Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby
Chapter 16: A Ghost That’s Set Out To Take Your Life

Chapter 16: A Ghost That’s Set Out To Take Your Life

Translator: Yunyi

“Song Yaoyao!”

Song Jingwan chased after Song Yaoyao and called her back.

“Huh? Why are you calling me, Sis?” Song Yaoyao spun the fountain pen between her fingers as she tilted her head and blinked innocently. 𝒾𝙣𝚗𝐫𝑒аd. ᴄom

“You’re still acting?” Song Jingwan asked between gritted teeth. “How do you have medical knowledge? Who taught you?!”

She had already stolen all the attention from Song Yaoyao and tread all over her, why did she still appear in front of her as an eyesore?

It seemed, she hadn’t done enough...

As she looked into Song Jingwan’s hostile eyes, Song Yaoyao’s smile increased.

“If I told you I was born with it, would you believe me?”

The fountain pen spun so swiftly around her fingers, they almost released sparks. Her fingers were slender and fair like jade.

“Yes...” Song Jingwan laughed in anger, “...Yes, my a*s! Who the hell are you?”

Song Yaoyao had changed too much. In the past, she was so gullible that she fell for every trick. Even if she was sold, she would have thanked the person that sold her. How did she become like this?

Song Jingwan couldn’t understand.

The sun shone onto Song Yaoyao’s eyes and they glowed brightly. She grinned and took a couple of steps toward Song Jingwan. From the perspective of an outsider, it appeared as though they had reconciled.

Only Song Jingwan sensed a threatening aura as Song Yaoyao got closer and a chill ran down her spine.

She heard Song Yaoyao’s gentle voice whisper beside her ear, “Oh! You got me. I’m a ghost. A ghost that’s set out to take your life...”

Song Jingwan’s pupils constricted and she immediately lifted her head. Her eyes met Song Yaoyao’s.

She had a harmless expression on her face, but the depth of her smile was equivalent to the coldness hidden in her eyes.

“So, Sis, do you think I should kill you and shut you up? Huh?”

Her voice rose at the end in a gentle manner.

But it gave Song Jingwan goosebumps. She immediately pushed Song Yaoyao away as her face turned pale. “Song Yaoyao, you’ve really lost your mind!”

Compared to imaginary ghosts and gods, Song Jingwan preferred to believe that Song Yaoyao’s behavior had changed after she discovered the truth and suffered a shock.


Song Yaoyao stumbled back a little, leaned against her car, and looked at Song Jingwan with a crisp laugh.

The happiness in her voice was from her heart. She shook her head and admired Song Jingwan’s struggling expression. She was almost unable to keep her ‘kind’ mask on. Song Yaoyao’s lips curved upward and she said softly, “Sis, hurry and find Huo Ningxi. Keep a close eye on him and don’t let him bother me again, okay?”

She blinked her bright eyes and looked at her sister in a kind and negotiable manner.

Only Song Jingwan knew how frightening she was after her personality changed. She must be crazy! That’s why she has such a chillingly evil vibe!

“Song. Yao. Yao.” Song Jingwan said each word clearly as she clenched her fists. “Are you really planning to oppose me?”

All of sudden, a murderous look appeared in her eyes.

Ignoring it, Song Yaoyao said innocently, “I’m not opposing you. I’m giving you what you want. If you like Huo Ningxi, then take him.” She spread her palms and shrugged her shoulders. “But, that’s all I’m giving you. If you want anything else, you will have to come and get it yourself. As for whether you can actually take it...”

Song Yaoyao paused for a moment and smiled sweetly. “ will depend on your capabilities~”

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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby Chapter 16: A Ghost That’s Set Out To Take Your Life