My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters?
Chapter 436 Celia has found her grandma

Chapter 436: Celia has found her grandma

After Alex had left the Ancestral Grounds with Sara by his side, the first dullahan guards instantly noticed his new aura. Even though Alex returned to his normal body, his black wings back and eyes shining red, the dullahans saw a noble presence within him.

No foreigner could ever make them feel like that, so the dullahan guards knew that Sara’s status was bound to rise higher and that they had received a reliable ally.

With rare happiness curving their lips up in those dire times, the guards saluted Alexander Deathwill and his wife, then wished them a good day.

Alex and Sara had returned to her house where she had been living with her former husband some years ago. It was cleaned, and everything that would remind Alex and Celia about Henred had been thrown out by Sara.

The bed was also new and fresh, and that bed made a lot of noise that day.

Afterward, Alex should’ve had a talk with the other royalties and passed them the technique he had acquired from the Ancestral Grounds. The news of his majestic aura reached everyone, including his allies in the Dullahan Kingdom.

But as Alex always had his family in the first place, the first thing he had done after his break was to call Celia to the kingdom. He used a checkpoint system, allowing his daughter to arrive safely at her home and reunite with her mother.

“Mom!” Celia instantly pounced at her mother, tightly wrapping her little arms around Sara’s neck. She trembled, and tears flew down her cheeks.

Sara gently patted and kissed her daughter’s hair, “What’s wrong, Celia? You’ve seen me a few times, right?”

Since dullahan momma was a player, she had enough time to meet her daughter. But even that was limited, so Celia cried aloud. She finally felt like she had enough time to be with her mother and tell everything that lay in her heart.

And so, Celia talked about her battle in all detail and how she had failed to save her friend, who, despite her limited circumstances, often reached out a hand to have a talk with her.

Alex listened from the side, ruffling Celia’s hair as she held onto her mother’s clothes. They had already talked about it, but it had been such a significant event that Celia surely needed to talk about it a few times more and replay everything one by one.

Back then, Celia awakened her strength, and she also achieved her dream, the white horse. This very white horse had acquired a personality because of her dreams, Sara and Alex’s attention, and many other factors.

Although Kubo was silent, he was clearly awake in Celia’s pocket, his head sticking out in a funny way. He was used to such treatment before, so he didn’t complain.

No one also bothered the family — as if they all could sense that Celia was here, probably because she was quite loud — but the kingdom needed everything to ensure their survival.

Princess Natalia knocked on the doors when she felt like it was the right time, then Celia had a big introduction to everyone, and her big eyes reflected their faces with abundant curiosity.

She greeted and became friendly with everyone. There was one problem that Celia had with her aunts and uncles and even other people from the kingdom. She ran away to her daddy, climbed onto his lap, then whispered to his ear, “I want blonde hair, too!”

All people she had met were of a royal bloodline, so their golden hair stood out. Celia felt left out, and like a little oddball, so she asked for a change.

Alex burst out laughing, “We can dye our hair.”

“Hehe!” Celia grinned.

A few days passed, then.

Alex had a talk through the system with everyone close to him, including Tomo Homie and other homies. The undead became quite an annoying challenge because they barred the way to dungeons and other leveling zones.

People with holiness, flames, and blunt weapons had been doing great against them. But then, the undead caused even more chaos as the dungeons broke out under their march!

Tomo Homie said, “I think those dungeons were meant to burst out with enemies, you know? But not at this stage and much later… I have that guess because of the shrines. We had an expedition to one of them, and guess what, they are too complex and hard. The Goddess behind those shrines likes challenges and is a pain in the ass.”

“I will lend you a hand soon. I must deal with a few matters, then we will start securing everything in the continents. We left them open for too long,” Alex replied, his eyes shining with killing intent, making him look like a beast.

“Thanks. I will try to overcome those shrines with our forces, but I guess we might really need your family’s help soon. For now, I give more attention to the undead. It’s easier for us to fight them, and their drop is not bad, too.”

“Got it,” Alex replied, shifted to more casual talk, then the homies ended it.

As if she had been waiting for that moment, Celia opened the door and entered the room, her big eyes shining with elation. She was often happy, but this particular expression told Alex that his daughter had done something extraordinary.

And it was more than impressive!

“I’ve found grandma!”

Celia’s words momentarily stupefied Alex. His little girl had many grandmas, so he wanted to make a joke. Yet the realization struck him relatively fast as Celia grinned and jumped at him with happiness.

“Mia Deathwill?” Alex asked in a whisper.

To his words, Celia quickly became quieter, matching his mood, and she whispered like a little detective who shared her greatest secret with her partner, “Yes.”

Alex’s eyes widened, and he promptly rose onto his two feet. He held Celia in his arms, hauling her up as she giggled. He grinned at her, then swirled around as the little fun started between them.

“My girl!”


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My legendary class is Husband Of Deathwill Sisters? Chapter 436 Celia has found her grandma