Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby
Chapter 20: Are You An Idiot?

Chapter 20: Are You An Idiot?

Translator: Yunyi

Acting as though he didn’t hear a thing, Song Wenchuan walked straight toward the door.

Zhou Manli couldn’t stand seeing her daughter being mistreated, so her face immediately sunk. “Chuan! We have a guest. Where are you going so late at night? Didn’t you hear that your sister got you a present?”

Song Wenchuan furrowed his brows as Song Jingwan stared at him with her watery eyes. Her hands were gripping to the hem of her dress and her expression looked hopeful and pitiable.

“Aren’t you coming?” Song Rui commanded with a frown.

“Brother...” Song Jingwan pleaded with a sob.

As everyone waited for him, Song Wenchuan pursed his lips. It was at that moment that he heard some noise coming from the door.

A petite girl was dragging a huge 27-inch suitcase. As she struggled, she got ready to carry it up the stairs.

Song Wenchuan knitted his brows, strode over, and asked coldly, “Song Yaoyao, are you an idiot?” If you can’t carry it, why didn’t you ask for help?

Song Yaoyao was carrying her suitcase when she heard someone calling her an idiot.

She looked over with a sullen face and saw a young man in a casual grey T-shirt. This young man slightly resembled Zhou Manli and he was staring at her.

From memory, this was the eldest son of the Song Family, Song Wenchuan.

“Give me the suitcase. Why are you so clumsy and awkward.” His face was dark and his voice was cold.

Song Yaoyao moved to the side and avoided his hand. She then rolled her eyes and said in a voice colder than his, “No need.”

After saying this, she lifted the 27-inch suitcase in one hand with ease and walked up the stairs. She then placed it down with a thump.

Song Wenchuan: “...”

His lips twitched a little. By the time he realized what had happened, the girl walked straight past him.

Her attitude was cold and she did not appear weak at all.

Song Wenchuan didn’t know what to say. As he turned around, he saw Song Yaoyao walk through the living room indifferently without saying a word.

Zhou Manli sneered. “You must be so capable now. Don’t you know how to greet your mother when you get back? Have you lost your voice?”

Song Rui noticed Huo Ningxi furrow his brows and immediately gave Zhou Manli a look of warning. “That’s enough. The children are tired and need some rest. Why are you saying so much?”

Song Jingwan stood up from the sofa and said toward Song Yaoyao’s back, “Yaoyao, come sit down and have some food before heading back to your room! Leave your suitcase here and someone will carry it...errr...”

Before she finished speaking, everyone watched as Song Yaoyao lifted the huge suitcase with one hand and headed up the stairs. It didn’t take long before she disappeared around the corner.

Song Wenchuan knitted his brows quietly. There was something different about Song Yaoyao apart from her usual quietness and gloominess.

Song Jingwan smiled awkwardly. “Who knew Yaoyao was so strong...”

“If she wants to carry it herself, then let her. She’s always so strange and gloomy like someone owes her something!” Zhou Manli snorted coldly and patted Song Jingwan on the shoulder, gesturing for her to sit down.

But after that, Song Jingwan’s mind was obviously elsewhere. A mother understood their daughter the best. When Zhou Manli saw the situation and noticed that Song Rui and Huo Ningxi were chatting happily, she pulled Song Jingwan privately back to her room.

As soon as they walked in, Song Jingwan immediately pounced into her mother’s arms and tears fell like a broken string of beads. As her shoulders gently trembled, she cried, “Mom!”

“What’s wrong, Wanwan? Don’t cry... Oh, my baby, you’re breaking my heart,” Zhou Manli patted Song Jingwan on the back, “What happened? Did that brat bully you? Don’t be afraid, you can tell me anything. I’ll help you punish her!”

As Song Jingwan buried herself in Zhou Manli’s arms, a trace of coldness flashed across her eyes.

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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby Chapter 20: Are You An Idiot?