MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God
Chapter 232 The Meeting With The Bank Manager

Max needed to raise money and he needed to obtain the seven galaxies bank VIP membership, both of which went hand-in- hand as far as Max was concerned.

In the entire universe there were only 10,000 new VIP memberships issued every year and only 1,000 VIP+ membership slots.

His brother was one of the lucky few who had a VIP+ membership at the seven galaxies bank alongside people like the monarchs and other tier7 god's.

But since the VIP+ slots were so limited and not even all gods could get one, the competition at the VIP spots became extremely intense.

It was basically every single wealthy merchant, tier 5 adventurer, some minor god, a few influential tier4 warriors all vying for one, but while the demand was extremely high the supply was truly low.

The bank managers were not even authorised to issue a VIP membership and it could only be issued at a regional manager level.

With such an intense level of competition for one spot, it was nearly impossible for a tier 2 individual to get a VIP spot with his own merit, but thankfully Max had an insane amount of resources behind himself that could help the bank make billions of gold coins should they make him a VIP member.

This bargaining tool was his only hope of getting in, but it was still not a 100% guarantee that he would.

Taking his chances, Max headed out to the tier2 planet designed by the Universal Queen, the ' Mist-Star' planet to meet with the bank manager there.

[ System Notification ] - You have entered the Safe-Zone ' Mist-Star ' planet, you will be revived if killed within this area for free by the universal queen.

It was Max's first time at the Mist-star planet, in his past life he had only seen the tier2 planet in photos and videos of other earthly adventurers but never had the chance to walk around himself.

The planet was a far better place than the tier1 ' Dewstar ' planet as the streets were much cleaner and while the traffic was high, it was still civil and orderly unlike the sheer chaos of Dewstar.

Once inside the Safe-Zone, Max quickly found his way to the nearest seven galaxies bank branch as after going inside he requested to meet with the manager, and with his status as a Platinum customer, Max was given a 30 minute wait time before his meeting was scheduled.

Max calmly waited for his turn as he observed the dealings of the bank, as he realised that the world economy was much larger than he could ever fathom as while a billion gold coins seemed like a ridiculous amount for a single person to own, it was actually a figure that a large bank like the Seven Galaxies Bank handled on a monthly basis from all small transactions combined.

In his half hour of waiting, Max saw at least 100,000 gold worth of transactions being done, which meant that the bank did over 2 million gold coins in transactions just from its physical location every single day.

Adding all the credit card transactions and other convenience fees the banking sector seemed like an incredibly lucrative business that could net one billions of gold coins yearly.

Noticing this industry Max made a mental note to open one himself when he became the Vampire God, as it would be a much better use of his resources than just letting them rot in a royal treasury.

His brother had always wanted to open a bank, but he had too much on his plate to ever fulfil the dream, however, Max knew that if he ever had the opportunity he would open an Elites bank for his brother.

" Mr Ravan, the manager is ready for you " The bank assistant said as she led Max into a room where the manager was seated.

" Hello good sir, how may I help you today? " The goblin manager asked Max in a very upbeat tone as his long nose, green skin and yellow teeth made Max feel uncomfortable about sharing his qualms with the ugly creature.

However, restraining his disgust, Max passed the man a piece of paper with a list of all the materials he was willing to auction off as the goblin manager looked at the list carefully before asking " You are willing to sell all these items at the upcoming Warren City auction? "

The manager asked sceptically, the items listed here were worth at least 13-15 billion gold coins, an astronomical amount that not even big corporations could easily fork, however, a tier 2 player was now claiming to have it.

" Yes, I am " Max replied confidently as the manager re-evaluated the status of the young man in front of him at the moment.

" Very well, I'll make sure to charge you the best possible rate for these items, please head over with me to the Warren City office tomorrow, we would need to examine and register the items before the auction " The goblin manager said as Max shook his head in denial.

" If you want my business you will have to give me a VIP membership slot " Max said as the goblin manager's face instantly fell.

The goblin manager thought he would be able to gain a big fat commission from this client, however, the term of the client was too steep.

" Sir, although it's possible for me to recommend you for a slot in-exchange for the items you are providing me, the minimum criteria to be eligible for a membership is to be at least tier3 and have a recommendation letter from an existing VIP member stating why it would be beneficial for the seven seas bank to give you one.

The best I can do is expedite the process, but with the auction only being in 4 days time, you are really out of options " The goblin manager said as Max frowned for a moment before turning to have a determined face.

" Alright then, I'll be back with these two criteria fulfilled " Max said as he stood up, tidied his robes and walked out of the goblins office, his destination being the tier promotion hall.

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MMORPG : Rebirth Of The Strongest Vampire God Chapter 232 The Meeting With The Bank Manager