Chapter 11 - News


"Do your best to watch and have a glimpse of him. Who knows, you too might like him!" Yin Lifen informed her and squealed at the thought of seeing Ye Cheng again, before she hung up the call.

Li Jing on the other hand was left speechless. She was not particular excited about seeing someone’s face.

’So, what if he is on TV, he is just another one of those rich boys with good looks.’ She shrugged at the thought and proceeded to the living room.

As soon as she sat down on the sofa, she checked her phone screen and saw that it was almost time for the national news.

’7:57 pm. Can’t a girl have a break?’ Li Jing yelled in her mind before slowly letting a sigh escape her lips. "Well, I might as well just check it out or Yin Liven would kill me.’

A couple of minutes later and it was time for the news. Li Jing’s phone lit up at the sound a of a buzz signifying the arrival of a message notification.

It was a message from Yin Lifen reminding her to watch the news.

"Fine I will," she mumbled to herself to switch the TV on.

In no time had she done that; the news begun. As the reporter spoke about the business deal between Dream Star Corporation and the Lin Group. No sooner had she spoke about the CEO’s of the companies that Ye Cheng’s picture was up on display.

Li Jing’s eyes narrowed at the sight as she peered deep into the TV.

’He gives off this familiar vibe, have I seen him before?’ she thought to herself and raked her brain for where she may have met him.

After some time, she gave up trying when nothing seemed to click.

"Well, he has nice features. Even though it is a side picture, he still looks dashing."

Ring! Ring!

She turned her head to the side where her phone was on the sofa and looked at the caller.

"Yin Lifen, would this girl let me have some rest?"

She picked the call and answered it.

"YES?" she made sure to show her irritation through her voice but her happy friend didn’t notice it as she squealed again.

"Oh my gee! Did you see him? You better had or else?"

"II did see him. He is fine, no big deal," Li Jing replied nonchalantly.

"No big deal? Are you out of your damn mind young lady? He looks like a beauti... no, no, what am I saying? Handsome god," she said, refuting her friend’s statement.

’Handsome god would be the man lying on my bed, not this Ye Cheng. I bet if Yin Lifen sees him, she would forget her crush, Ye Cheng and worship this man instead.’

Li Jing who did not know that the drop dead, dashing man on her bed was the CEO of the Dream Star Corporation, felt he was more handsome... If only she knew.

"Li Jing!" Yin Lifen called her name, bringing her out of her thoughts.

"Yes, yes? What is it?"

"You zoned out on me," Yin Lifen complained.

"Oh, I did? Sorry, my bad."


At that same time, Ye Cheng coughed from inside the room, alerting Li Jing of his presence. Quickly she covered her mouth piece, so that Yin Lifen and her prying ears wouldn’t hear.

"Yin Lifen, I have got to go. See you on Monday."

"Anything wro..."

Li Jing didn’t wait for her to finish speaking before she ended the call and dashed towards the room, Ye Cheng was in.

By the time she got there, she met him still lying down with his eyes closed. Carefully, she moved closer to where he was on the bed and examined him.

Nothing was wrong, and his temperature was normal. She sighed after making sure he was okay and left to get a clean towel and water.

A couple of minutes later, she returned with the towel and bowl of clean water and placed it on a bedside small table. She soaked the towel, squeezed and proceeded to use it to clean his upper body.

By the time she was done, she placed the wet towel on his forehead and stood up.

’How can she call that Ye Cheng handsome? I feel it is an insult to call another guy a handsome god where he is.’ She thought to herself, as her eyes betrayed her once again, admiring his body.

’Knock it off, Li Jing. You do not know who he is,’ she scolded herself mentally then turned around to leave.

The next thing Li Jing knew, a warm hand held her wrist, stopping her from leaving. His hand was strong and tight but not to the point of causing her pain.

Surprised by the sudden contact, Li Jing turned her head to the side, where her wrist was being held and traced her gaze to the owner of the hands.

"Qing Mei..."

She saw his lips move and muttered something, but she couldn’t hear it. Instead of freeing herself and leaving, Li Jing found herself curious about what he said and leaned in, bringing her ears close to his lips.

"Qing Mei, I am sorry. For...give me."

’Qing Mei? Did he hurt that person?’ she asked herself and then raised her head to look at his face, checking if he was awake.

His eyes were shut tight and his face looked ashen with pain. Just from this appearance, she could somehow relate to his pain. His face mirrored hers, when she found out about Duan Tian’s betrayal.

’He is in pain. Did that person hurt him the way I was hurt?’

She couldn’t place it, but she felt a bit sad seeing him like this. ’She must be important to him, for her name to taunt him in his dreams.’

She sighed before reprimanding herself once more, ’It is not your business Li Jing.’

As she made to stand up and leave, she felt a strong hand wrap around her waist and pulled her back down.


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