Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby
Chapter 1193 Bonus : Married Life

Song Yaoyao had that dream again. In the dream, she married Huo Yunque.

Her brother stood below the stage with a sullen face. He watched as their father held her hand and walked her down the long carpet. Finally, he handed her hand to another man. His eyes were filled with displeasure.

Seeing this, her mother patted her brother on the back to comfort him. She looked at the stage with a gratified expression.

She was still as beautiful as ever. Even though she was over fifty years old, she was well-maintained, loved by her husband, and had a filial child. Under no pressure, she looked like a beautiful woman who had just turned thirty years old. Her eyes were clear and did not look like someone who was over fifty years old.

The young priest who presided over the wedding smiled and immediately caused all the girls present to become infatuated.

The necklace on his neck was shining under the crystal chandelier.

He asked, "Are you willing?"

"I am willing..."

The soft morning sun entered the room and kissed the fair face on the bed.

After so many years, time seemed to have stopped on her. It was a blessing from heaven.

She was used to curling up in the quilt, revealing only a small part of her fair face. Under the sun, her skin was as delicate as a newborn baby.

When Huo Yunque walked in with warm water, all he heard was, "I am willing..." He stopped in his tracks and could not help but chuckle.

He knew that his little wife was having that dream again.

Song Yaoyao felt an itch on her forehead. She moaned and slowly woke up. The moment she opened her eyes, she was struck by the beauty of a certain man.

His eyes and brows were deep, and his facial features were clear and attractive. He had a unique temperament, like a good ink painting with a unique person painted on it.

"Oh... what are you doing..."

She mumbled and reached out her hand out of habit.

Huo Yunque bent down and let her hook his neck. He held her soft waist with his big palm and lifted her up.

Under the bright light, the red marks on the little woman's body could not be hidden.

Like red plums blooming in the snow, they meandered down from her round shoulders.

Huo Yunque kissed her forehead. "Since you like weddings so much, why don't we have another one?" he suggested.

Song Yaoyao was still in a daze. She rested her head on his broad shoulders and dozed off. When she heard this, her little face suddenly turned red.

She buried her head and complained, "Aren't weddings sacred because they are a once-in-a-lifetime thing?"

What did he mean by another one?

She tugged at Huo Yunque's ear, thinking that this man's brain was getting weirder and weirder.

Huo Yunque knew what she was thinking and chuckled. "Haven't you always been thinking about it?" He took the cup of warm water and fed it to her without her needing to do anything.

Song Yaoyao took a sip and kicked him with her fair and tender feet. "You only know how to laugh at me!"

"Really?" Huo Yunque leaned over and placed his arms on the bed, trapping her underneath him.

Song Yaoyao was no longer the little girl who could not stand being teased and wanted to curl up when she was shy. She giggled and took the initiative to wrap her arms around the man's neck and kissed him. "However, no matter how many times I experience it in my dreams, my answer will always be the same."

I'm willing...

Huo Yunque's eyes were full of smiles. Just as he was about to kiss her back, Song Yaoyao had already evaded him playfully.

Seeing that Huo Yunque had missed his kiss, his eyes immediately curved into a smile, revealing a few white teeth.

The cunning little fox's appearance made people love and hate her.

"Are you playing with me, huh?"

Huo Yunque's gripped her chin, and he slowly leaned over.

The sun was just right, and her heart thumped wildly.

Ah, this man always had the ability to move her heart.

Song Yaoyao closed her eyes, and her eyelashes fluttered rapidly.

Just as Huo Yunque's kiss was about to fall, the door was pushed open with a bang, and two chubby little kids rushed in like cannonballs.

The two chubby little kids were wearing the same clothes, one pink and one blue.

"Mommy! Mommy, get up... Ah!"

The chubby kid in front suddenly slammed on the brakes. He covered his eyes with his chubby hand and said, "Don't look! Don't listen!" Then, he quietly parted his fingers and peeked through the gap.


The other chubby kid who was one step behind did not have time to brake before there was a collision.

The two of them fell onto the carpet, one on top of the other like a human pyramid.

They immediately cried out in pain.

The romantic atmosphere instantly disappeared because of this funny scene. Huo Yunque's eyebrows twitched and he gritted his teeth as he stood up.

He wondered which genes did not match up to create these two stupid things.

Song Yaoyao was shocked and she quickly jumped out of bed to carry them. "Oh my, get up, did it hurt?"

"Sit properly."

Huo Yunque glanced at her and walked over to pick up the two little radishes. He weighed them and said, "You've gained weight again. From tomorrow onwards, quit sugar and snacks."


The eyes of the two little radishes turned black. They were tired and did not like it. "Daddy, no!"

Song Yaoyao sat on the bed, swinging her little feet, laughing secretly.

She got married the year she graduated and it had been five years since then. She got pregnant the second year after marriage and gave birth to twins.

Of course, Song Yaoyao was afraid of pain, but her pregnancy was carefully considered and she was mentally prepared. Because she was previously caught piercing the condoms, Song Yaoyao was fully prepared this time. As expected, she was not discovered.

In the end, she succeeded in one go.

She remembered that when she found out that she was pregnant, a certain someone was furious. He looked very angry for the first time, and she could not help but shrink her neck.

However, the seed had already been planted and was growing in her stomach. Huo Yunque could not force her to go to the hospital to get an abortion. He could only start doing his homework every day in fear.

He was an overbearing CEO, but because of his little wife, he was forced to become a loving husband who was proficient in everything.

Even so, when Song Yaoyao gave birth, she almost stepped into the gates of Hell.

It was too painful.

Then, the next day, perhaps because he was worried that she would do something reckless again, Huo Yunque went to have a small surgery to eliminate any future troubles.

The truth was, these two were enough. Song Yaoyao did not dare to give birth again. The pain of giving birth was enough for her to experience once in her life.

However, looking at the two little ones obediently standing beside Huo Yunque, Song Yaoyao's eyes curved in satisfaction. She did not regret the pain of giving birth at all. As long as she saw them, she felt that it was worth it no matter what.

"Why have you been in a daze recently?"

Seeing that she had unknowingly lost her focus again, Huo Yunque shook his head. He walked over, picked up a sock, and knelt down on one knee to help her put it on.

Song Yaoyao grinned and looked at Huo Yunque. "I was wondering if I saved the Milky Way in my previous life. Otherwise, why would I have such a good and handsome husband?"

Huo Yunque paused and looked at her with amusement. "You're such a sweet talker." The corners of his lips curled up, indicating that he enjoyed it very much.

After the two little ones were born, they were named by Elder Huo. The older one was called Huo Yian, and the younger one was called Huo Yiran.

At this moment, the two little ones only looked at this scene and let out a long sigh.

"Is this what godmother meant when she said that Father and Mother are true love, and we are an accident?"

Huo Yiran nodded and also let out a sigh. "Sigh!"

Song Yaoyao was speechless. "What nonsense is your godmother telling you every day? Hurry up and go eat breakfast!"

Huo Yian pouted. "See, little brother? Godmother was right!" He reached out his chubby hand. "Little brother, let's go!"

Song Yaoyao didn't know whether to laugh or cry. "What is all this?"

"Ah, that's right!" When they reached the door, the younger brother, Huo Yiran, bit his finger and remembered. "Mommy, Grandpa and Grandma are here to see you! Hurry up and get up!"

"Oh? Mom and Dad are here?"

Song Yaoyao was so shocked that she almost jumped up. She raised her eyebrows and glared at Huo Yunque. "Why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"Don't worry."

Huo Yunque carefully dressed her. "They're downstairs. They can't run away."

"How can it be the same?" Song Yaoyao puffed her cheeks and disagreed.

As soon as she put on her clothes, she couldn't wait to run out.

In the living room downstairs, Father and Mother Song, who were over 50 years old, were sitting on the carpet and playing blocks with the two brothers, disregarding their image.

Song Yaoyao stood on the stairs and blinked. She felt that everything was too wonderful, so wonderful that she didn't dare to speak, afraid that everything was fake.

It wasn't until Mother Song noticed that she was looking over that she smiled and waved. "This child, why are you in a daze? Quickly come over!"

As soon as she said this, Song Yaoyao finally reacted.

It wasn't a dream!

She briskly ran over and said in a sweet voice, "I'm coming!"


Actually, Song Yaoyao had asked about it later, but her parents didn't tell her how they got there. They only assured her that they would never leave again in this lifetime.

As time passed, Song Yaoyao's mood to ask about this matter faded.

She thought about it carefully and combined it with the strange dream, guessing that it should be a cause-and-effect relationship.

Since some mysterious things really existed, it was naturally not impossible for her parents and brother to come and accompany her.

However, Song Yaoyao had asked Song Lanchuan many times after that, and he did not regret giving up everything there.

In that world, the Song family was a famous and influential family. However, after coming to this world, everything had to start anew.

Song Lanchuan only pressed on her head and said confidently, "You have to believe in your brother's ability. No matter where he is, he can provide for you and your parents."

Soon, he proved this point.

Now, after so many years, Song Lanchuan had started from scratch and single-handedly created a huge business empire. He was known as a wolf in the business world.

As long as he saw something, he would attack immediately.

The Song Family rose from nowhere, and the powerful clan became Song Yaoyao's most solid backing.

Days passed peacefully and warmly.

No matter how unwilling the two little ones were, they eventually had to go to kindergarten.

During this time, younger brother, Huo Yiran, had shown a strong interest in art. His character was not as impulsive as his older brother, Huo Yian. He was able to settle down at such a young age.

Father Song had some attainments in painting, so he was Huo Yiran's teacher until he was eight years old. It was not until the age of eight that the two brothers finally lost their innocence and gradually revealed that their IQs were higher compared to ordinary people, so he had nothing left to teach them.

This was when Song Yaoyao felt it was time to find a proper teacher.

One day, there was a knock on the door of the former principal of Yuhua Primary School. As a master of Chinese painting, everyone knew that he had long stopped accepting students.

Everyone did not have high hopes, thinking that he would also reject them.

Until the person who brought the child here took out a pen.

The next day, the master of Chinese painting announced that he had accepted a new disciple, who was only eight years old.

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Mrs. Huo is a Crybaby Chapter 1193 Bonus : Married Life