Chapter 132: Chapter 132-yuhuatian in Xichang

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The taixuan Holy Land was a saint’s dojo. It had existed even longer than the xuantian Holy Land. During its most glorious period, several Saints had appeared together. Its Foundation was unfathomable.

In the minds of most cultivators in the East continent, any Holy Land had a longer history than they knew, and they were immortal.

The collapse of the Holy Land had overturned the knowledge of all cultivators in the East continent. It was beyond everyone’s imagination. Panic spread throughout the entire East continent.

If the Holy Land was destroyed by the demon race, wouldn’t the ordinary sects and families die without a doubt?

At the same time, everyone was curious how the taixuan Holy Land had been destroyed.

Ye chen had some vague speculations about the reason for the great profound Holy Land’s destruction.

One of ye Chen’s puppet incarnations had killed a Demon Lord who had come out of the ruins of the taixuan Holy Land to search for blood food, and he had learned about the situation through soul searching.

“It’s indeed related to the taixuan Saint son.” Ye chen said in a low voice, his eyes shining with the light of wisdom.

When the blood desolate mountain range incident had been exposed, the taixuan Holy Son had led many experts of the taixuan Holy Land to exterminate the demon race, but they had been ambushed. Except for the taixuan Holy Son, who had escaped with serious injuries, everyone else had died in the blood desolate mountain range.

At that time, ye chen didn’t think much of it. However, when divine Lord tai Xuan led many elders to attack the blood desolate mountain and was ambushed, only divine Lord tai Xuan managed to escape, which made ye chen feel that something was wrong.

The blood desolate mountain range was guarded by a demonic emissary at the Daoist Lord realm, and even the Tai Xuan Holy Lord had almost died. How did the Tai Xuan Holy Son escape back then?

After that, sacred Lord tai Xuan broke through to the Dao Lord realm and went to take revenge with his Saint weapon. However, he was beaten back again, and the news that the blood demon church’s patriarch, who was at the peak of the Dao severing realm, was trying to break through to the Saint realm in the desolate Blood Mountain range spread.

As soon as this news came out, the leaders of many forces in the eastern barren territory were attracted by the blood demon church master. Ye chen felt that there was something fishy about it.

The desolate Blood Mountain range was the base of the blood demon sect. When the taixuan Saint went to attack the desolate Blood Mountain range, he was only in the primordial soul realm. How could he have escaped from the base of the blood demon sect?

After searching his soul, he found out that the Black Lotus demonic Messenger of the bloody demon sect had planted a Black Lotus soul seal in the taixuan saint’s soul when he had attacked the desolate Blood Mountain range for the first time. He had made the taixuan Saint become his puppet without him knowing.

Ye chen had used the Saint’s Corpse and the puppet incarnation to kill the blood demon church’s leader. He had also killed the blood demon church’s deputy leader and a few demonic envoys, leaving the blood demon church leader dead in name only.

The Black Lotus demonic Messenger had also died in the hands of ye Chen’s puppet incarnation. However, a wisp of his spirit sense had been reborn in the body of the taixuan Saint son through the black Lotus soul seal, and had been lying dormant in the taixuan sacred land.

When the green-horned demon tribe attacked the crack of the demonic abyss in the Tai Xuan Holy Land, sacred Lord tai Xuan was held back with his holy weapon. A Dao severing patriarch of the Tai Xuan Holy Land broke out of the coffin and burned his life force to fight the green-horned demon tribe.

The Black Lotus demonic envoy, who had transformed into the taixuan Saint son, took the opportunity to launch a sneak attack. The Dao severing stage ancestor couldn’t control the chaotic life essence in his body and exploded, which was beyond everyone’s expectations.

Before the Tai Xuan Holy Land could react, the crack in the demonic abyss had already stabilized into a passage. A demon saint of the green-horned demon race crossed the border and crushed the foundation of the Tai Xuan Holy Land, sacrificing the entire tai Xuan Holy Land!

Because it had happened so suddenly, the taixuan Holy Land had no time to move their core disciples. They were all killed by the green-horned demon race. Except for some disciples who were out training, the rest were all slaughtered.

The Black Lotus demonic emissary, who had disguised himself as the taixuan Saint son, had naturally become the representative of the green-horned demon race. He had obtained a lot of benefits from the green-horned demon race, and he seemed to have surpassed the blood demon church master.

The demise of the taixuan Holy Land shrouded the hearts of all the cultivators in the eastern barren territory with a layer of lingering dark clouds, and they felt that the future was dark.

Many sects and aristocratic families placed their hopes on the various Emperor-ruled immortal sects. However, the situation that the various Emperor-ruled immortal sects faced was not optimistic.

The Chen clan of the ancients, the Qin clan of the antiquity age, the Zi Wei imperial dynasty, and other powers each had their own territories. The Chen clan of the ancients and the Qin clan of the ancients both had the backup left behind by the great emperor as their Foundation. Although the crack in the demonic abyss in their ancestral lands was also attacked by the demonic race, they were easily suppressed. They even had the energy to suppress the crack in the demonic abyss nearby.

Although the few longevity aristocratic families had already declined, they had the means left behind by their ancestors. The impact of the demon race’s attack on them was not great.

On the other hand, the situation of the Zi Wei Empire was not looking good.

The territory of the Zi Wei Empire stretched for nearly a million miles, and there were as many as seven cracks in the demonic abyss in this territory. During normal times, it was used as a training ground for the Zi Wei Empire, allowing them to plunder a large amount of energy resources from the demonic realm. With the help of the demonic realm, countless elite soldiers and generals were trained.

However, this time, the seven demonic abyss rifts of the Zi Wei Empire were attacked by the ancient demons of the demon Realm at the same time. Some of the border officials even betrayed them and threw two demonic abyss rifts. The lives of several huge cities were sacrificed. It could be said that they were severely injured.

In the demonic sect’s counterattack, three princes had fallen one after another, which was a great blow to the Ziwei Empire.

When Zi Menghan heard the news, her thoughts were in a mess.

Although her relationship with the imperial family of di dynasty had never been good, they were still blood relatives. The death of the three princes made her feel very bad.

Many of the devil race in the devil World seemed to have used all their trump cards. They wanted to gain a foothold in the ancient barren world and prepare to dominate the entire world in the future.

The Zi Wei imperial court was busy with their own affairs. There were not many cracks in the demonic abyss within the territories of the Chen clan of the ancients and the Qin clan of the ancients. However, it would be difficult for them if they were asked to divert their forces to other places to suppress the demonic abyss.

Several of the ancient sects that had disappeared had Dao severing demon Venerables in them, and the Tai Xuan Holy Land had a true demon saint lurking in the dark. Even these ancient families did not dare to easily start a war with the demon saint!

In the East continent, the wind and rain were blowing. No one could see any hope, even the cultivators of the Zi Wei Empire were shrouded in a thick haze.

At this moment, the news of what had happened in the xuantian sacred land spread throughout the entire East continent.

The xuantian Holy Land was at the bottom of the list of Holy Lands in the eastern barren territory. It was not as strong as the other Holy Lands, and many Holy Lands thought that it would be difficult for the xuantian Holy Land to survive this time.

However, everything that had happened in the profound heavenly sacred land had overturned everyone’s imagination!

The ancient demons attacked the crack in the demonic abyss of the xuantian sacred land, and a demon saint crossed the boundary to bury the entire xuantian sacred land. A sword light slashed out from the depths of the xuantian sacred land and killed the demon saint with one strike!

He killed the demonic Saint with a single strike!

What kind of power was this?

The hundreds of millions of cultivators in the East continent were shocked when they heard the news. They could not believe what had happened in the xuantian sacred land.

The golden age had just started a few years ago. When did such a powerful man appear in the East barren?

But soon after, everyone chose to believe it without any hesitation. Even if they had not seen the battle with their own eyes, they had no doubts about it.

The East barren was in a precarious situation. Many Imperial Holy Lands were busy with their own affairs, not to mention helping the East barren to eliminate the demons.

At this time, what happened in the xuantian sacred land unconsciously gave all the cultivators in the East continent a shot of confidence. They saw hope and a future, and they were willing to fight for it.

“The profound heavenly sacred land has an invincible Saint!”

The news spread like wildfire across the East continent. All the cultivators who heard the news were particularly excited.

In the end, the news evolved into ‘the profound heaven Holy Land has a Saint King’,’ the profound heaven Holy Land has a great saint’, and even some said that the profound heaven Holy Land has an Emperor-to-be or even an Emperor-to-be, but they didn’t believe it themselves and were just blindly joining in the fun.

Although they knew that the xuantian sacred land couldn’t wipe out the demons in the East continent even with a Saint, they at least saw hope of a counterattack.

The great devil Saint could also be killed!

When ye chen heard that there were billions of creatures being slaughtered by the demonic race in the eastern barren territory, he couldn’t turn a blind eye to it even though he wasn’t from this world.

Did those ancient Devils of the devil World really think that they could kill the humans of the East barren at will?

Ye chen was silent for a long time, then he spread out his puppet incarnations all over the East continent.

In a certain giant city in the ganyang region.

A demon Emperor at the peak of the Almighty realm was cultivating a demonic technique. Blood souls flew out from many houses and courtyards, turning into blood-colored essence and fusing into the body of the demon Emperor. Hundreds of thousands of remnant souls flashed and wailed around him, filled with resentment.

the human race only deserves to be the blood food of the demon race. The demon race is the true Master of the Universe! The demon Emperor laughed eerily, his voice filled with arrogance.


A brilliant Saber Light flashed and the demon Emperor’s head was separated from his body. Even his primordial spirit could not escape.


In the virtual elemental zone, the great formation of a giant city was fully activated.

The cultivators from the nearby towns who were lucky enough to survive had all gathered in this giant city. They looked at the demon master and dozens of demon emperors in the void outside the giant city, and a sense of despair emerged in their hearts.

Not long ago, a huge city had been massacred by the demons. Not even chickens and dogs were left, and it was like a purgatory on earth.

And now, the city they were in was also going to be massacred by the demons?

Dugu Qiubai, the sword devil, had once burned his life to kill the blood demon Cult Master, which brought a few years of opportunity for the development of the eastern barren territory. Who could save them now?

At this moment, a handsome young man in a flying fish robe appeared in the void. His soft and cold eyes glanced at the demon master and dozens of demon emperors in front of him, and he unsheathed his embroidered spring sword.


The blade cut through the heavens and annihilated the world.

As a brilliant blade light flashed, the demon master and dozens of demon emperors were all cut down, and their primordial spirits were ground into the tiniest pieces.

Everyone in the city was stunned by this scene, and then they cheered in surprise.

They were finally saved!

One of the higher-being realm elders reacted and shouted, ” “May I ask what senior’s name is? Where did you come from?”

“Yu Huatian, West Depot!” The handsome young man in the Flying Fish robe disappeared into the void, and his cold and feminine voice came from the depths of the void.

Although they didn’t know what kind of power the West Imperial Granary was, and they had never heard of Yu Huatian’s name, from now on, this name would be imprinted in their hearts. The name of Yu Huatian of the West Imperial Granary would be known throughout the entire East barren!


Ye chen had not made many Dao severing stage puppets. Sword demon Dugu Qiubai had sacrificed himself to kill the blood demon Cult Master, evil king Shi Zhixuan had followed Xuan Xin into the ancient starry sky path, and the white-haired puppet he had made later had followed fa Kong. Demonic blade ding Peng had been sent into the demon world, and only Yu Huatian’s puppet could still move freely.

Yu Huatian’s puppet incarnations traveled all over the eastern barren territory, killing more and more demon kings and demon kings, and his name grew more and more famous.

When Yu Huitian from Xichang killed a demon Supreme who was massacring a city, his reputation had reached its peak. Almost everyone in the East barren knew him.

Apart from Yu Huitian, ye Chen’s other puppet incarnations were also traveling around the East barren. Although they were not as famous as the other puppets, they could still display the battle power of Dao Lord realm, killing many demon race experts and saving countless lives.

Just as ye Chen’s puppet avatar was traveling the world, the mysterious sky Saint son Xiao Yixian, Qin wudao from the ancient Qin family, and even the myriad Sword Saint son bu Tianya had also begun traveling the world. Even the descendants of the Chen family of the ancients, who had sealed their mountains long ago, had also begun to travel the world, killing a large number of demon experts.

Other than them, many saints and successors of ancient sects also began to kill the powerful demons all over the world. The powerful cultivators of the major forces also attacked frequently to eliminate the demons around their respective forces.

Under the demons ‘unbridled attack, the fights between the various forces temporarily slowed down and they United to deal with the demons.

Although their achievements were not as glorious as Yu Huatian’s, and they were not as famous as Yu Huatian, their actions had given the surviving cultivators of the East continent a boost and rekindled their hope.

At this time, ye chen had also sent many puppet clones into the ancient sects and the Supreme mystery Holy Land that were occupied by the demon race. They secretly used the power of the dead soul seal to search for the ancestors and experts who had fallen in the Supreme mystery Holy Land and the ancient sects.

The ancestral cemeteries of the taixuan Holy Land and a few ancient sects had all become ye Chen’s focus. Although it was a great disrespect to let the dead come out of their coffins to fight again, even if they still had their wisdom, they would definitely agree with ye Chen’s approach and be willing to contribute the last bit of their ashes to their respective sects.

Ye chen had killed countless demonic race experts, including demon saint Cang man, so he had obtained countless Demonic Cultivation techniques.

Ye Chen’s first concern was the Supreme mystery Holy Land. His puppet incarnation had used a profound Demonic Cultivation technique to transform his entire cultivation base into Demonic Cultivation base, and had sneaked into the ruins of the Supreme mystery Holy Land.

The green-horned demon tribe had just occupied the taixuan Holy Land and divided the treasure house of the taixuan Holy Land. They had obtained a huge amount of cultivation resources. Every Demon tribe of the green-horned demon tribe was in high spirits. They did not check the other demons in the ruins of the taixuan Holy Land in detail. They had not expected that someone would dare to sneak into the taixuan Holy Land at this time.

At the same time, ye Chen’s other puppet incarnations had sneaked into the sky high sect, the clear void sect, and other ancient sects, searching for the corpses of the fallen experts.

In order to deal the biggest blow to the demonic race, ye chen was not in a hurry to make a move. Instead, he was accumulating power, preparing to burst out at the same time.

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