands of mayflies.

In the distant void, there were also divine Eagles, black turtles, Green Lions, Black Tigers, and other signs of destiny. They were ancient and had a myriad of phenomena. 𝗶𝗻𝙣r𝑒𝑎𝚍. 𝘤𝑜𝘮

In the depths of the zu branch, there was a divine mountain in the shape of a Qilin roaring at the sky. It was said that this divine mountain was formed by the essence of a Supreme Saint of the Qilin branch after he died. The mouth of the Qilin mountain range was the ancestral land of the Qilin branch of the ten thousand Fey God dynasty, the ancient cave of the Qilin.

The fire Qilin in the sky seemed to have a mysterious connection with the ancient Qilin cave.


The moment Son of God Qilin fell, the strange phenomenon of Qilin, which was formed by the rolling power of fate in the void, seemed to sense it. It let out a roar of sorrow and anger, shaking the world. The entire ten thousand Fey dynasty heard it clearly.

Immediately after, the Qilin phenomenon formed by the power of Providence dimmed significantly, as if a portion of the power of Providence had been drawn away invisibly. Even the many phenomenons of Providence above the entire thousand Fey divine dynasty became illusory.

The Son of God of Kylin was the current Son of God of the thousand Fey divine dynasty. He was closely related to the rise and fall of the thousand Fey divine dynasty. It was because of his death that the power of fate of the ancient cave of Qilin had greatly weakened, and the fate of the thousand Fey divine dynasty had also dissipated.

In the ten thousand Fey divine dynasty, all the cultivators who had reached the Almighty realm could vaguely sense this inexplicable decline of fate. They all flew out from their respective places and looked at the fate Kylin phenomenon with confusion. They wondered what had happened to the Qilin lineage that could trigger the fate phenomenon.

“Dammit! Who dares to kill the divine Son of the ten thousand Fey divine dynasty?”

An angry roar came from the ancient cave of the Qilin, and rolling saintly might swept through the world. The strange image of the Qilin, which was formed by the power of fate in the void, also roared at the sky, shaking the world.

“What? The divine Son of Qilin is dead?”

“The Qilin Divine Son has the bearing of a great emperor. His talent and means are better than the younger generation of the ten thousand Fey dynasty. Few people in the entire ancient barren world can compete with him! Furthermore, he still had many life-saving methods. Even a Saint might not be able to stop him! How could he have died?”

I heard that he entered the primitive immortal mansion. No saint realm expert can enter that immortal mansion. Is there any living being below the Saint realm who can kill him? ”

“The death of the divine Son has greatly reduced the luck of the ten thousand Fey divine dynasty. Even if this person was backed by an Emperor-ruled immortal sect, he must make the murderer pay the price! This is the only way to recover the declining luck of the ten thousand Fey divine dynasty!”


Hearing this roar, the countless creatures of the thousand Fey God dynasty were all shocked, and their faces were filled with disbelief.


All of a sudden, a drop of Burning Blood flew out of the Qilin ancient cave, and the faint image of a Qilin could be seen in the blood.

The drop of blood exploded in mid-air, turning into a rain of light that filled the sky and entered the Qilin phenomenon.


With a faint hum of the great Dao, a brilliant light shot out from the Qilin phenomenon’s forehead, forming a water-like light screen in the air.

Yu Ling’s figure was reflected in the light curtain, but everyone’s eyes were focused on the purple and yellow gourd in her palm. The gourd was surrounded by red and white light. It was full of Dao runes and a monstrous killing intent.

“Immortal flying knife!”

Many of the experts from the thousand Fey divine dynasty exclaimed when they saw the gourd.

Then, they saw the feather spirit in the light curtain lift the lid of the gourd. A bright light bloomed from the mouth of the gourd, and the immortal flying knife with a head, eyes, and wings hung high above. Two white lights shot out of its eyes, and the whole light curtain collapsed between heaven and earth.

Just as the immortal slaying Flying Daggers shot out the two white lights, all the cultivators of the thousand Fey celestial dynasty who were staring at the light screen could not help but hold their breaths, as if they were being stared at by a peerless fiend. They did not dare to move or breathe. Their minds seemed to have been locked by the immortal slaying Flying Daggers.


There was a soft snort in the void, and a vast Saint might swept across the world, pulling everyone’s mind back.

Only then did everyone realize that a white-haired figure had appeared in the void. His face was ancient, and his true appearance could not be seen. His hands were behind his back, and his eyes were looking at the ancient barren Central Plains. His old voice was full of killing intent.”Daolord Lu ya’s immortal slaying Flying Dagger! I didn’t expect him to be willing to give such a treasure to his disciple. No wonder he was able to cut off my spiritual will incarnation!”

“What’s your plan, Qi Xuan?”

A gentle and refined voice rang out, and an elegant man with slightly white hair appeared in the void. He was dressed in a white robe and naturally exuded the pressure of a superior. His aura seemed to have a close connection with the many phenomena in the void. He cupped his hands slightly to the old man for instructions.

This man was the God Lord of the ten thousand Fey divine dynasty!

how dare you kill the divine Son of our dynasty! You must die!

Qi Xuan shouted and turned his palm. A piece of white paper appeared in his palm out of thin air. Under Qi Xuan’s gaze, the figure of the feather spirit quickly appeared on the white paper, which was very vivid.

“Use my Saint blood to form the Kirin Blood Curse! Yu Ling, die!”

Qi Xuan spat out a mouthful of Burning Blood onto the white paper, which was absorbed by the feather Spirit’s portrait.

Then, Yu Ling’s figure appeared in the air from the paper. His body was burning with blood-colored flames. In the blood-colored flames, the figures of blood-colored Qilins could be seen.

In the blink of an eye, Yu Ling’s figure disappeared from the world, and even the White paper turned into ashes.

“Eh? She actually blocked my Kirin Blood Curse?” Qi Xuan’s eyes were filled with surprise.

“This ...” God Lord myriad fiend’s eyes flashed with contemplative light.”The immortal estate world has sealed off all sacred energy; most likely, the curse of a Saint-level expert won’t be able to seep into the immortal estate world. In addition, the innate Dao embryo had the immortal Flying Daggers protecting it. Even if she wasn’t in the immortal abode world, she would probably be able to block this Kirin Blood Curse. It’s basically impossible to kill her from the outside world.”

if that’s the case, ” Qi Xuan continued, ” then send out many of the heaven’s favorites and elders of the dynasty to join forces and kill their way into the immortal abode world. We must kill the innate Dao fetus!

The rules of saintly way around him were so violent that all the great ways in the void buzzed in response.

The God Lord of ten thousand demons stood with his hands behind his back, his eyes shining with intelligence. He gently shook his head and slowly said, that immortal estate world has sealed off the Saint realm, and that innate Dao fetus has the immortal slaying Flying Dagger in his hand. He’s almost invincible under the Saint realm. If you don’t reach the Saint realm, you’ll just be courting death.

Qi Xuan’s breath stagnated for a moment, and he said in a deep voice, ” “Then I’ll personally make a trip! If we’re unable to enter that immortal estate world, then I’ll just stand guard outside it! As long as that innate Dao fetus dares to come out, I will kill her with lightning speed! Even if she has the immortal flying knife, she can’t escape from me!”

No. the divine Lord of ten thousand demons shook his head again. since the innate Dao fetus dared to return to the ancient desolate central continent to seek revenge, he must have something to rely on. Perhaps daolord Lu ya is hiding outside the immortal abode! If daolord Lu ya regains control of the immortal slaying flying knife, it will be too dangerous!”

Qi Xuan’s eyes suddenly lit up when he heard that. He said in a deep voice, ” “Daoist Lu ya’s fame was mostly due to the immortal-slaying Flying Dagger. Now, he has bestowed the immortal-slaying Flying Dagger to the innate Dao embryo, which could greatly improve the strength of the innate Dao embryo, but he has been crippled. If daolord Lu ya dares to appear near the immortal estate world, that place will become his grave!”

“Don’t worry,” God Lord myriad fiend advised, frowning.”We know too little about Kun Lun and Dao Lord Lu ya. The best choice is to wait and see! We can spread the news that the immortal slaying Flying Daggers are with the remaining members of the Yu family and let others deal with Daoist Lu ya and his disciple!”

“Divine Master, in this case, the innate Dao fruit and the immortal flying blade will fall into the hands of others! Moreover, the divine Son is not only the divine Son of the thousand Fey divine dynasty, but also the current inheritor of the Qilin ancient cave. He can not die in vain. I have to go to the ancient barren Central Plains!”

&Nbsp; ” die! Qi Xuan’s killing intent grew stronger, and he completely ignored divine Lord myriad demon’s advice. The rules of saintly way circulated around him, and he quickly disappeared.

“Old ancestor Qi Xuan, Ge Ge”

&Nbsp; ” kill! divine Lord myriad demons ‘expression was extremely ugly. He gathered all the demons of the dynasty and quickly spread the news that the immortal slaying saber was with Yu Ling.

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