Max stood wide armed as he thought Asiva was coming in for a hug.

Max was extremely passionate about Asiva and her safety was his number one priority, but he had never sorted his feelings for her in a romantic fashion, which is why when she pushed his arms aside and went in straight for a kiss, Max was caught completely off-guard.

" YESS ". Anna yelped in joy, she had secretly been rooting for this moment for a long time, whereas Severus always suspected that something was going on between the two, as he smiled looking at the developing situation.

Asiva did not care about the others watching at all as she passionately and forcefully kissed Max, pushing her tongue into his wet mouth and biting his lips to draw a little bit of blood.

Being vampires, the most intimate type of kiss that the species could share was not the exchange of saliva, but that of blood as Asiva devoured Max's while staring passionately into his eyes.

At first Max was caught off-guard and did not know how to respond, but soon he voluntarily kissed back as a wide smile broke on Asiva's face.

Although Asiva was the bold type of girl, this was still a big step for her to take and she did fear Max rejecting her.

In Fact it was one of her worst fears, as then she might not be able to stay the same kind of friends if he did, but thankfully it all seemed to be working out as Max kissed her back without resistance.

" You, Max Rajput, I think I've fallen for you ". Asiva said after a full two minutes of intense kissing.

Blood dripped from Asiva's lips, as she seductively sucked it as if it was the most delicious fluid in the world. Her words made Max's heartbeat extremely fast as the man was at a loss for words.

" I've been wanting to tell you this for a long time, but ever since I've met you, I've met this person who I can trust blindly, who I can turn my back to and talk anything to, knowing full well that even if you die, you won't stab me in the back.

When I see you with other girls it makes me jealous, when I see you giving other people attention, even Sebastian or Severus, It makes me feel like I should have been the one getting it and I don't know if I am over possessive or over infatuated with you, but I think this is what people call having a crush on someone.

I like you, and I want to explore every bit of your body, not as a friend, not as a one time thing, but on a daily basis.

I want to drink your blood and scratch your chest, I want to sleep on your shoulders and ride on your lap.

Everyday of the last 2.5 years that I've been away from you has been hard. Not because of the torture, not because of the pain, but it was my inability to be with you that hurt me the most.

I know I'm flawed, and I know that you know my flaws better than anyone, so if you are willing to accept me for who I am, I promise to also work on my flaws to be a better person for you.

I know your dreams, and you know mine, support me in mine and I promise to support you in yours.

Together, vengeance will be ours.

So what do you say?

Do you have the balls to take on a real vampire lady?

Or are you too scared of making a commitment and can only fuck around with stupid beastwomen " Asiva said in a single breath as Anna covered her gaping mouth with shock.

Asiva had always been the silent kind of girl, but her confession today was totally wild!

Max carefully looked at Asiva, who looked completely flushed at the moment from head to toe, with her heart beating so fast that he could hear the heartbeat standing across her.

Max heard her words, but could not fully process the meaning behind every sentence that she spoke as he felt like his mind had begun to glitch.

However, his heart knew exactly what to do as there was a screaming answer coming from it that said " YES "

Max said nothing, instead he slid his hands across Asiva's waist and pulled the red tomato looking girl near himself as he looked her in the eye very closely.

" Do you love me? " Max asked in a deep voice as he put his palm over her heart.

" Yes " Asiva replied without faltering, as she put hers on Max's heart, the one behind his lungs as she said " Do you love me? "

" Yes " Max replied with a smile as he pulled her in for a kiss and this time took the initiative to show his passion for her back.

Max bit into Asiva's bottom lip as a fresh fragrance of blood entered his nostrils.

Asiva's scent could only be described as ' Divine ' for Max as although he had a much better control over his senses after his dragonification, the scent still made him feel dizzy as his primal instincts took over and he began sucking it hard.

" Mmm " Asiva moaned in pleasure as Max drank her blood, an extremely delicious liquid that was better than anything Max has ever tasted in both his lifetimes.

Both Max and Asiva shared countless minutes just lost in each other's embrace until Severus's cough interrupted the duo.

" As your god-father, I must disapprove of this public display of affection, this is not right, You have to be more mindful - " Severus began complaining when Max pulled him in on the hug as well.

" Agh better, much better, I absolutely approve " Severus said, changing his tone immediately as he felt included.

" Don't forget about Mee! " Anna said as she too jumped in for the hug, as the group shared a beautiful bonding moment.

What the future held for everyone, nobody knew but one thing was for certain, which was that they were gonna go through the challenges together!


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