191 The elites of the East barren gather at xuantian

The profound heavenly sacred land.

Hundreds of magnificent peaks were shrouded in a translucent formation as thin as cicada’s wings. Flowing Springs and waterfalls, clouds and Sunglow, pavilions and pagodas were hidden from view, and spiritual energy was dense like ribbons while treasure light was faint like mist. From time to time, one or two figures could be seen flying through the void on magic tools, making it look like a paradise on earth.

At the gate of the xuantian Holy Land, Chen Beiwang, the peak Master of the red flame peak, sat cross-legged on the head of a fire Dragon that was ten thousand feet long. He looked at the void outside the gate with a calm expression and a helpless look in his eyes.

It had been almost 20 years since the golden age started. The mantras in the ancient barren world had been restored. After many years of cultivation, Chen Beiwang’s cultivation had quietly reached the Daoist master realm, which was comparable to the hundreds of years of hard cultivation in the past. It was evident that the mantras in the golden age were at their peak.

Although Chen Beiwang did not resist the heavenly Tribulation and enter the Daoist master realm, he was a real Daoist master. At this time, he was sent to guard the mountain Gate, which made him feel somewhat bored.

As the xuantian Bell escaped, the famous cultivators from the East barren showed up one after another to express their concern. They entered the xuantian sacred land in the name of visiting the mountain. There were also more cultivators hiding in the dark and watching from afar.

Shen Beiwang had lived for hundreds of years and naturally understood that these people were here to find out the truth about the xuantian Holy Land. Even the famous and talented people who came to visit the mountain probably had their own selfish motives.

The xuantian sacred land was one of the sacred lands with the weakest Foundation in the eastern barren territory. It had been established for nearly 10000 years, and only its founder had just become a saint.

Although a demon saint had been killed during the demon invasion six or seven years ago, no one had seen who had done it. Many legendary figures suspected that the xuantian Holy Land did not have an invincible Saint at all, and that they had only used some kind of consumable killing weapon.

In the eyes of outsiders, if the xuantian sacred land didn’t have the unrivaled Saint, and the black Heaven Bell had unexpectedly escaped, the foundation of the xuantian sacred land would drop to the freezing point, regardless of whether the black Heaven Bell had been summoned by the ancestor or not. Many forces would be ready to make a move in the dark.

After all, with the opening of the golden era, the overall level of the major forces had increased by dozens of times. Especially for the Imperial sacred lands, they had many means to fight against the Saints. Even if ancestor Xuan Tian returned, they would not be afraid.

In recent years, the profound sky sacred land’s reputation had soared, and it had recruited far more genius disciples than the other sacred lands and sects. Its luck was like a burning oil, making countless sacred lands and sects green with envy.

If there was a chance, many forces would hit him when he was down.

Of course, the mysterious heavenly sacred land was a sacred land that had been passed down for 10000 years, after all. Its Foundation was extremely deep, and its luck was like the sun in the sky. No one was stupid enough to attack it.

Even those with ulterior motives had entered the profound sky sacred land in the name of mountain worship. They wanted to find out more about the profound sky sacred land first.

Shen Beiwang knew very well that the one who killed demon saint cangman was ye chen from blue cloud Peak. Moreover, the sword demon Dugu Qiubai, evil king Shi Zhixuan, and the others were all ye Chen’s puppet incarnations. Ye Chen’s cultivation base had long been unfathomable.

As long as ye chen was still here, even if a Saint came, the sacred land would be fine!

This was also the reason why the profound heavenly Saint sovereign had sent him to guard the mountain Gate.

Many legendary figures and proud sons of heaven from the East barren came to pay their respects to the mountain. Many of them came with obvious hostility. Some of the ancient forces of the demon race were pacing back and forth in the distance, watching. A Daoist master was necessary to guard the mountain Gate.

The peak Masters of xuanjian, Bingxin, and qingyue had all reached the Dao Lord realm, but the profound heavenly Saint Lord had specifically asked Chen Beiwang to guard the mountain Gate because he knew more and had enough confidence to face the Heroes of the East barren and the devil World!

Nangong liuyun of the nine Heavens Holy Land has heard that there’s been a change in the profound heaven Holy Land. I’ve come to see if I can help!

The nine firmament Saint child, Nangong liuyun, floated over from the void in the distance. The clouds around him fluttered, and he looked like a celestial being. He stood in the void in the distance and cupped his hands in salute at the entrance of the mysterious heavenly sacred land. He had a calm and composed bearing.

“The Saint son of the nine firmament sect has come in person. The mysterious heavenly sacred land is safe and sound. Thank you for your concern, Saint son of nine firmament. Please come in!”

Chen Beiwang returned the greeting to the Saint from afar. He extended his hand and pointed at the mountain Gate. A long Golden Bridge flew out and extended directly to the feet of the Saint.

it’s good that the mysterious heavenly sacred land is safe. Brother Xiao and I are close friends. If you need help, I won’t refuse! su mo said. Nangong liuyun stepped onto the Golden Bridge with a warm smile on his face.

“The profound heavenly sacred land appreciates your kind intentions, Saint child! Please!”

thank you, ” Chen Beiwang said. He waved his hand, and the Golden Bridge quickly returned to the dark Heaven sacred land with the nine firmament Saint son. They quickly entered the dark Heaven main peak, where there were people to receive them.

Nangong liuyun did have some friendship with the xuantian Saint son, Xiao Yixian, but Chen Beiwang was not sure how close they were. He was also too lazy to find out. As long as they came to pay respects to the mountain, he would let them in. He would kill them but not bury them!

With the departure of the profound sky Bell, all the major forces were ready to make a move. If they blocked all the legendary figures and geniuses outside the Holy Land, it would be even more suspicious. It was better to let them in openly. They were not afraid of them causing trouble in the profound sky Holy Land anyway.

In just half a day after the xuantian Bell had left, several Saint children, more than a dozen successors of the ancient sects, and dozens of legendary figures from the major forces had arrived. The xuantian sacred land was very lively.

“Ten thousand sword Holy Land, bu Tianya, is here to pay a visit to the mountain!”

Suddenly, a clear voice came from the distance. It was like the clear cry of a divine sword, shaking the void. Everyone in the void could hear it clearly.

The myriad Sword Saint son and his followers flew up from a purple jade Dragon Ship in the distance, heading toward the xuantian sacred land’s Gate with fierce Qi. They didn’t seem to want to stop.


The fire Dragon under Chen Beiwang, the peak Master of red flame peak, suddenly raised its head and glanced at the myriad Sword Saint son and the others who were rushing over. A vast pressure that dominated all DAOs was emitted, making the surrounding world rumble.

The myriad Sword Saint son stood 100 feet away from Chen Beiwang with his hands behind his back. He raised his head slightly, his eyes shining, and sword Qi surrounding him. He had an air of arrogance that overlooked all heroes in the world.

Behind him, dozens of followers also stood still, following the myriad swords Saint son’s lead.

Seeing the myriad Sword Saint son’s overbearing manner, the first Prince on the purple jade Dragon Ship curled his lips. He put away the purple jade Dragon Ship when he was 30000 meters away and flew toward the xuantian sacred land’s Gate unhurriedly. His gentle voice came from afar, ” “Zi Fengtian of the Ziwei Empire is here to pay his respects to the profound heaven sacred land under the guidance of my ninth sister. I met the myriad swords Saint son on the way here, so I came here with him.”

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