Chapter 9: Guan Chibei’s Looks

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Her body was extremely heavy and weak. It was obvious that her body was damaged.

The house reeked of blood.

As soon as he entered, Guan Chibei’s eyes shifted imperceptibly.

He could feel that there was a lingering death energy in the room. It was faint. According to its lightness, a night should have passed.

Guan Chibei’s eyes darkened as his gaze landed on Ye Lulu’s face.

It seemed that this body had a new owner, just like him.

He planned to continue living as Guan Chibei. At least for now, he would maintain his original appearance and stay in this village.

Who was this ‘wife’ in name?!

Ye Lulu raised her eyes and looked at Guan Chibei. The first thing she said when she saw him was:

“Your mother is going to name the three sons Datou, Ertou, and Xiaotou!”

Guan Chibei paused.

Ye Lulu’s voice was originally crisp and clear. It was not coquettish, but it was a little delicate and pleasant to the ears. However, because it was after childbirth, her voice was slightly hoarse and had a special soft nasal sound.

The man standing by the door was called Guan Chibei. He should be her husband. Ye Lulu was not surprised. Since she had three sons, she would definitely have a husband.

Moreover, she had all the memories of the original owner of the body. She knew what had happened from the beginning to the end. She could put other things aside for the time being. However, Mother Rong named the three babies with a ‘tou.’ As a father, Guan Chibei should have some responsibility to take care of this!

She could not tolerate this matter, so she told Guan Chibei about it first. After that, Ye Lulu’s gaze landed on him again and she sized him up.

The man was twenty years old. He had a young face and a lean figure. He was wearing loose clothes that could not be any more ordinary in a peasant family.

He had a handsome appearance and his facial features were very upright. Every part of him was just right. The only flaw was that he was still young and immature, and it wasn’t enough for him to radiate his entire elegance.

However, one could tell from his looks that once he became more mature, he would definitely be more handsome.

Actually, Ye Lulu was surprised because she noticed that Guan Chibei’s facial features were perfect. They were deep and profound. However, he was born in a farmer’s family and was still young. Hence, he looked like a dusty pearl with an unblemished grain.

But his foundation was truly amazing.

Actually, one could tell from the baby’s looks that she and her husband were not ugly. Otherwise, it would be impossible for them to give birth to such a baby.

Looking at the Guan family’s genes, they did not seem to be bad. It was just that they had been through a lot and were a little tanned. Moreover, the farmers did not pay much attention to their appearances.

Ye Lulu retracted her gaze and looked down. So this husband looked like this. He was much better than she had imagined.

However, regardless of whether he was handsome or not, he was not hers.

Mother Rong followed behind Guan Chibei and popped her head out. “What’s wrong? Aren’t Datou and Ertou pretty good? They’re easy to call and not a mouthful. Moreover, we are able to know the order of the children!”

Guan Chibei could not imagine what it would be like for the sons of the King of Hades to be named with a ‘tou.’

He also felt that it was impossible!

Ye Lulu looked as Guan Chibei turned around and said to his mother, “… Mother, it’s better if we don’t call the children Datou, Ertou, and Xiaotou.”

Mother Rong said depressingly, “Why?”

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