Chapter 424: Teamwork

Swathed in divine energy, Alex rapidly healed the laceration on his torso. The wound closed relatively quickly, but what had come with it coursed through Alex already, weighing him down.

The abundant negativity…

It had caused one thought in Alex’s mind, and that was enough to stop him for a few seconds. It was just one image, yet it protracted for so long that Ivonne had to take the battle to her hands.

She put her skill on Blackburn Blade, slowing him down. Then she let Alex’s neck go and stomped on the ground toward Blackburn Blade. Her mind flashed with the loss of Harvey and how Blackburn Blade dominated the scene.

She trembled but didn’t stop. At last, Ivonne and Blackburn Blade clashed!


“I remember you… Haha! So that’s why he has a demon… So that’s why I was able to come here so easily!” Blackburn Blade laughed madly, then kicked away Ivonne with a powerful kick.

He spread his arms, arched his head back, then glared at the sky with high-pitched laughter escaping his mouth, “Generous Goddess has given me a way to access the higher floors of Paradise!

Ah, I am honored! So honored! I want that playground! I want to be part of it, slaughter dragons and lamias here, and more! Haha! Haha!” he trembled like Luxuria, which was odd, then fixed his eyes on Alex and Ivonne, his lips wide.

Alex had already mended his consciousness and wounds. He felt warier toward Blackburn Blade, as this man’s negativity was much more intrusive and infectious than Alex’s Wrath…

And even if Blackburn Blade was full of madness and anger, Alex couldn’t even find a way to use it to his advantage. It was as though Blackburn Blade had a defense against Alex’s sin, or perhaps it was just a level gap.

Nonetheless, Blackburn Blade wouldn’t let Alex go… And they still had a lot of minutes before the hour hit…

“I want your power, son,” Blackburn Blade said calmly after his series of unbearable laughter, “I am unable to enter Paradise’s Tower just with the demon and antagonist’s mana… It sucks, but it is what it is, you know?”

It sucked as Blackburn Blade formed a unique demon, yet he couldn’t enter the tower and go for more challenges in Paradise. Most of his former buddies had already settled for a peaceful life in Paradise, yet Blackburn Blade wanted blood.

So he needed energy of unique origin, and Alex was the best target for it.

Alex hadn’t replied. He stood with his swords tense and ready to intercept every move of Blackburn Blade. Of course, he hadn’t pressed forward because Alex needed to buy as much time as possible.

Still, talking with Blackburn Blade seemed like the worst move, as even his voice was laced with his peculiar mana.

Blackburn Blade saw through Alex’s intent, so he chuckled and returned to his side with his sword brandished. They exchanged many moves, then, after at least ten of them, Alex called forth Sara’s Ultimate Skill.

He received characteristics of the dullahan race, then mixed their mist with his blue flames, surprising Blackburn Blade.

Half of the psychopath’s body burned and seared under the combination of sharp mist and blue flames. Yet he hadn’t fallen onto his knee. He stood as if someone had been tickling him, his lips curved into a devilish smile.

And then, Blackburn Blade revealed more of his perfect and crude swordsmanship. His moves were swift and simple contrary to his personality, which was riddled with many different moods.

He wanted to bring more of Alex’s cards, for the man surely could summon more, right? He had more arms, after all!

This agitation and curiosity with abundant interest made Blackburn Blade impatient, and he barely could control his strength. He momentarily forgot that there was a vast gap between him and Alex.

With one slash, he separated Alex and Ivonne, their bodies screaming with pain. They flew in two directions, and it even seemed as if their link had been broken!

“Ah… So sorry… Well, maybe you will finally reveal more now?” Blackburn utterly ignored Ivonne, for her Asura was solely a strength type. But as her strength was weak, she was non-existent in his eyes.

He strutted toward Alex with his chin high, eyes glowing red, and the sound of his loud footsteps broke the silence of the break.

Alex pulled himself to his feet, silently and barely controlling his breathing. His mana was abundant, and he could summon more skills, but he already felt signs of his mana rapidly plummeting, causing his vision to blur.

After glancing at his stats, Alex bit his lips and readied himself to unleash more. But at that time, the group of black robbed figures fell from the sky. Their red eyes reflected Blackburn Blade’s face, and their hatred pinned him.

Many of their skills first reached him, but they all turned into nothingness before touching him as though an invisible beast had devoured them all.

At last, a woman with tanned skin dropped her sword at Blackburn Blade.

“Yumi,” Blackburn Blade innocently laughed, “It’s been a long, long time. Glad to see you doing well. Out of three of you, I had the most fun with you.”

And that was because she hadn’t given up until it was truly over.

Yumi didn’t reply, following the same train of thoughts as Ivonne. Her sword flashed with a blood aura, then she drew a slash and followed it with a thrust. Unfortunately, Blackburn Blade casually fended off her strikes.

“Teaming up with the person you want to kill… And that’s owing to me… I love it,” Blackburn Blade recalled his time as the antagonist, shaking his head with a faint smile, then locked his piercing eyes on others, “I will share a nice secret with you… If you entertain me enough.”

“No one will entertain you… We will… kill you,” Yumi hissed, and everyone followed.

Amidst all antagonists, Alex stepped forward, his sword flashing red. And as everyone summoned forth their demons, his weapon reacted, becoming stronger as well…

He hadn’t killed those demons, yet his weapon rose in strength.

And that was because… the antagonists wanted to work together with him against Blackburn Blade, their killer!

“Lovely,” Blackburn Blade beamed.

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