187 Chaos item?

“You’re right, patriarch. I’ve done some research on the eternal fire Territory. The eternal fire Territory had a monarch weapon, and the Lord was a Dao severing realm Supreme Being. There were Saints guarding the depths of the fire Territory, and perhaps even Saint Kings in deep sleep.

My Natal weapon is currently sealed. If I awaken it and break through its seal, I won’t be able to avoid the Saints “senses. It might even attract the sleeping Saint King’s attention.

If that’s the case, I can still deal with him with my Natal weapon.

However, if we attract the suppression of a monarch weapon or a monarch level formation, all our efforts will be in vain.”

Xuan Xin’s brows slightly furrowed, feeling that this matter was very troublesome.

Almost every imperial system would have a Sage or even stronger who was close to the end of their lifespan lying dormant and rarely showed their faces in the outside world. However, if anyone dared to cause trouble in their lair, that would cross their bottom line, and they would kill the enemy even if they had to exhaust their lifespan.

Moreover, every imperial system would have a terrifying killing formation left behind by a great emperor or Emperor-to-be, and there were countless Saint-level formations. There were also many hidden secrets that no one knew about, which could ensure the inheritance of the imperial system.

For example, li Qingzhou was hit by the great day demon clan’s devil Sun Soul seal, and he could deal with the strong people of the great day demon clan in the entire demon world. However, if he went to the great day demon clan’s ancient demon forbidden ground to provoke them, he would definitely die!

In the past, demon saint blood slaughterer from the East continent had massacred the world and offended the MU family, a declining longevity family. He had been killed in one blow!

The MU family had indeed declined. They had few members and no geniuses. They couldn’t even be compared to many Holy Lands and great sects. However, they could still easily kill the demon saint. It was enough to show how strong their Foundation was.

Moreover, the eternal fire Territory had always been prosperous. The declining longevity family could not compare to it.

Xuan Xin’s Natal weapon had been sealed in the depths of the eternal fire Territory. It would be more difficult to take it out than to kill a Saint by himself!

Fa Kong cupped his chin and pondered for a moment. He suddenly asked, ” “Fourth brother, which aspect does your lifeblood weapon lean towards? Attack? Defense? Seal? Or is it an illusion?”

“My Natal weapon is called the Black Tortoise shield, and its defense is unparalleled! However, my cultivation is too low to activate the full power of the Black Tortoise shield. It’s not hard for me to resist the attacks of Saints, but it’s far from enough to resist monarch weapons or monarch-level killing formations!” Xuan Xin gently shook his head.

If a great saint weapon was in the hands of a great saint, it would naturally be able to fight against an incomplete monarch weapon or monarch level formation.

However, Xuan Xin was only at the Almighty realm. Even if he had a great saint weapon, he couldn’t fully exert its power. How could he resist it?

“In that case, if you want to bring your Natal weapon out, you’ll have to use other means to resist the monarch weapon or the monarch level formation,” fa Kong said with a frown.

Xuan Xin shook his head and smiled bitterly. How could it be so easy to resist a monarch weapon or a monarch level formation?

Taoist Xuan Tian looked in the direction of the eternal fire Territory. His eyes glowed and he said, ” “The amount of energy required for a monarch level weapon or formation to be fully activated is too vast. It’s more than enough for defense but not enough for offense. If it’s only used by Venerables or Saints, the power it can exert is limited, but it’s not impossible to resist.”

“Is Grandmaster preparing to face the monarch weapon head-on?” Fa Kong’s eyes were filled with admiration.

“Take on a monarch weapon? Do you think I’m not going to die fast enough?”

Taoist Xuan Tian knocked on fa Kong’s head and scolded, ” “A monarch weapon is the Natal divine weapon of a great sovereign, and it contains a vast amount of Emperor’s might! Even if he could only unleash a sliver of its power, it was not something a Saint could resist! Besides, I don’t have much time left, and my Dao injuries haven’t healed yet. I’d be courting death if I were to face a monarch weapon head-on!”

Fa Kong rubbed his head and rolled his eyes.”Then why did you say you could resist?”

Taoist Xuan Tian gave him a sidelong glance and said in a bad mood, ” “Do we have to resist the sovereign weapon with force? Are you stupid? I once obtained an incomplete Emperor-to-be killing formation from the place where an Emperor-to-be passed away. I left it in the black Heaven Bell. When I recall the black Heaven Bell, as long as the eternal fire domain’s monarch weapons aren’t fully recovered, I can still hold them off.”

“Emperor-to-be killing formation? Did the founding master hide such a treasure?” Fa Kong’s eyes shone.

No. Taoist Xuan Tian shook his head and said, ” it’s only an incomplete Emperor-to-be killing formation. If it was the complete one, I’m afraid I wouldn’t have been able to take it back then! Even if it’s an incomplete Emperor-to-be killing formation, it’s enough to fight against an incomplete sovereign weapon or an Emperor-level killing formation!”

alright! Xuan Xin nodded and said, ” I’ll have to trouble you then, Grand Master. As long as you can buy me some time, I’m confident that I can bring my Natal weapon out of the eternal fire Territory! Even if the eternal fire Territory sends a Saint to kill me, I’ll be fearless!”

“Then wait for me to take back the black Heaven Bell before taking action! The primordial world was too far away from here. It would probably take three to five months to recall the black Heaven Bell! I can take advantage of this time to recuperate and hopefully suppress the Dao injuries in my body!” Taoist Xuan Tian said as he looked in the direction of the primordial world.

“There’s a Dao injury in the founder’s body?” Xuan Xin’s eyes were filled with surprise.

I’m already very lucky to be able to get out of the land of extinction, ” Taoist Xuan Tian said nonchalantly. it’s just a Dao injury. I’ll get used to it.

Xuan Xin looked at fa Kong and frowned. “Senior brother, didn’t you help the Grand Master heal his injuries?”

Fa Kong pouted. my nearly 100 10000-year-old spiritual herbs have all been gnawed clean by the Grandmaster. They can restore the essence, Qi, and spirit in his body, but they can’t heal his Dao injury.

“Where are the three roots that master gave me?” Xuan Xin was puzzled.

Fa Kong spread out his hands and said in a carefree manner, ” I was brought to radiance sacred land by the Saint of light from the Imperial path world using a secret technique. He wanted to destroy me with the power of the sacred land. The situation was too dangerous, so I ate all three roots. Otherwise, how could I have broken through so quickly? ”

“You ate three roots at once? How come you didn’t explode?” Xuan Xin’s face was filled with shock.

One root was enough for a cultivator at the peak of the Almighty realm to pass through the Dao master tribulation. Fa Kong had eaten three at once?

Was he that reckless?

“Of course!” Fa Kong said proudly. I’m very lucky, so there’s naturally no problem!”

“You’ve been taken to radiance and you’re still alive?” Taoist Xuan Tian was surprised.

Fa Kong thought of his master’s reprimand, and his face darkened. He said in a muffled voice, ” “Mm! I was just lucky!”

Master said that he was the only disciple that master had to take action. It was really too embarrassing!

He really didn’t want to mention that matter!

With a wave of his hand, Xuan Xin set up layers of sealing barriers. He then took out the three roots of the chaos Gourd Vine. They were like three purple divine Dragons lying on his palm. They were sparkling and translucent with purple light, and they were very vivid.

Xuan Xin had yet to use any of the three roots that ye chen had given him.

“Grandmaster, if you consume these roots, they might be able to heal your Dao injuries.” Xuan Xin sincerely said.

The Grandmaster was even willing to risk his life for the monarch weapon in order to help him, so Xuan Xin would naturally not be stingy with him.

chaos Wondrous Item?!

what? ” Taoist Xuan Tian exclaimed, his eyes wide open.

He had only heard of such a legendary treasure and had never seen it in his life!𝒾𝙣𝚗𝐫𝑒аd. ᴄom

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