Chapter 13: Ye Lulu Was Originally a Foreigner

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Looking at the size of these two pheasants, they must be several kilograms!

Even Auntie Huang was shocked and looked at Mother Rong’s happy face. Mother Rong pursed her lips and smiled. She was pleased inside, but she only said that Liu’er had been lucky enough to hunt them from the mountains.

Ignoring the immediate uproar among the villagers, Mother Rong exchanged the pheasants with Auntie Huang for two big roosters and went home briskly.

Pregnant women should drink chicken soup made with roosters instead of hens after giving birth as that was the most nourishing.

“Chibei, I got two big roosters! I didn’t cause the Huang family to lose out as well. Those two pheasants were very heavy. They could be sold for a lot of money at a restaurant in the city! Auntie Huang didn’t lose out.”

Mother Rong said excitedly and happily placed the roosters in the chicken pen in the backyard. She only kept one rooster and immediately picked up the other one to kill it.

The families here did not eat blood. Mother Rong wiped the rooster’s neck and placed the chicken blood on the ground.

However, she was stopped by the eldest sister-in-law, who had walked out from Ye Lulu’s house. The eldest sister-in-law said with an odd expression that Ye Lulu mentioned that chicken blood could be eaten, so pick them up with a bowl and not waste it.

Mother Rong was stunned. No one in the village had ever eaten the blood of poultries… Even the people in the city had never heard of eating blood, much less in the village. 𝓲𝐧n𝚛𝐞𝒂d. 𝑐𝗼m

Eldest sister-in-Law Guan said, “Lulu said that in her hometown, people drink chicken blood and duck blood. Pig blood can also be drunk. If one cooked them well, they would be the best delicacies.”

Speaking of which, Ye Lulu’s original owner’s identity was indeed a foreigner.

It was unknown where she came from. She married Guan Chibei and stayed in the village.

The Ye Lulu from before was dry and thin. She had a panicked expression as she wandered around. When she arrived at the village from the city, she had to dig some wild vegetables and pick some wild fruits to barely survive.

One heard that her parents were dead, and there was a disaster in her hometown. Her family had fled to the wilderness, and she was the only one left when she came to Yuan City.

Yuan City was huge, but a lot of things happened there as well. Ye Lulu had been a fugitive for a long time. She might be weak, but she had her own way of surviving and was good at avoiding danger.

She slowly walked to the nearby area by herself. The village was far away, but it was relatively peaceful. Because Yunwu Village was backed by a huge mountain, Ye Lulu could find more food. Therefore, she often wandered around the village.

Everyone recognized her even more, calling her by her name or nickname, Ye Yatou.

At that time, Guan Chibei had grown up. The Guan family was about to find a wife for him, but they were too poor and did not have much to choose from. Guan Chibei often went to the city to work, and he always had his own ideas. Mother Rong had mentioned that he did not want any of the village girls.

He had seen Ye Lulu often in the village. Although her gaze was filled with panic and fear, and her clothes were tattered, she had a tenacious personality. She was able to survive even with such difficulty, and her appearance under the dirt and mud was not ugly. In fact, she looked rather delicate.

The Guan family was suddenly interested in Ye Lulu.

On the other hand, Guan Chibei actually took a fancy to Ye Lulu and felt that he could marry her.

Thus, the Guan family made the decision to let Guan Chibei marry Ye Lulu.

Ye Lulu, who had been living a vagrant life, was naturally very willing to do so. At that time, she almost cried as she married into the Guan family.

She had just been married into the Guan family for a year and had already given birth to three children. It could be said that it was fast-paced.

However, it was also precisely because the original owner was a foreigner who had wandered over that… it was convenient for Ye Lulu to explain some things.

After all, the Guan family didn’t know much about ‘her’ hometown.

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