Chapter 448: White Coffee

As she woke up, the whole cave trembled. For high-level existences such as Alex, the such effect could only add some dramatic event. However, the drama had reached the highest level already, for Schnee kept screaming and urging her mother to wake up.

“Hungry…” Myu Deathwill’s deep voice rang throughout the cave, reverberating as though slapping Schnee. The fat girl lifted her hand that came from the mass of flesh, then scrambled herself to her feet…

It lasted some time, but at the very least, Alex and others could see Myu Deathwill before them.

And no one could utter a word, even Schnee.

“Jesus Christ…” Olivia muttered, breaking the silence, her voice quiet yet enough to slap Schnee from behind. It wasn’t like Olivia could focus on Schnee as Myu Deathwill took the whole spotlight with her unusual form. 𝙞𝚗n𝓇𝘦аd. 𝗰𝘰𝚖

She was tall but, more importantly, too fat. No one could see her neck, and her eyes were like dots pushed up by her chubby cheeks, which were like mounds. She had many layers of fat on her nude body, cascading down like an avalanche.

She was naked, for no clothes could keep all of her within their content. She was so fat that matter of privacy was not a problem… No one could spot her nipples or pussy, for it was simply hidden beneath her flesh.

And to Schnee’s anger, Myu’s long tail also couldn’t peek forward, for she was too wide, for fuck sake!

“Hungry… So… hungry…” Her voice trailed off. No sooner she had uttered those words than Myu Deathwill’s body started heating up from anger. Her indignation stemmed from her insatiable hunger.

She grew unbelievably stronger as no one seemed to pass her treasures to feed upon.

Schnee spun around, extended her hands for Alex’s, then begged with the deepest sincerity, “Please, cum on her face!”

“Schnee! You expect handsome to get hard before this monster?!” Olivia raised her voice in aid of her beloved.

Schnee cast her a dangerous glance, then explained, “She needs to get addicted to your nutrient, then she will slowly burn her fats through your hot liquid! Darling, please! You have that ability, don’t you, the ability we both received on our first time!”

Her desire to help her mother was genuine, and she sounded sincere, so Alex couldn’t even rebuke her for saying those perverted words or thinking with her pussy to save her mother.

Of course, she had some right, but Alex could only agree with Olivia. It wasn’t just him unable to get hard in this situation. More things stopped Alex from even thinking, like Schnee.

But the kitty was persistent, “I know! I know! We can pin her down here, then book a room in the Dwarven Kingdom for ourselves. Let’s love each other lots and make cups of darling’s steamy seed for my mother! Let’s call it a white coffee!”

“You need a god,” Olivia commented, her eyes dead.

Alex was worse, for he made his comical expression, looking frozen and rooted on the spot. His lips trembled, and he didn’t know what to say. As for others, the atmosphere surely lightened, for other girls chuckled and laughed as Schnee attempted to cure her mother in her ‘lustful’ way.

“Darling! Darling!” Schnee beseeched her beloved, to no avail. Alex remained immovable, already thinking of other ways to save Schnee’s mother. He planned to help her become a happy woman; it was a plan ever since he had learned the truth.

How could he start a relationship or saving process in such a way?

There were more complications that Alex didn’t even want to talk about.

“Let’s stop here, for now,” Alex replied, at last, his eyes going to Remia, Yumia, Meiya, and Stella. These girls could trap Myu easily and put her back to sleep with their skills.

The called girls nodded, extending their hands to cast their techniques. With their higher levels and new skills, the forest fairies’ queen-princess duo summoned new branches out of their bodies.

These tangled around Myu’s mass of flesh effortlessly. In her anger, Myu wanted to break them all, to no avail.

The golden light descended from the ceiling, then. It was soothing and warm, enough to put the sinful glutton to her sleep.

And with that done, Alex sealed the cave and took residence here.

Schnee was silent, gawking at her mother. She imagined her pain after running away from Elias Deathwill, the struggle against sinful energy, and what had pushed her to eventually become such an existence.

Alex was with her, keeping her company while the other girls returned to Deathwill Castle to continue with their activities.

“Do you have any idea, darling?” Schnee asked faintly, her face hidden in her knees.

Alex nodded, patting her hair, “I will extract gluttonous mana from her. As I wield other sins, I should tame it and slowly start stealing it away from your mother. I will ask her out when she returns to her beautiful form.”

“Of course, you will. You must ask her out. She’s a sexy bitch and similar to Stella, so you will love her, I’m sure of it… And I want mother to be happy,” Schnee whispered those words, her face lit up slightly.

And as Alex made her look at her mother without blinking, he strode toward Myu Deathwill, putting his hand on her flesh. Although she was a big momma, too big for his preference, her skin felt smooth.

He smiled faintly, then used his newest skill from the Dullahan Kingdom to put a bit of his soul inside her. Myu’s sinful mana reacted to his invasion, and as Alex perfectly sensed it, he started the process of saving kitty momma!

It was pretty smooth, for no way any girl wanted to become such a mess as Myu Deathwill currently was. And as Schnee’s cries had reached her, Myu gladly allowed Alex to take control over her gluttony and start turning that power for his own use.

A week later, the cave became free of any monsters. And in the monster’s place, a woman, tired and breathless, covered in her sweat, lay with her eyes closed.

She was a beauty worthy of admiration.


But her human form lasted just a few seconds before she became a small kitty like Schnee. She curled up and went asleep.

Alex and Schnee grinned as they exchanged glances.

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