Chapter 439: Moving Down the Mountain

“Don’t rely on your status as fellow villagers to go overboard and still be so bold and confident.”

Ye Lulu did not give anyone any face at all. She sneered, “If you have any objections, hold them back! Take a look at yourself. Who do you think you are? If you provoke me again, I’ll really go crazy and sue you all and remove our family’s household register.”

“Our family opened this restaurant with our own efforts. We didn’t rely on the villagers, understand? We’re not the only family with money. To put it bluntly, you just think that our Guan family was poor in the past and now that we’re suddenly rich, we’re easy to bully. You can just go overboard.”

“Why didn’t you guys go to the landlord’s houses in the village to create a ruckus?”

“Since you’re doing this, don’t blame us for not being considerate. Otherwise, I’ll let the entire world judge who’s reasonable.”

Ye Lulu was too vicious. Not only did she tear off the faces of these shameless villagers, but she also shocked them so much that they did not dare to make a sound.

They could only suffer the shame and dared not say a word.

It was terrifying. She even threatened to remove the entire family’s household register!

It was not impossible.

The villagers only relied on the fact that everyone had attached great importance to their identities as fellow villagers for hundreds of years, so they were fearless and wanted to ride on the Guan family’s head.

However, Ye Lulu did not buy it at all, so the villagers were at their wit’s end.

Li Yue frowned and said in a more serious tone, “I know what you mean. You’re right. Of course, you can move out. However, don’t forget about the roots in Yunwu Village…”

Ye Lulu’s expression changed and she said to the village head, “We’re not completely moving out. Mother and the rest are still in the old house.” 𝗶𝗻𝙣r𝑒𝑎𝚍. 𝘤𝑜𝘮

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The village head, Li Yue, took a deep breath and nodded. He had also come here with the villagers today because of this. As the village head, he couldn’t let the Guan family, who had brought glory to Yunwu Village, move out.

Ye Lulu changed the topic and said, “However, whether our Guan family moves away or stays in the village or in the city is our business. I’ll have to trouble everyone to be clear. We decide where we want to live. It’s not up to the villagers to decide for us. Thank you.”

It was their business, to begin with. Ye Lulu did not want the villagers to think that the village had helped the Guan family in some way and that they could take advantage of them again.

The village head, Li Yue, sighed. Looking at Ye Lulu’s domineering attitude, he knew that the villagers had completely offended her. She no longer showed mercy to the village.

The village head was clear-headed and knew that this was indeed the case. He nodded and made the decision. “Then you guys can move.”

“Village head!”

There were still villagers behind him who did not want the Guan family to move away.

However, when these people thought about it—even the village head did not have the right to restrict the villagers from moving away. What capabilities did they have to get the Guan family to do this and that?

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It was ridiculous.

Ye Lulu did not back down and put on a domineering attitude. She could not be bothered to talk to these villagers anymore. After speaking to the village head, she turned around with Guan Chibei and pushed the cart down the mountain.

If they wanted to move to the shop, they could only do so themselves. No one could arrange for them, let alone give them permission.

This was the reason, to begin with.

Guan Chibei did not speak the entire time, but his expression was calm. After Ye Lulu finished speaking, he pushed the cart away without a word. His attitude was obviously the same as Ye Lulu’s.

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