Chapter 21: A Silent Night

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Since they were husband and wife, they naturally had to sleep in the same house.

However, she was not the original owner of the body. Naturally, she could not accept this ‘husband’ and share a room with him.

Ye LuLu looked at Guan Chibei and asked with a look that spelled ‘you should know better,’ “How are we going to sleep tonight?”

She had just given birth and her body was not clean yet. It was not convenient for her to share a bed with a man. Furthermore, there were three babies sleeping in a row on the bed. If Guan Chibei was on the bed as well, it would be a little cramped.

Fortunately, Guan Chibei was self-aware. He stood up and said, “I’ll sleep with Fifth Brother in his room.” 𝗶𝚗𝘯re𝐚d. 𝑐𝗼𝙢

Guan Chixi was older than Guan Chibei, but he had not married anyone yet. The reason was that he was happy to live alone and did not want to marry anyone.

There was no custom in Yuan City to marry according to age. Father Guan and Mother Rong could do nothing about it and could only helplessly let Guan Chixi be.

Guan Chixi slept in a house by himself. There was a lot of space, so it was suitable for Guan Chibei to sleep with him.

Guan Chibei went out to grab a blanket and strode out of the house. In the darkness of the night, he found Guan Chixi’s house and walked in.

“Chibei…” Guan Chixi, who had just laid down happily, was caught off guard that half of his bed was occupied. He sat up and said, “Hey, Chibei… what are you doing!”

Guan Chibei did not stand on ceremony and lay down on the bed. Guan Chixi, who loved freedom, was about to cry. He pushed Guan Chibei and kept asking him why he did not return to his house to sleep with his wife and children.

The night passed silently.

Early in the morning, in the courtyard, the few brothers of the Guan family were discussing how to cut wood.

The storm was too strong the night before and had destroyed the Guan family’s door. The Guan family had previously used up all their assets to build a house, so the rest of the appliances were indeed poorly installed.

The men from the Guan family thought that they might as well use this opportunity to install another door.

Guan Chibei walked over and happened to hear their conversation. He said, “Go and drag the giant tree that hit me back and use it as a door.”

Father Guan and the rest were stunned.

Drag the tree that ‘smashed Guan Chibei to his death’ back and use it as a door? That tree was big enough, but it almost ‘killed’ Guan Chibei. This was too…

However, Guan Chibei said, “I was knocked down by that huge tree, but in the end, I was fine. This means that that tree is fated with me, and it can’t hurt me… Why don’t we drag it home and let it be our guarding door?”

Father Guan and the rest felt that Guan Chibei’s words made sense.

Thus, they dragged that giant tree back.

It was a grand procession. As they walked through the village, some villagers were shocked when they saw it. Was that the huge tree that smashed Guan Chibei to death? Father Guan and the rest actually dragged the tree back home. They must be crazy!

However, the Guan family did not say much and dragged the tree back to the house. The few men went to work and soon, a new wooden door was carved and installed.

After installing the door, the men from the Guan family left the house. It was better for them to go to the city to do odd jobs and earn copper coins. Otherwise, if they didn’t earn enough for a day, their supply of grains would be cut off.

The pressure at home was huge now.

There wasn’t much work to do in the fields today. Even Father Guan went to the city.

Guan Chibei had also left. He returned shortly with a pork bone that still had a lot of meat on it.

When Mother Rong saw this, she exclaimed. She rushed forward and widened her eyes. “Chibei, where did this pork bone come from?! It’s so big and there’s so much meat. It’s so heavy!”

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