Chapter 148: Fa Kong’s tribulation in radiance sacred land

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Fa Kong’s figure suddenly appeared from the void. He looked around vigilantly, and his pupils could not help but shrink.

This was a resplendent ancient Hall. The walls and pillars were engraved with all kinds of holy angels, each with a milky white halo above their heads. Some were subduing dark evil spirits, some were giving alms and saving people, and some were educating the people. Every angel gave people a warm and righteous feeling like a spring breeze.

The high dome seemed to be connected to heaven, and there were all kinds of holy weapon patterns on it. The Golden scepter shone with golden light, the ancient pendulum shook with the light of time, the Holy wheel was surrounded by Holy wheel with red flames rotating around it, and the Wings of Freedom flew in thousands of worlds.

The light from the dome lit up the entire Hall, leaving no blind spots.

Not far away in front of fa Kong, the light Saint son was looking at him with a smile. His long golden hair was dancing gently like flames, and his eyes were shining with the luster of wisdom that seemed to be confident in winning.

Fa Kong’s eyes were filled with disbelief. have I really been teleported to radiance by this Golden Retriever? ”


Following a series of cracking sounds, the crystal ball in the saint’s hand was filled with cracks. It then shattered and turned into light spots that disappeared into the void.

“Holy Son! Why did you use the teleportation crystal so easily? He’s just a Buddhist disciple at the peak of the primordial soul realm. Is he worth such treatment?”

Suddenly, an old man in a long red robe flashed in from outside the hall. Golden-red flame patterns were embroidered on his sleeves and collar. His white hair, which was as Holy as light, fell on his shoulders. The aura he exuded was as deep as the sea.

He was an elder expert at the peak of the Almighty realm.

The light Saint shook his palm nonchalantly and looked at fa Kong with his lightning-like eyes. He then asked with interest, ” this person is not an ordinary Buddhist disciple. He has a Natal weapon even before he broke through to the Almighty realm. He also has several unparalleled divine abilities that are comparable to the purifying holy light. He has escaped from my pursuit for several years and still hasn’t died. He also has other great secrets that are worth it for me to use a teleportation crystal to bring him back.

“Could this person be a son of Buddha from the Buddha realm?” The red-robed elder’s gaze landed on fa Kong as he weighed the words of the light Saint in his heart.

The light Saint shook his head and smiled,”I’m very sure that he’s not a disciple of any Buddhism sect, but a monk from an unorthodox background. Because he cultivates both Buddhism and demon, no Buddhism sect will allow such a heretic to appear! Furthermore, his various abilities are extremely complex. Perhaps he has obtained some ancient inheritance.”

The red-robed elder nodded his head slightly as killing intent flashed in his eyes. He said coldly, ” “If that’s the case, then there’s no need to have any scruples. Do you need me to do it for you, Saint?”

“There’s no need for the Bishop to interfere, I can handle it myself,” the light Saint waved his hand.

After his speech, the light Saint son raised his hand and scattered a holy light. The entire Hall was surrounded by golden ancient runes that rose up like dragons and phoenixes. They sealed off the entire Hall, preventing fa Kong from using some secret technique to escape.

After everything was done, the light saint’s gaze shifted back to fa Kong. He said slowly, ” “Little monk, you’re good at escaping, but you won’t be able to escape once you’re in radiance!”

Fa Kong was now certain that they were in radiance!

In an instant, fa Kong’s heart sank to the bottom of the valley. He had been chased by the light Saint for many years in the starry sky. Now, he had actually entered the other party’s lair. How could he escape?

The divine thoughts in fa Kong’s mind moved like lightning. He thought of the many contingency plans his master had left for him. Suddenly, his eyes lit up and his consciousness fell into his own chakra sea.

In his chakra sea, three purple roots were floating quietly. Each root was winding like a dragon, emitting a crystal-like luster and a charming brilliance.

These were the roots of the chaos Gourd Vine!

Ye chen had prepared three roots for each of his disciples, so that they could use them as backup for the Tribulation. If they really couldn’t make it through, they wouldn’t die.

Fa Kong naturally knew the value of the chaos Gourd Vine’s root. The mysterious sky sacred Lord was supposed to die under the heavenly Tribulation, but he used a root to survive the heavenly Tribulation and became the first Dao Lord in the East continent to survive it.

The Dao laws and energy contained in the roots of the chaos Gourd Vine could be instantly absorbed by people. It was as vast as the sea and could even withstand the heavenly Tribulation to replenish it. It was by no means comparable to ordinary treasures.

At this point, fa Kong had already reached the peak of the primordial soul realm for many years and was still accumulating his strength.

According to the normal rate of accumulation, fa Kong would need at least another seven to eight years to reach the level where he could pass the Tribulation.

Now, fa Kong had been forced to come to radiance sacred land. He was almost doomed. He was going to consume the roots of the chaos Gourd Vine to force his way through the Tribulation!

“Escape? Why did Lord Zeng escape? Golden Retriever, do you really think you’ve got Lord Zeng?” Fa Kong raised his eyes and glanced at the light Saint. He was still clamoring without any qualms. He took out the three roots of the chaos Gourd Vine and put them in his mouth.

“A chaos item!” The light Saint blurted out. His face was filled with anxiety. The Golden scepter in his hand emitted a dazzling light and smashed down on fa Kong.

It was obvious that the Holy Son of Light recognized the special aura that permeated the chaos Gourd Vine’s roots. He deeply understood the value of the three roots that fa Kong had swallowed. He immediately attacked with all his might, wanting to stop fa Kong from swallowing such a Wondrous Item of heaven and earth.

However, it was too late!

As soon as the three roots of the chaos Calabash vine entered his stomach, they turned into a wave of pure energy as vast as the ocean and seeped into fa Kong’s limbs and bones. Every tiny particle was filled with endless Dao laws. It was as if he had become the embodiment of the Dao.

On fa Kong’s body, the unhealable wounds of the great path left behind by the Saint of light were instantly healed. Moreover, there was still a vast, mighty force that was like the ocean washing over every inch of fa Kong’s blood and bones.

At that moment, fa Kong felt a sense of danger, as if his body was about to explode.

Even though his body had been tempered to be comparable to a Supreme-grade numinous treasure, he still felt like he could not withstand it. The dense runes of catastrophes flowed on the surface of his body, but they still could not stop the explosive feeling of the volcanic eruption.

Back then, one root of the chaos Gourd Vine could help the profound heavenly sacred Lord, who had been stuck at the peak of the Almighty realm for hundreds of years, step into the Dao Lord realm. Fa Kong had consumed three at the same time!

I’m about to explode!

Fa Kong could not help but feel his heart skip a beat. Without any hesitation, he unleashed all of his aura, turning it into a violent energy turbulence that swept through the surroundings, causing the entire radiant Hall to shake violently.


Following a loud boom, the Saint of light’s golden scepter was blasted away by the great force, unable to get close to fa Kong!

“Hu hu hu hu ~~~”

Then, a heavenly wind whistled above the radiance Great Hall. The spiritual Qi of heaven and earth in the entire radiance sacred land rushed toward the radiance Great Hall like crazy. It gathered quickly in the sky, and a vast heaven’s might was quickly condensed, pressing down from all directions.

“Who’s causing trouble in radiance?”

A furious roar came from outside. The runes around the radiant Hall disappeared with a buzz as they were forcibly removed. Several Dao Masters and dozens of super experts at the peak of the Almighty realm gathered outside the radiant Hall. Even further away, hundreds of experts at the Almighty realm floated into the air and watched from afar.

The leader was a golden-haired middle-aged man who seemed to be condensed from holy light. He wore a golden crown, and a pair of huge wings of light flapped gently behind him. He exuded a vast pressure, causing the surrounding great Dao to rumble.

It was the radiance sacred land’s sacred leader!

Sensing the shaking of the Great Hall of Light and seeing the clouds of tribulation gathering above the Great Hall of Light at an unprecedented speed, they thought that the Great Hall of Light had been invaded by a powerful enemy. They opened the seal of the formation of the Great Hall of Light at once, and the situation in the Great Hall was clearly seen in their eyes.

The Holy Light owner and the others were stunned by the situation.

“Liangyu, why have you returned? Did this person force you to return?” The Holy Light owner looked at the light Saint son and asked with a frown.

The light saint’s mouth twitched a few times and his face turned gloomy.

He knew that fa Kong’s cultivation had reached the peak of the primordial soul realm a few years ago, but cultivators at that level would need a long time to accumulate enough energy to pass their tribulation. That was why he had confidently used the teleportation crystal to bring fa Kong back to radiance.

However, he had never expected that fa Kong would have a chaos Wondrous Item on him. It could directly accumulate his own power to the extreme and instantly attract the heavenly Tribulation!

Fa Kong was going to undergo his tribulation in radiance!

This time, fa Kong’s status as a prisoner had instantly become an invader. His role had changed in an instant, and he had completely taken the initiative!

This was completely out of the light saint’s expectations!

Upon hearing the Holy Light owner’s question, the Holy Light son glanced at the many bishops and elders around him. He did not want fa Kong’s Secret to be exposed, so he transmitted his voice to the Holy Light owner, ” “Holy Lord, this person has a lifeblood weapon at the primordial soul realm and several unparalleled divine powers that are comparable to the purification of holy light! I didn’t hesitate to use the teleportation crystal to bring him back. I wanted to kill him and increase the sacred land’s Foundation! “Unexpectedly, this person also has a chaos Wondrous Item on him. He has directly accumulated his own power to the point where he can summon a Heavenly Tribulation. This is out of my expectations! Can Holy master kill him before his Heavenly Tribulation descends?”

At that moment, the light Saint did not hide anything from the Saint Lord. Fa Kong had summoned the heavenly Tribulation, causing everything to be out of his control. He wanted the Saint Lord to kill fa Kong personally to get rid of his influence in the radiance sacred land.

Fa Kong’s tribulation was imminent, and he had all sorts of tricks up his sleeve. The Saint of light was not confident that he could kill fa Kong at this time!

Hearing this, the Holy Light owner’s eyes lit up.

If what the radiance Saint said was true, then fa Kong’s hidden value was worth the radiance sacred land’s hidden strength!

“Holy light of purification!”

The Holy Light owner chanted softly and raised his hand to point at fa Kong. A beam of holy light as vast as the ocean appeared in the sky, passing through the Tribulation clouds that had yet to form and falling toward fa Kong.

This beam of holy light contained a special rhythm of the great path, as if it could purify all living things. It sealed and imprisoned the void around fa Kong, making him feel a sense of danger that was on the verge of death.


Fa Kong immediately took out the burning heavens divine furnace and his entire body was submerged into the furnace.

“Boom boom boom!”

The purifying holy light landed on the sky-burning divine furnace and let out an earth-shaking roar. The top grade spiritual treasure, sky-burning divine furnace, had several cracks on it, but it did not hurt fa Kong, who was inside the furnace.

The Holy Light owner’s face turned extremely gloomy. The information that the Holy Son of Light had given him was still incomplete. He did not expect that this young monk would have a superior-grade spiritual treasure!

This time, he had miscalculated!

Moreover, as the Holy Light owner made his move, the terrifying heaven’s might in the sky pressed down on the Holy Light owner.


The Holy Light owner’s body emitted an unfathomable feeling. He had used some kind of treasure that could block out the heaven’s secrets to temporarily block out the heavenly Tribulation. However, the heaven’s might still lingered in his mind, making him feel uneasy.

Fa Kong’s Heavenly Tribulation had far exceeded the Holy Light owner’s expectations!

If he could sense something so terrifying even before the heavenly Tribulation, then even the sacred land’s Secret treasures wouldn’t be able to completely hide him from it!

Of course, this was because the Holy Light owner’s cultivation base was too strong. The stronger one’s cultivation base was, the clearer one could sense the heavenly Tribulation.

If it was the Holy Son of Light or other powerful beings who used secret treasures to block out the heaven’s secrets, they might even be able to block out the heavenly Tribulation.

In that moment, the clouds of tribulation loomed thousands of miles above the radiance Great Hall. Dozens of the surrounding main peaks were within the range of the clouds. The terrifying heavenly might in the sky terrified the disciples and elders of the radiance sacred land.

It was already too late to kill fa Kong before the heavenly Tribulation descended!

“Quickly bring the nearby disciples out of the Tribulation cloud’s range!” The Holy Light owner shouted and waved his hand, releasing a vast sea of light. He brought the Holy Son of Light, bishops, elders, and the rest of the people out of the Tribulation cloud’s range.

At the same time, several Dao master bishops from radiance attacked. Each of them used their Supreme techniques to envelop the elders and disciples from the nearby mountains, bringing them thousands of miles away by force.

However, there were still four or five main peaks ‘disciples who couldn’t escape in time.

“Boom boom boom!”

At this moment, a hundred thousand feet of Thunder poured down like a sea of Thunder, completely drowning the Hall of Light where fa Kong was located. Dozens of nearby mountains were also drowned in the sea of Thunder.

Miserable shrieks were heard from the surrounding main peaks. It was unknown how many disciples and elders had died under the heavenly Tribulation.

The light saint’s expression was particularly gloomy. Fa Kong was the light Holy Land that he had brought here. The tragic deaths of these disciples and elders were all on him!

Moreover, fa Kong’s Almighty tribulation now was several times more terrifying than the Almighty tribulation he had faced back then!

Did that not mean that fa Kong’s potential was much greater than his?

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