The very last tier promotion hall in the entire MistStar planet tier promotion district was labelled as ' Other ' classes and was arguably the most disgusting looking tier promotion hall of them all.

While every tier promotion hall had some unique features such as the swordsman class promotion hall had their gate made from swords.

The mage class promotion hall had floating steps leading to the entrance, and the shaman class promotion hall, while looking creepy, had the skulls of various creatures attached to the door.

Although not the best fashion statement it was still well maintained and the hall itself was undamaged and the wood used in the flooring and Walls was clean and rot free.

The ' Other ' classes promotion hall was more like an abandoned toilet of a campsite.

It smelt atrocious, the hall itself looked like it could collapse at any second if the wind blew too hard and the wood used in the construction had became a nesting home for termites and worms at this point, showing that no maintenance work had been done at the hall for years or several hundred years.

If Max was not hard pressed for time, he would have seriously considered whether he wanted to go through with the tier promotion that very moment itself or take a day or two to mentally prepare himself for the horrors that were going to be inside, but since he did not have that luxury he tightened his ball sack, took a deep breath and walked past the entrance door.

As Max walked inside, the interior was barely any better than the outside of the hall with the only difference being that while small bugs ran all across the floor, they were not innumerable in number and could be stomped on easily.

Unlike other tier promotion halls where an attendant would be present to greet one upon entry, the others hall only had a large sign that said ' Place hand here to begin tier promotion test '

Max walked up to the sign and saw the palm scanner full of dust.

Rolling his eyes Max blew the dust apart to reveal the glass plate scanner underneath as he placed his hand over the vague markings as the old scanner whirred to life.

" Processing " a mechanical voice answered as Max felt his hand being glued to the scanner surface with an invisible force as he could not lift his hand from the surface no matter how hard he tried.

" Evaluation complete - Lost class Blood Shaman detected, preparing the corresponding testing area.

Estimated time - 2 hours and 7 minutes.

Please enjoy our carefully selected list of music while you wait " the mechanical voice said and then began playing some sort of weird instrumental music that sounded like a piano made from glass.

Max looked around and thought ' Great, just what I wanted on this beautiful day ' , as he blew a small fire to incinerate the bugs around himself as he took a seat.

Max did not wish to waste so much time here waiting, and since he had no other options but to wait he decided to make the most of it and called his sister in law Naomi.

Naomi : Hello? Max?

Max : Hello sister in law, how are you? How are the kids?

Naomi : I'm good, the kids are completely obsessed with Kartikeya, they want nothing more than to play with the little one all day.

Max : Haha, that's cute.

Naomi : How are you? Wait a second, JACK! JACK! don't give kartikeya your fruits it's for YOU to eat, Jesus Christ this kid

Max : .... (*Shivers from the anger displayed*)

Naomi : Yes, sorry dear, how are you? What's that music in your background?

Max : I'm fine, waiting in turn for my tier promotion. I'll be tier3 soon!

Naomi : Oh you're not even tier3 yet? Even I'm tier 3, what the hell were you doing? I thought you were stronger.

Max : ….. ( *Ego destroyed into bits* )

Naomi : Any news about your brother?

Max : No…. I'm sorry

Naomi : It's okay, tell me what do you need me for today?

Max : Errr, how do you know I wanted something?

Naomi : I know you brother's, you never call home just to casually check-in.

Max : .... ( * Guilt rising internally )

Max : I need a recommendation letter to become a VIP member of the Seven Galaxies Bank, If you can ask sister Ruby or God Patricia for one I would be grateful.

Naomi : How soon?

Max : Tomorrow will be good.

Naomi : Okay, I'll see what I can do. You be safe and come home once in a while atleast if you are living in Radiance.

Max : .... ( * shivers uncontrollably realising that Naomi knows that he was on radiance but did not visit home* )

Max : It's not like you think, I was ju-

( line disconnected)

The main reason Max had called home was to get a recommendation letter as he was not sure if Sister Ruby was a VIP member of the Seven Galaxies Bank or not, as with her status as the first Elven princess and a tier4 warrior she might be one.

If not, the god Patricia Won Knight was definitely bound to be, and Max could not directly approach her but Naomi could but calling home gave Max a reality check about his selfish nature.

Max sat there contemplating the mistakes he was making in life, as he realised that the time he had was very little compared to the things he had to achieve.

He had no one but himself to blame for choosing to spend snu-snu time with Asiva instead of going home once.

But at that moment the thought of the naked Asiva was way more alluring than spending time with his cute nephews and it even gave constitution improvement, so Max regretted nothing.

But in the future he would try to make time to go home for sure, if for nothing else then to avoid incurring the wrath of his sister in law.


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