243 The divine Son of Qilin is dead!


The huge Kylin behind the Son of God Kylin let out a deafening roar. It broke through the void and appeared in front of Yu Ling in an instant. Its two front hooves were burning with flames as it stomped down on Yu Ling. The power of destruction was so strong that it seemed like it could easily crush a big world.

The divine Son of Kylin didn’t clamor like the other Saint level characters. He didn’t say a word of nonsense and directly launched an attack.

Yu Ling’s expression didn’t change. She gently raised her Jade-like hand, and her palm turned into a lonely large tomb. A tombstone that reached the sky appeared above it. It was crystal-clear and resplendent, and it shone with a brilliant light. It carried a domineering aura that could bury the entire world as it fearlessly charged toward the sky-covering Qilin.

Divine power, Dao burial!

“Boom boom boom!”

An earth-shattering boom rang out between heaven and earth as the Qilin phenomenon was covered by the heavenly tomb. The vast power contained within it was completely sealed and silently shattered.

Many Saint-level heaven’s pride experts ‘expressions changed. The divine Son of Qilin’s attack was enough to kill a Dao master in seconds, but it was easily resolved by Yu Ling. Yu Ling’s strength was far more powerful than they had imagined.

There was a woman next to the Son of God Kylin. She had white feather blades around her, cutting the void nearby into pieces. She fixed her eyes on Yu Ling and said with a serious expression, ” “Divine Son, this innate Dao fetus is quite powerful. I’m afraid it won’t be possible to take her down in a short time. I’ll stall her. Deity, you should kill the mysterious sky Saint son first and get his secret!”

The divine Son of Kylin frowned and said, ” she’s hard to deal with. The six of you will go and stall her. I’ll deal with her after I kill the mysterious sky Saint son!

“Yes, Son of God!”

Yes, sir! the six heaven’s favorites brought by the Son of God Qilin from the ten thousand Fey dynasty answered in unison. They each used their own innate divine abilities and covered Yu Ling.

For a moment, the cries of cranes, Tigers breaking the mountains and rivers, and lions lying in the nine Heavens were all heard.

All of these phenomena blotted out the sky and covered the sun. They formed some sort of formation, and when their power was stacked together, it was enough to threaten Dao severing experts.


Suddenly, six seemingly real and illusionary worlds appeared around the feather spirit. In the Pure Land where fairy energy curled up, there was the wuxia fairy flying in the air. In the mortal world where the mortal world was full of rolling clouds, there were seven emotions and six desires intertwined. In the gloomy path of hell, there were dead souls and bones wailing everywhere.

The six ancient worlds were filled with ancient world power. They reincarnated and changed rapidly, as if countless worlds were changing.

The six paths of reincarnation!

The White Crane, Black Tiger, Golden Lion, lightning Condor and all the other strange phenomena were all trapped in the endless reincarnation. In just a blink of an eye, all of them disappeared into the six paths reincarnation.

The six heaven’s favorites of the ten thousand Fey dynasty were pulled into an endless cycle of reincarnation. Time seemed to slow down for them. They kept rushing out of One World of reincarnation after another, but they fell into another one uncontrollably. Their energy was being consumed rapidly.

“Divine Child, save me!”

The six heaven’s favorites asked for help from the Qilin Divine Son in a panic. However, their voices were reincarnated in the world of six paths of reincarnation and they couldn’t be heard at all.

The woman from the White Crane Clan, who was surrounded by white feather blades, opened her mouth and spat out a large mouthful of blood essence. The blood essence began to burn rapidly in the void, and in the blink of an eye, it was burned into nothingness.

The Qilin deity ordered the six heaven’s favorites of the thousand demon dynasty to hold Yu Ling back. He then focused on Xiao Yixian. The two flaming horns on his forehead glowed with an unprecedented fire. He was about to launch a fatal attack when he heard the White Crane lady’s cry for help.”Divine Child, save me!”

Then, the Qilin deity heard the cries for help from the other proud sons of heaven.

The Son of God Qilin couldn’t be bothered to kill Xiao Yixian. He scanned the world of six paths of reincarnation with his divine will and found that the six heaven’s favorites of the thousand demon dynasty were burning their divine power to fight for their lives. They couldn’t get out of the world of six paths of reincarnation even with their Supreme-grade spirit treasures and half-Saint weapons.

“Fire Kylin world destroying slash!”

The Son of God Kylin shouted, and the pair of flaming horns on his forehead bloomed with two curved flame blades, making two clear and sonorous Dao sounds. Like two peerless heavenly blades unsheathed, they tore two thousand-mile long black cracks in the void with the power to destroy the world and cut into the six seemingly real and illusory worlds.

“Boom boom boom!”

An earth-shattering boom rang out as the six DAOs world in the void collapsed.

If this attack landed on Xiao Yixian, he would definitely die in his current state!

The six heaven’s favorites of the ten thousand Fey dynasty escaped and ran towards the Qilin Divine Son in a panic. Their auras were extremely weak and their faces were full of fear.

They were the unparalleled talents chosen by the Qilin Divine Son from the many talents of the ten thousand Fey dynasty. Each of them had the hope of reaching the Saint realm in the golden era. Now, the six of them had joined forces to fight Yu Ling, but they had almost died under Yu Ling’s six paths of reincarnation. Their Dao hearts were a little unstable.

“You can’t escape!”

The feather Spirit’s cold and murderous voice rang in everyone’s ears, and runes of disasters flashed in its eyes.

Before he could finish his sentence, the six heaven’s favorites “bodies started to burn with fire that was filled with the aura of disaster. Their divine souls were agitated, their inner demons were born, and their divine power went against the flow. All the disasters and curses burst out at once.

“Ah, Son of God, save me!”

The six heaven’s favorites let out a blood-curdling screech as they revealed their true forms. The ferocious Black Tiger, flowing cloud crane, Golden Lion, and other huge figures covered the sky, but they were of no help. Their true forms were also burning with the flames of calamity.

Son of God Qilin’s expression changed drastically. A crystal clear Qilin Saint seal rushed out of his brow, flowing with the power of rules of saintly way, shrouding the six geniuses.

This was the Holy weapon that the Son of God of Qilin had brought out from the Qilin cave. It was activated by the power of his bloodline, and it could exert part of the power of the Holy weapon.

However, the catastrophe inside the six geniuses was so violent that the Qilin Saint seal’s power of rules of saintly way couldn’t completely suppress it. The six geniuses were soon burned to ashes and scattered in the air.

Everyone present was shocked. Yu Ling had killed six of the ten thousand Fey divine dynasty’s elites in an instant. This power was far beyond their expectations!

Especially the mysterious underworld Saint son. It was obvious that Yu Ling was coming for him. Seeing how strong Yu Ling was, he felt a strong sense of danger. He could only place his hopes on the Qilin deity.

“You’re looking for death!”

The divine Son of Qilin’s face was as gloomy as water. His long red hair danced without any wind, and his killing intent soared to the sky.

The six heaven’s favorites of the thousand Fey divine dynasty were killed in front of him. This was like a slap to his face and completely infuriated him.


A huge fire Qilin appeared behind Son of God Qilin. He let out an earth-shaking roar, which reverberated between heaven and earth. The figures of thousands of divine beasts appeared in the void. A wild aura of the king of beasts swept through the world.

With the appearance of this phenomenon, the sage seal in the void burst with unprecedented brilliant light, as if a real Saint had awakened. It smashed down toward Yu Ling with monstrous Sage might, locking the void and sealing off thousands of paths. It was determined to kill Yu Ling with one slap.

Yu Ling’s brows furrowed slightly. She opened her hand and a gourd appeared in her palm. It was covered in purple mist and golden light. It was also surrounded by red light and white light.

As soon as the immortal slaying gourd appeared, it exuded a bright light that blocked the Qilin Saint seal and protected the feather spirit.

“Immortal flying knife!”

The Son of God, Qilin, cried out in alarm. He didn’t bother to attack Yu Ling anymore and stepped into the air without hesitation. A Qilin Fire Shadow appeared under his feet and he instantly fled thousands of miles away.

Everyone knew the fearsome reputation of the immortal slaying Flying Daggers. It was purely a name for killing. Many immortal sects were afraid of Daoist Lu ya, not because of him, but because of the immortal slaying Flying Daggers!

The Son of God of Kylin had never thought that Daoist Lu ya would be willing to give such a precious treasure to Yu Ling. When he suddenly saw such a peerless weapon, the Son of God of Kylin was completely flustered and fled decisively.

The Xuan Ming Saint son, the divine firmament saintess, and the others were all panicking. They couldn’t care about Xiao Yixian anymore and used their escape techniques to escape.

Xiao Yixian’s mouth was wide open in shock. This innate Dao embryo had even brought a killing weapon like the immortal Flying Dagger?

When Yu Ling was in the profound heaven sacred land, no one had seen her true appearance except ye chen. Even when Saint King Ming ze had invaded, Yu Ling had not revealed her true appearance. Xiao Yi Xian had not recognized Yu Ling as a blue cloud Peak disciple.

However, he had a feeling that this innate Dao fetus was here to save him, so he did not run away like the others.


The void thousands of miles away trembled, and a formation light shield formed by all kinds of enchanting flowers appeared between heaven and earth. Each flower was formed by the power of rules of saintly way, covering the entire heaven and earth and blocking the way of the divine Son of Kylin.

Ten thousand flower God slaughtering formation!

Son of God Qilin’s face changed and he quickly made a seal between his eyebrows. He shouted, ” “Old ancestor Qi Xuan, save me!”


A white-robed elder with white hair and a white beard appeared in the void in front of the Qilin Divine Son. His entire body was formed by the power of rules of saintly way. He was the spiritual consciousness incarnation of a Saint-level ancestor.

Qi Xuan’s eyes fell on the immortal flying knife in Yu Ling’s hand, and his face changed dramatically. He clearly recognized the origin of the immortal flying knife and shouted, ” “Stop! If you insist on killing the divine Son of the thousand Fey divine dynasty, you will be hunted down by the entire thousand Fey divine dynasty!”

there are many people who want to kill me. What’s the harm in adding your ten thousand Fey divine dynasty? ”

Yu Ling replied indifferently. He reached out and opened the lid of the gourd. A beam of bright light bloomed from the mouth of the gourd. The immortal flying knife hung high above. It had a head, eyes, and wings. Two beams of white light shot out of its eyes and fixed the divine sense incarnation of Qi Xuan in the air, making him fall into a coma on the spot.

“Please turn around, baby.”

Yu Ling bowed to the immortal slaying gourd. 𝙞𝓃𝙣r𝘦а𝘥. Co𝙢


The immortal slaying Flying Dagger instantly appeared above the spiritual will incarnation of old ancestor Qi Xuan. It quickly circled twice, and the spiritual will incarnation of old ancestor Qi Xuan collapsed on the spot.

Seeing this scene, the veins on the forehead of the divine Son of Kylin were bulging. That was the spiritual consciousness incarnation of a true Saint, but it was cut off just like that?

The immortal flying blade was truly brutal!

“Fairy, please calm down! There was a misunderstanding! I don’t have any grudges with you, and I won’t interfere in the feud between you and the xuanming Saint son! Besides, I owe you a big favor.” The divine Son of Qilin hid behind the Qilin Sage seal. He was very aggrieved, and his tone couldn’t help but soften.

Although he had the Saint seal of Qilin to protect his body, the Son of God of Qilin was not sure if the seal could withstand the immortal-slaying flying knife.

“Not much!”

Yu Ling replied indifferently and bowed to the immortal slaying gourd again. “Please turn around, baby!”

The immortal flying knife appeared out of thin air above Son of God Kylin’s head and circled quickly. A mountain-like head of a Kylin fell from the void, and the headless body of Son of God Kylin turned into a fire Kylin thousands of feet in size. Blood poured down from the blue sky like a waterfall.

The mysterious underworld Saint son and the others were all blocked by the ten thousand Flowers God-slaughtering array and were scared out of their wits when they saw how brutal the immortal-slaying Flying Daggers were.

Even the thousand Fey dynasty’s Divine Son of Kylin was dead, so how could they resist the immortal-slaying flying knife?

Even Xiao Yixian felt like he was in a dream. The divine Son of Kylin was the divine Son of the ten thousand demon dynasty. He could kill mighty people before the golden age. It was rumored that he had the bearing of a great emperor and his cultivation was the best among the younger generation. How could he die just like that?

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