Chapter 131: The devil descends in the East continent

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The profound heavenly sacred land.

Sacred Lord dark sky asked, ” “Junior Brother ye, what realm have you reached now?”

“The peak of the Almighty realm.” Ye Chen’s gentle voice came out from the void.

Ever since he had killed the blood demon sect, the entire East continent had become much more peaceful. Ye chen could cultivate in peace, and within a few years, he had reached the peak of the Almighty realm.

Saint Lord profound sky was slightly dazed. He thought that ye Chen’s cultivation base had at least reached the Dao severing realm when he killed the demonic Saint with one sword. He didn’t expect that ye chen was only at the peak Almighty realm and hadn’t even broken through to the Dao Lord realm!

Sacred Lord profound sky had withstood the heavenly Tribulation and entered the Dao Lord realm. He had re-forged the foundation of his great Dao, and his battle-power far exceeded that of ordinary Dao Lords. Without using a sacred weapon, he could only fight against Dao severing experts at most, and his chances of winning weren’t high.

Junior Brother ye had yet to break through to the Dao Lord realm, but he could already kill a Saint?

Saint Lord profound sky personally led the peak Masters and elders to deal with the aftermath of the demonic invasion, while ye chen quietly returned to the blue cloud Peak with his two disciples.

After a few years of cultivation, both Zi Menghan and Li Qingzhou’s cultivation had made great progress.

Zi Menghan’s cultivation had long reached the peak of the divine treasure realm. She had been accumulating her cultivation in preparation for breaking through to the Nirvana realm. She was very close to the heavenly Tribulation.

Li Qingzhou’s cultivation had also reached the peak of the primordial soul realm. He had just entered the stage of accumulation, and his Almighty tribulation was still far away.

Li Qingzhou had been preparing for the Almighty’s tribulation in the future. He had kept it in his body for many years and was still nurturing the sword. When he passed the Tribulation, it would be earth-shattering.

Ye chen opened the master-disciple interface and checked the movements of fa Kong and Xuan Xin.

your disciple, fa Kong, left the xuantian sacred land and came to the chaotic realm. He was attacked 16 times, but he was not in any danger.

your disciple, Xuan Xin, left the profound heavenly sacred land and came to the chaotic realm. He was attacked seven times, and all of them were killed.

your disciple, Xuan Xin, has found a weak point in the chaotic realm. He has broken through the barrier of the world and brought fa Kong into the ancient starry sky Road.

your disciples, fa Kong and Xuan Xin, were attacked by the star insect Army in the desolate sea of stars on the ancient path of stars, and they were separated.

your disciple, fa Kong, met Wen Liangyu, the Saint of the Holy Land of radiance in the Imperial path world. Wen Liangyu once resisted the heavenly Tribulation and entered the Almighty realm. He’s an unparalleled prodigy of the Imperial path world. [ Wen Liangyu sensed that fa Kong had an important treasure on him and attacked him. Fa Kong fled with heavy injuries. ]

your disciple Xuan Xin was attacked by a Dao Lord golden spiral Star Beast and used the heaven shaking Bell to kill it. However, she was detected by a Dao severing stage expert and was chased across star fields. She was lucky enough to escape.


Huh, the experiences of these two disciples were so exciting?

They were separated as soon as they entered the ancient path of stars?

With fa Kong’s strength, he would most likely face many hardships in the future!

They had been gone for several years, but Xuan Xin still hadn’t arrived at the black Yellow great world. It seemed that the ancient starry sky path they had entered was not easy to walk on!

Ye chen watched the experiences of these two disciples with great interest, but he was not worried at all.

These two disciples had already condensed the myriad tribulation indestructible Dao seal. As long as they were not killed instantly, they could deal with it. It was just that they might have to suffer more.

Ye chen had secretly left Dao severing stage puppet incarnations on these two disciples. Even if they encountered ordinary saints, they would be able to protect them.

Since the two of them wanted to train, as long as there was no real life or death crisis, ye Chen’s puppet incarnation would not interfere.

To enter other worlds from the ancient barren world, one had to break through the world barrier.

If one’s cultivation reached the Saint realm, they could easily break through the barriers of worlds and forcefully cross the starry sky.

In his previous life, Xuan Xin was a Supreme Saint divine beast Black Tortoise. When he broke through to the Emperor-to-be realm, he was attacked by a powerful enemy. He fell into the ancient barren world and smashed through the world barrier. However, it would take some effort to enter other macro worlds now.

If one’s cultivation level was not high enough, one would need to find a spatial node with a weak world barrier to break through it. There were many such spatial nodes in the chaotic realm. Against such spatial node attacks, powerful beings with tyrannical cultivation bases could break through the world barrier and enter the ancient starry sky path.

As for the ancient starry sky path, it was a starry sky path with many living beings.

In the vast starry sea, there were countless ancient starry sky paths that led to many greater worlds.

When one passed through a spatial node, they would be affected by the massive spatial force and would randomly land on a nearby ancient starry sky path.

Obviously, the ancient path of stars that fa Kong and Xuan Xin had entered was one of those dangerous ancient paths.

Ye chen did not pay too much attention to these two disciples. Instead, he released many puppet incarnations and went to various places in the East continent to collect information.

When ye chen had used the primordial fate sword to kill Cang man Saint, he had flipped through some of his memories. He knew that when the ancient demon race attacked the crack in the demonic abyss of the xuantian sacred land, many ancient demon races from the demon world had invaded the eastern barren of the ancient barren world at the same time. The eastern barren had probably gone through a tremendous change.

As expected, ye Chen’s puppet incarnation walked all over the eastern barren, and he could see demonic Qi everywhere. Most of the demonic abyss cracks hidden in the eastern barren were attacked by the demonic race at the same time, and a large number of demonic race experts entered the ancient barren world.

In the past, the devil World didn’t dare to invade like this. After all, the price of invasion was very high. Those senior devil experts were simply unwilling to consume their life force and essence to attack the crack in the devil abyss, as the gains didn’t make up for the losses.

With the opening of the golden age in the ancient barren world, it attracted the attention of many ancient demons. They didn’t dare to use their life and essence to attack the crack in the demonic abyss, but now they didn’t care anymore.

As long as they could enter the ancient barren world, their life force would be replenished by the baptism of the laws of heaven and earth. It was very possible for them to break through to the next realm and extend their lifespans and lifespans.

This was a Fatal Attraction to all demons, especially those who did not have much time left. They were even crazier.

Demonic Qi filled the sky, and blood covered the ground. The East barren was in a storm. This was far greater than what the demon saint bloodbath had caused a thousand years ago.

Most of the places where the crack in the devil’s abyss was located were hidden and rich in the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth. Most of these places were occupied by the major forces in the East continent. Many ancient devil tribes attacked the crack together, which caused many forces in the East continent to suffer heavy casualties.

There was a demonic crack in the Qingxu sect’s forbidden area, and there were many seals outside the crack.

However, the moment the profound heavenly sacred land was attacked, the demonic abyss crack also suffered an unprecedented blow.

Some Dao severing experts took out their half-Saint weapons from the other side of the demonic abyss and broke the seal in an instant. Some demonic Lords crossed the boundary through the demonic abyss and created an absolute suppression on the Qing Xu sect.

The Qingxu sect had sent two Dao master realm patriarchs to fight by burning their life essence. Unfortunately, the demon master who passed through the demonic abyss passage was too powerful. In addition, there were also Dao severing realm experts waiting behind the crack in the demonic abyss. Even when the two patriarchs of the Qingxu sect used their Supreme-grade spirit treasures, they could only severely injure the demon master and not kill him.

The two Dao Lord realm patriarchs had fallen in this battle.

The demons that invaded the Qingxu sect were well prepared. They quickly stabilized the crack in the demonic abyss and turned it into a demonic abyss passage. A Dao severing demon Supreme crossed over.

Sect master Qingxu and many Supreme elders took pills that overdrew their vitality and potential. They worked together to take out the half-Saint weapon left by the founding patriarch and used several broken Saint arrays to attack the Dao severing stage demon Supreme at all costs.

Unfortunately, the Dao severing stage demons were far more powerful than they had imagined. Their desperate attacks could only delay them for a short time.

Taking advantage of this time, two Supreme elders took the inheritors and hundreds of core disciples of the Qingxu sect and left through the teleportation formation of heaven and earth inside the sect. They could be considered to have preserved the Tinder of the sect’s inheritance.

In a very short time, the demon venerable killed the sect master of the Qing Xu sect and the others, massacring tens of thousands of people in the sect. The disciples and elders who were hiding in the secret realms were not able to escape either. The entire Qing Xu sect was covered in blood, and the vast blood-colored essence Qi turned into blood clouds that shrouded the sky above the sect, not dissipating for a long time.

Although there were inheritors and hundreds of core disciples of the Qingxu sect, they had lost most of their inheritance and treasures. Without a real powerhouse to protect them, they were bound to be coveted by various forces.

Even if they were lucky enough to survive, they would only be reduced to a bottom-class sect, basically destroyed.

An ancient sect with a long history, after countless twists and turns, finally walked towards destruction.

The demons who occupied the Qingxu sect spread out and massacred all the places in the eastern barren territory. Countless living beings were killed and they committed countless sins.


Not only the Qingxu sect, but the other ancient sects were also affected.

The sky high sect’s sect master had sneaked an attack on Xuan Xin while he was undergoing the heavenly Tribulation, but he had been killed by ye Chen’s puppet incarnation and had his half-Saint weapon taken away.

The sky high sect’s ancestral ground also had a demonic abyss crack that had always been sealed. When the ancient demonic tribe attacked the profound heaven sacred land, it had also suffered an attack.

A demonic beast at the demonic Lord realm led thousands of demonic beasts out of the crack in the demonic abyss. In an instant, they tore apart and devoured the sky high sect elders and disciples who had stayed outside the crack, stabilizing the crack and turning it into a passage to the demonic abyss.

Dao severing demonic beasts crossed the boundary and attacked the sky high sect with an endless number of demonic beasts, massacring the entire sect and leaving no survivors. The sky high sect’s heritage was completely severed and buried in history.

These demonic beasts were even more bloodthirsty and brutal. They even devoured the people of the demonic race. They were extremely ferocious and wreaked havoc in the world.


The ancient sects like the divine sword sect, the sacred yang sect, the Danxia sect, and the drifting snow Palace were all affected. However, their foundations were relatively stronger, and they also paid enough attention to the crack in the demonic abyss.

After paying an unimaginably great price, they managed to repel the devil’s attack with great difficulty and re-seal it, but they were all greatly injured.


The crack in the demonic abyss of the Cold Moon sect had been attacked by the demonic race. The Cold Moon sect did not have as deep a Foundation as the divine sword sect and other large and ancient sects. The two remaining Dao Lord realm old ancestors had broken out of their coffins and burned their lives, but they still could not stop the demonic race from descending.

At the critical moment, a brilliant blade light was slashed out from the Qin family’s divine Island not far from the Cold Moon sect. It severely injured the demon commander who had crossed the boundary and arrived. The demon commander was so frightened that he retreated back into the crack of the demonic abyss.

The Cold Moon sect had destroyed the demonic abyss passage and turned it back into the crack of the demonic abyss. They had laid down many layers of seals, but they had also suffered great losses.

The reason why a patriarch of the ancient Qin family had taken action was mainly because the Cold Moon sect was too close to the Qin family’s ancestral land. If the devil tribe opened up this passage to the devil abyss, the Qin family’s ancestral land would be in grave danger. This was something they did not want to see.

They naturally understood the principle of mutual dependence.


When these ancient sects were attacked, several Holy Lands in the East continent were also attacked.

There was no need to mention what had happened to the profound heaven Holy Land. The heaven amplification Holy Land, Nine Heavens Holy Land, purple Manor Holy Land, myriad sword Holy Land, and Supreme profound Holy Land had all been attacked by the demon race.

Furthermore, those who dared to attack the cracks of the demonic abyss in these sacred grounds were all demonic Saints!


In the heaven amplification Holy Land, the newly-promoted sacred Lord had announced the closure of the mountain several years ago. He had been recuperating and accumulating strength in secret.

When the crack in the demonic abyss was attacked, the newly-advanced heavenly Yan sacred Lord immediately summoned the heavenly treasure glazed Pagoda and suppressed it outside the crack.

However, on the other side of the crack in the demonic abyss, a true demonic Saint had used his Saint weapon. The heaven Yan sacred Lord gathered the power of many elders in the heaven Yan Holy Land, but they couldn’t stop it. In the end, he had to use his true power.

The history of the heaven amplification Holy Land was even longer than that of the profound heaven Holy Land, and there were still Dao severing Realm Ancestors in the world.

A Dao severing patriarch and two Dao Lord patriarchs woke up from their deep sleep and burned their life force to activate their holy weapons. They killed a Demon Lord who had crossed over in advance, preventing the demonic abyss crack from forming a demonic abyss passage in a short time.

Although the devil Saint on the other side of the crack had taken out his Saint weapon, he couldn’t let his Saint weapon stay in the ancient barren world for too long before his actual body arrived. He retreated after a few attacks.

The heaven amplification Holy Land had re-sealed the demonic abyss crack. However, the Dao severing patriarch and the two Dao Lord patriarchs had exhausted their lifespans and lives and died completely.

Those were Dao severing patriarchs. The death of any one of them was an unbearable loss for a Holy Land. It would greatly weaken the foundation of a Holy Land. The heaven amplification Holy Land had suffered a major loss this time, and it could only be considered a Pyrrhic victory.


The nine Heavens Holy Land, purple mansion Holy Land, and ten thousand swords Holy Land had a deeper Foundation, but their experiences were similar to the heaven amplification Holy Land’s.

Some demon Saints attacked the crack and used their demonic Saint weapons to pass through the crack. They also sent several demon masters through the crack, trying to stabilize the crack into a passage in a short time.

Dao severing patriarchs, Saint arrays, Saint weapons, etc., All of them used the power they had at their disposal to force back the demon saint’s attack and seal the demonic abyss.

Unfortunately, their losses were about the same as the heaven amplification Holy Land’s. They had lost at least one Dao severing patriarch each.

In comparison, the profound sky Holy Land’s Foundation was still lacking. They didn’t even leave behind a Dao severing stage ancestor. If ye chen hadn’t shown his might, the profound sky Holy Land would have been in real danger.

All the Holy Lands in the East continent were facing the same unprecedented crisis at the same time, which shocked the world.

However, what was even more shocking was that the taixuan Holy Land had been destroyed by the demon race!

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