Chapter 7: The People from the Guan family

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The corners of Ye Lulu’s dry lips twitched.

What… what the hell?!


Ye Lulu felt her weak breath grow stronger. If her son was named Datou, she would rather transmigrate again.

Before Ye Lulu could say anything, her gaze landed on the baby in the swaddling clothes. In an instant, her heart melted into a puddle of water.

It was a very, very small baby. It was so small that it made people feel pity for it. The baby’s skin was very white, making Ye Lulu wonder if all children who transmigrated had such fair skin. Didn’t they say that babies were not born this way?

However, this baby in front of her was indeed fair and smooth. He was also very beautiful. He closed his eyes quietly, and his eyelashes were like a row of small fans. They were black and dense. His nose bridge was very high, and it was simply amazing. His small mouth was pink and tender, and his two little hands were wrapped in swaddling clothes. He was simply a little ball that was being carried forward by Eldest sister-in-law Guan. He couldn’t be any more adorable. 𝓲n𝑛𝓻ℯ𝗮d. 𝚌o𝒎

Just by looking at the baby’s appearance… one could tell that his looks were definitely top-notch.

“Is it a boy?”

“It’s a boy!” Eldest sister-in-law Guan thought that she was very concerned about whether the child she had given birth to was a boy or a girl. She beamed with joy and said, “Yes! All three children are boys! You are our hero!”

Ye Lulu was instinctively surprised. She knew she’d give birth to triplets, but she hadn’t expected all three to be boys.

This was rare. Being pregnant with triplets, especially in ancient times, was special enough. That was why she had given birth so desperately last night.

In fact, Ye Lulu did not care about the gender of her child. Hence, it did not matter to her whether it was a male or female. She was just surprised that all three of them were male.

Second sister-in-law Guan and Mother Rong carried the other two children and sent them to Ye Lulu.

Ye Lulu looked hard at them. Sure enough, all three children looked the same.

There was almost no difference in their looks. They were all so beautiful. Furthermore, the three brothers fell asleep together.

“Eh?” Ye Lulu was surprised. She noticed a slight difference. There was a small mole under the corner of the eldest baby’s eye, which made his sleeping face look particularly alluring.

There was nothing on the second baby’s face, but he had a small mole on his ear, making him look very smart.

No moles could be seen on the youngest baby. His face was clean, but the color of his hair and eyelashes seemed to be a little lighter. Apart from that, Ye Lulu couldn’t see other differences now.

From the looks of it, there was still a slight difference among the three children. That was good. It was easier to differentiate them. The babies also had their own characteristics.

“Sigh, our Datou, Ertou, and Xiaotou are really good-looking!” Mother Rong couldn’t help but be filled with joy and praise.

Ye Lulu was speechless “…”

Meanwhile, outside the straw hut, the father, Guan Hui, the eldest brother, Guan Chidong, second brother, Guan Chinan, and fifth brother, Guan Chixi, were squatting by the wall.

It was not convenient for them to enter the house, but they didn’t feel at ease to leave, so they stayed here to guard the house. Last night, they also slept by the wall.

It could be said that in order to protect the Guan family, they disregarded day and night.

“I’ll enter the city immediately and see if there are any odd jobs to be done today. I’ll earn some copper coins back.” Guan Chidong suddenly stood up and said in a deep voice, “There’s nothing left at home.”

The men understood that he was saying that there was no more food at home.

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