196 A stone that caused a thousand ripples!

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The myriad Sword Saint son’s mouth twitched, and he was extremely shocked.

The sword God Ximen chuixue was li Qingzhou?

How was this possible?

Although the myriad Sword Saint son didn’t know much about what had happened in the demonic world, he did know something about the silver-blood demons.

A few years ago, when the demonic world invaded, the silver-blood demons had once invaded the East continent and committed heinous crimes. However, they managed to retreat under the encirclement of many forces. Their heritage was far beyond that of ordinary ancient sects!

According to Yun qingying, the young master of the wind-listening tower, the silver-blood demons had four demon supremacies that were comparable to the Dao severing stage!

Such a great demon force was destroyed so easily?

Not to mention, there was also the ninth Prince of the great day demon race!

He was a true demon heaven’s favorite with unimaginable power behind him. He had unrivaled divine powers and countless life-saving methods. However, he was still killed by the sword God Ximen chuixue!

The myriad swords Saint son knew that if he had been in Ximen chuixue’s shoes, he would not have done any better!

If the God of swords, Ximen chuixue, was really li Qingzhou, and he had the Natal weapon transformed from the Supreme bone of sword Dao, the myriad swords Saint son’s chances of winning against him were not high!

When did li Qingzhou become so powerful?

Wait, a Natal weapon?

Light flashed in the myriad Sword Saint son’s eyes. He raised his head slightly and said in a domineering voice, ” “Hey, there won’t be two bones of sword supremacy in the same era. The owner of the bone of sword supremacy in the demon world is most likely li Qingzhou! I’ll go to the devil World soon and meet li Qingzhou to settle The Grudge!”

Even though he wasn’t sure if he could defeat li Qingzhou, the myriad swords Saint son’s tone was full of confidence.

Lose people, but not lose face!

According to the myriad Sword Saint son’s thinking, the demonic realm was so big that it wouldn’t be easy to meet li Qingzhou.

Moreover, if li Qingzhou was really so powerful, he didn’t have to deal with li Qingzhou himself!

Behind the Saint son of the ancient sword, fan Jianming, there was an ancient illusionary sword shadow floating. It had an ancient charm, and its voice was as clear as Jade, ” “Fellow Daoist bu and fellow Daoist li Qingzhou are the rare sword geniuses in the East continent. When two geniuses compete, the most brilliant sparks of the sword will definitely be created! If I have the opportunity, I would like to witness the battle between the two of you!”

The ancient sword sanctum was also a sword sanctum in the East continent. The ancient sword Saint son was also a sword genius. He was very interested in the battle between the myriad Sword Saint son and Li Qingzhou. He even wanted to follow the myriad Sword Saint son into the demon world to find li Qingzhou.

Hearing the ancient sword Saint son’s words, many sovereigns from the East continent also started to praise the myriad Sword Saint son.

the Saint of all swords is really a rare top talent in the East continent. He knows how strong his opponent is, but he still wants to fight. I’m impressed!

fellow Daoist bu’s Dao heart is as firm as a rock, and you always have an invincible belief in your heart. It’s admirable!

“The battle between two swordsmen will definitely be exciting! It would be great if we were in the East continent, then we would be able to witness the two swordsmen!”


Of course, many people guessed that the myriad Sword Saint son was just being stubborn, but they didn’t expose him on the spot.

The ten thousand swords Saint son turned to the ancient sword Saint son, and a strong sword intent appeared in his eyes. li Qingzhou is not easy to deal with now. Maybe I can defeat the ancient sword Saint son first and stabilize my reputation. I’ll find trouble with li Qingzhou later.

The myriad swords Saint son immediately crushed this thought in his mind.

The ancient sword sanctum’s inheritance was even older than the ten thousand sword sanctum. Even though they were usually very low-key, li Qingzhou had become so powerful without a sound. Who knew if the ancient sword Saint son had any hidden cards?

To be safe, it was better not to make enemies randomly.

The all-Sword Saint son nodded to the ancient-Sword Saint son and suddenly asked, ” Daoist fan, your ancient sword sanctum has a long history. Do you have a sword cultivator who has a Natal weapon at the Almighty realm? ”

The ancient-Sword Saint son’s eyes flashed with a strange look, and he said decisively, ” “According to the ancient records of my ancient sword sanctum, the most outstanding ancestor was ancestor Qing Shuang. She had great fortune and once refined her Natal divine weapon when she broke through to the Dao Lord realm. Her Qing Shuang sword is still in my ancient sword sanctum’s Foundation! As for the Natal divine weapon of a mighty figure, I’ve never heard of it before!”

Hearing this, everyone was moved.

The ancient sword sanctum had a long history, and only one person had refined a Natal weapon at the Dao master realm. Li Qingzhou had refined a Natal weapon at the Almighty realm. How monstrous was he?

The myriad swords Saint son turned to Xiao Yixian and asked with a frown, ” “Since ancient times, there have been more than a hundred people who have a sword Dao Supreme Being bone, but I’ve never heard of anyone who has a Natal divine weapon at the Almighty realm! Fellow Daoist Xiao, do you know how li Qingzhou made his Natal weapon?”

Xiao Yixian shook his head and laughed, ” it’s still not certain whether the sword God Ximen chuixue is li Qingzhou or not. Besides, the success of every Natal weapon is a product of luck and coincidence. Even if that person is li Qingzhou, how would I know how he made the Natal weapon? ”

At this moment, Xiao Yixian also had some doubts in his heart.

When he fought with li Qingzhou at the blue cloud Peak, li Qingzhou used the Supreme Sword transformed from the sword Dao Supreme bone to defeat him. At that time, he thought that it was the power of the sword Dao Supreme bone. Now that he thought about it, li Qingzhou had already possessed his Natal weapon at that time!

At that time, li Qingzhou was only in the primordial soul realm!

An intrinsic divine weapon at the primordial soul realm?

Could it be that li Qingzhou had really mastered the method of refining Natal divine weapons?

At this moment, Zi Fengtian, the first Prince of the Zi Wei Empire, suddenly spoke, ” “My ninth sister, Zi Menghan, once cultivated in the xuantian sacred land. She also had a Natal weapon when she was at the Almighty realm. She once exterminated the bloodline of the sky suppression Tiger Supreme in the ruins of the Sky High School. I’ve come to visit the profound heavenly sacred land to ask for guidance on how to forge a lifeblood weapon.”

A stone that caused a thousand ripples!

“What? Was it the ninth Princess who annihilated the bloodline of sky suppressing Supreme Tiger in the ruins of the Sky High School?”

“At that time, I saw with my own eyes that the sovereign used the Natal weapon in the shape of a Purple Mirror, but I couldn’t see her face clearly. I always thought it was the saintess of Zifu, but I didn’t expect it to be the ninth Princess! Does this mean that the ninth Princess really has a Natal weapon?”

“If li Qingzhou is the only one who has a Natal weapon, it might be a coincidence! But they’re both disciples of the profound heavenly sacred land. How can there be so many coincidences in this world?”

“So you’re saying that the profound heavenly sacred land has a way to forge lifeblood weapons?”

if this refining method can be spread all over the world, the entire East continent will be grateful to the xuantian Holy Land!


Many of the legendary figures of the East barren were shocked. They looked at Xiao Yi Xian and Xue Wei with burning eyes, their hearts surging with emotions.

The corners of Zi Fengtian’s mouth curled up slightly. He naturally did not dare to fight the xuantian Holy Land head-on with his strength, but he knew how to take advantage of the situation!

The profound heavenly sacred land was bound to become the target of public criticism!

If the xuantian sacred land didn’t spread the method of refining Natal divine weapons, they would definitely be targeted by the major forces of the East continent!

Xiao Yi Xian blinked his eyes. He was also extremely shocked.

What did he mean?

Zi Menghan also had a Natal weapon?

She was the one who destroyed the bloodline of sky suppression Supreme Tiger in the ruins of Sky High School?

The profound heavenly sacred land has the method to forge lifeblood weapons?

How could I, the Saint, not know?

Xue Wei’s eyes rippled with shock as she thought to herself,”martial uncle ye has even made his Natal weapon?” As expected of martial uncle ye!

The Zifu saintess’s expression was somewhat unnatural.”If you say it’s a Natal weapon, then it’s a Natal weapon. Why did you mention me?” By the way, did the profound heavenly sacred land really have a way to make lifeblood weapons?

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