Chapter 146: Chapter 146-monarch Lord Zi Wei’s decision

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In the starry world on the ninth level of the nine Heavens realm tower.

Under the attack of the nine Dao mark incarnations, the runes on Zi Menghan’s body became more and more intense. At the same time, her life force was gradually dying like a candle in the wind. It was as if her last trace of life force was about to be extinguished.

With the help of the nine Dao mark incarnations, Zi Menghan was able to undergo the extreme state of Nirvana and was about to complete her fourth Nirvana.

Suddenly, Zi Menghan could clearly feel patriarch swordstar’s Dao mark incarnation shaking violently and becoming illusory.

At the same time, the Dao mark incarnations of the other patriarchs also became much more illusory.

Zi Menghan’s heart skipped a beat, was the power of these Dao mark incarnations about to be exhausted?

Then, Zi Menghan did not wait any longer. The Tribulation runes on her body exploded and enveloped the nine Dao mark incarnations.

In the next moment, the nine Dao mark incarnations were covered by the power of the catastrophe of the great path. The fire of the great path emerged from their bodies, and the alien burying wind appeared out of thin air, making them even more unstable.

“Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang”

Very quickly, the nine Dao mark incarnations crumbled in the void.

Every time one of them crumbled, Zi Menghan could feel a mysterious rhythm of the great Dao entering her body.

After the nine Dao mark incarnations disappeared, Zi Menghan completed her fourth rebirth. At the same time, a lot of complicated information appeared in her mind.

For example, the path of a swordsman, the circulation of power, the control of saber intent, and so on.

These were the paths, skills, and divine arts of the nine Dao marks that Zi Menghan had just fought. As Zi Menghan defeated them, the paths, skills, and divine arts that they had just used were all imprinted in Zi Menghan’s mind, greatly enhancing her knowledge.

With the disappearance of the nine Dao mark incarnations, a huge nine-colored Whirlpool appeared in the sky above Zi Menghan’s head. It rotated quietly and was filled with the mysterious power of the great Dao, revealing a huge pulling force.

Zi Menghan’s brows raised slightly as her figure floated into the huge nine-colored Whirlpool.

The huge nine-colored Whirlpool was like a wave. Zi Menghan passed through it easily and came straight to a chaotic world that was hundreds of feet in size. The entire world was flowing with extremely dense chaotic aura.

“Eh, the aura here is somewhat similar to the aura of master’s chaos Gourd Vine. Could it be that this chaotic space once had a chaos spirit root? I really don’t know which ancestor was lucky enough to obtain such a chaotic space!” Zi Menghan’s eyes could not help but flash with a look of surprise.

Immediately after, Zi Menghan felt an endless power of the great Dao surging into her body and quickly transforming into her cultivation.

This aura was exceptionally pure and directly transformed into Zi Menghan’s cultivation.

Not long after, Zi Menghan’s life force was extinguished once again. Soon, she was rejuvenated and completed her fifth Nirvana.

Then, Zi Menghan felt a huge spatial power enveloping her.

She understood that she had to leave.

In the back garden of the Purple Emperor city’s Imperial City.

The nine Heavens realm tower was like a small mountain standing on the lakeside square. Many princes, princesses, and Imperial Lord Zi Wei’s eyes were focused on the nine Heavens realm tower, wanting to see if Zi Menghan could pass the nine heavenly barriers.


Suddenly, the nine Heavens realm tower let out a low hum, and a brilliant nine-colored divine light bloomed from the top of the tower. It wrapped around Zi Menghan’s body and left the top of the nine Heavens realm tower, appearing in the void.

she really broke through the nine heavenly barriers. the third and seventh princesses were stunned. Their eyes were filled with disbelief.

Zi Menghan had really broken through the nine heavenly barriers. This made them feel as if it was unreal.

An inborn cripple could actually do this?

Imperial Lord Zi Wei revealed a rare smile and nodded slightly at Zi Menghan, ” “Not bad, your performance has truly exceeded my expectations!”

“I was just lucky.” Purple Dream replied nonchalantly.

Sovereign Lord Ziwei stood quietly in the void and glanced at the princes and princesses. He said slowly, ” “All of you are well aware of your performance in the nine heavenly passes. All of you have more or less gained some benefits from them. At the same time, I will reward you based on your performance.”

At this point, Emperor Lord Zi Wei paused for a moment and looked at Zi Shanhe and Zi Fengyun. Shanhe, Fengyun, you’ve made it into the eighth stage. Although you didn’t pass, your performance was still acceptable. You can choose any treasure on the third level of the purple treasure vault.

“Many thanks, father!”

Eighth prince Zi Shanhe and tenth Prince Zi Fengyun’s eyes shone with a dazzling light. Their hearts were filled with excitement.

The other princes and princesses looked at them with envy, especially Zi Meng Xin. She had made it to the seventh stage, but had not passed. Her eyes were filled with regret and envy.

The purple treasure vault was the treasure trove of the Ziwei Empire.

The first floor contained the treasures left behind by the unparalleled mighty figures of the Ziwei Empire, the second floor contained the treasures left behind by the peerless Dao Lord, and the third floor contained the treasures left behind by the outstanding Dao severing experts.

Some were powerful Dao techniques and divine arts, some were divine weapons with all kinds of wondrous effects, some were rare materials and divine minerals, and there were all kinds of rare treasures with unknown effects.

There were even Supreme-grade numinous treasures on the third level of the purple treasure vault.

The princes each had a Supreme-grade numinous treasure, but they only had one. It was still very difficult to obtain Supreme-grade numinous treasures. If they could get their hands on a second Supreme-grade numinous treasure, it would be enough to increase their strength by a large margin!

Zi Shanhe and Zi Fengyun looked at each other. In their excitement, they both thought that if they could receive such a reward for not passing the eighth level, then wouldn’t Zi Lingxiao’s reward for passing the ninth level be even higher?

As for Zi Menghan, her rewards would probably be beyond his imagination!

While everyone was overwhelmed with emotions, Emperor Lord Zi Wei’s gaze fell on Zi Lingxiao and said, ” Ling Xiao has made it to the ninth level. You can choose any treasure on the fourth floor of the purple treasure vault.

“Many thanks, father!” Zi Lingxiao was extremely excited.

The fourth level of the purple treasure vault stored all the treasures left behind by the Saints of the Ziwei Empire!

Of course, every complete Saint weapon was a strategic resource that could suppress one’s Foundation. It wasn’t stored on the fourth floor of the Treasury, but in a deeper level.

After all, there was a limit to the number of Saint weapons available, and every time one was used, there would be one less. They weren’t like Saint grade techniques and abilities that could be cultivated by many people at the same time, so they wouldn’t be so easily taken out as rewards.

Even so, the treasures on the fourth floor of the purple treasure vault were still very tempting.

Although there were no complete Saint weapons on the fourth floor, there were quite a few half-Saint weapons and even broken Saint weapons. Every single one of them was a rare treasure.

Moreover, every treasure in the fourth level of the treasure vault was contaminated with the Taoist connotation. Most of them were treasures that had accompanied Saints throughout their lives. Even ordinary items had various magical effects. Some seemingly unremarkable treasures even had unimaginable origins.

There was once a person who had obtained an ordinary-looking Moonstone from the fourth level of the treasure vault. That person had another Moonstone in his hands, and the two pieces of stone combined together turned out to be the key to a Holy King’s inheritance, and thus obtained the complete inheritance!

This kind of opportunity was naturally something that could only be seen but not obtained. Even if they could obtain a half-Saint weapon or an incomplete Saint weapon, it was enough to make any prince or princess ecstatic.

Even Zi Shanhe and Zi Fengyun were extremely envious. Although the treasures on the third level were good, they could not compare to the treasures on the fourth level!

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Zi Menghan as their minds were filled with thoughts.

How would her father reward her?

Was it possible for her to enter the legendary fifth level of the treasure house?

Sovereign Lord Zi Wei looked at Zi Menghan and said slowly, ” Menghan, you’ve already proven that you’re not weaker than anyone today by being able to break through the nine heavenly barriers. You can go to the fifth floor of the purple treasure vault and choose any treasure you want.

“What? The fifth level of the treasure vault?”

Many princes and princesses exclaimed in shock before Sovereign Lord Zi Wei finished his sentence.

The worst treasures in the fifth level were treasures left behind by invincible Saints who were at the same level as them. There were even treasures left behind by Saint Kings. Each of these treasures had an unimaginable origin, and there were even true Saint weapons!

Although they had already guessed it, they still found it unbelievable when they heard it from Imperial Lord Ziwei.

Sovereign Lord Zi Wei’s action was equivalent to rewarding Zi Menghan with a holy weapon!

“Many thanks, father!”

Zi Menghan expressed her thanks softly, but her Dao heart did not waver much.

Zi Mingxuan couldn’t help but say,”father, this isn’t fair!” The fifth level of the purple treasure vault is filled with the best treasures of our Ziwei Empire. Every treasure can be considered a strategic resource. Even if she passed the nine heavenly barriers, I’m afraid she doesn’t have the qualifications to enter the fifth level of the treasure vault?”

“Are you questioning my decision?”

Sovereign Lord Zi Wei’s gaze swept towards Zi Mingxuan and an invisible, vast pressure pressed down on Zi Mingxuan. Everything in the world seemed to stop, even the sound of the wind disappeared without a trace.

At this moment, Zi Mingxuan felt as if his mind had suffered a huge blow. If it wasn’t for Imperial Lord Zi Wei’s deliberate control, this blow would have been enough to disperse his mind.

“Your son doesn’t dare!” Zi Mingxuan quickly knelt on the ground, his forehead covered with cold sweat.

Sovereign Lord Zi Wei retracted the vast pressure and said indifferently, ” “If you can break through the nine heavenly barriers, you can also enter the fifth floor of the treasure house! Unfortunately, your performance has disappointed me! From today on, you’ll be grounded for three years in the ancestral land. You’ll need to temper yourself!”

Zi Mingxuan quickly said,”father!” Your son knows his mistake! There’s no need to be grounded for three years, right? In this Golden Age, the entire East continent will change dramatically in three years. If I’m grounded for three years, I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep up with the times!”

Sovereign Lord Zi Wei shook his head and the disappointment in his eyes deepened. He said indifferently, ” “You’re too short-sighted! If you dare to talk back again, you’ll be grounded for ten years!”

Zi Mingxuan was unconvinced, but when he saw the overbearing and majestic look on Sovereign Lord Ziwei’s face, he could only say in a muffled voice, ” “Yes, this son understands!”

Zi Menghan raised her head to look at Imperial Lord Zi Wei who was in mid-air and said directly, ” “Imperial father, I heard that the Imperial court is preparing to let me marry into the MU residence for a marriage alliance. Is this true?”

Sovereign Lord Ziwei stood in the void with her hands behind her back, as if she was the master of the entire heaven and earth.”If you’re still the innate cripple from back then, the possibility of you going for a marriage alliance is very high! Since you’ve displayed your unparalleled beauty, there’s naturally no need for you to go to the marriage alliance! In the entire East continent, there are only a handful of people who are worthy of you!”

Zi Menghan was silent for a moment. She knew that what Sovereign Lord Zi Wei said was the truth. If she didn’t display enough cultivation and potential today, she might really be pushed out for a marriage alliance.

Being born in a royal family, everything depended on the value one displayed.

The other princesses ‘hearts clenched. Since Zi Menghan had been eliminated, the possibility of them going for the marriage alliance was even greater.

Especially the third Princess, Zi mengli. It was said that she was the first candidate for the marriage alliance. After Zi Mengxi’s reminder, she remembered the ninth Princess, Zi Menghan. She tried her best to get Zi Menghan to return. Unfortunately, Zi Menghan’s strength had completely overturned her understanding and caught her off guard.

Monarch Zi Wei did not announce who was going to be the bride on the spot and Zi Menghan was too lazy to ask. It was fine as long as it was not her.

All of this was given by master!

If not for her master, she would still be an innate cripple and would not be able to control her own fate.

“I’ve already informed the Guardians of the purple treasure vault. Shanhe, Fengyun, Ling Xiao, Menghan, you can go and choose any treasure you want. It’ll all depend on your luck as to what kind of treasure you can choose. As for the others, you can all leave.” Sovereign Lord Zi Wei said indifferently before his figure disappeared into the void without a trace.

Zi Mingxuan snorted coldly. With an unconvinced emotion, he quickly left the place and went to the ancestral land to face the wall.

The other princes and princesses had complicated expressions on their faces. They had no face to stay here any longer, so they left.

“Congratulations, ninth sister!” Zi Lingxiao congratulated Zi Menghan.

“Third brother isn’t bad either,” Zi Menghan nodded slightly.

Zi Lingxiao shook her head gently and sighed, ” sister Nine’s strength has subverted everyone’s understanding. I still can’t imagine how sister nine passed the ninth level unscathed. The treasures on the fourth and fifth level of the purple treasure vault can’t be compared.

At this moment, the eighth prince, Zi Shanhe, rushed over and congratulated him sourly, ” “Ninth sister, congratulations!”

The tenth Prince, Zi Fengyun, walked over from another direction with a complicated expression, ” I didn’t expect sister nine to be the biggest Dark Horse. She’s really beyond everyone’s expectations!

From their point of view, the reason why the third Prince, Zi Lingxiao, was able to break through the eighth level’s ancient battlefield was all because of the military Dao inheritance that he had obtained in Imperial College. They didn’t think that they were any worse than Zi Lingxiao, it was just that the heavenly pass was targeted at a different direction.

However, Zi Menghan’s strength made them lose their temper.

Even now, they still did not know how Zi Menghan had managed to break through the nine heavenly barriers. Zi Menghan’s abilities were far more powerful than they had imagined!

“You can never imagine what I’ve experienced in my life. Brothers, please don’t make fun of me.” Zi Menghan replied calmly.

Zi Shanhe and Zi Menghan looked at each other. Thinking of Zi Menghan’s childhood experience, they both fell silent.

The third Prince, Zi Lingxiao, smiled. alright, I’m going to the purple treasure vault now. Ninth sister, are you coming along? ”

“Then let’s go and take a look.” Zi Menghan did not have any objections.

Zi Shanhe and Zi Fengyun also wanted to take a look. The four of them rushed towards the purple treasure vault together.

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