Two big changes occured to Max's body once his mana stat started to increase from 0, the first was that the Agni-Astra began tapping into Max's mana and infusing a fire element into it while the other was that Max's Primordial Vampire physique started to reject the mana.

The primordial vampires were a species who were insensitive to mana in their pure form. The only reason why Max was able to succeed in becoming a primordial vampire when everyone else failed was because his mana stat was 0.

Now that it was no longer 0, his body began feeling the effects of mana poisoning just like everyone on Earth did when they experienced the first awakening.

Upon all the pain that his body was already feeling, the gut wrenching pain of the first awakening like mana torture gripped his body as Max's pain receptors now wanted to shut-down from the overlord and just plain die.

Max had to suppress the urge to turn his neck under Rhea's claw and die, as every second the urge to commit suicide grew stronger and stronger.

Max's body began to release incredible amounts of puss,dirt and cellular waste as his body began tearing and healing itself at the same time.

Max had a unique constitution that allowed him to absorb blood to heal himself and lying in a pool of high grade dragon blood that process was a continuous lifeline for his tearing tissues and damaged artilleries, but with the mana poisoning his already red HP began to finally fall as Rhea was instantly alarmed.

" He is losing health, his body is rejecting mana " Rhea said in a slightly panicked voice as Kremeth instantly leaped over and entered the pool of blood alongside Max as he inspected his condition.

Kremeth clicked his tongue, unlike the first awakening where a body faced mana poisoning due to impure mana flowing through one's veins when the mana barrier of a planet was broken, Max's condition was different as it seemed like his body had an allergic reaction to the mana and was actively rejecting it.

Kremeth had heard about this phenomenon, it was only seen in species that had spent billions of years inside a mana barrier and had grown immunity against the small amounts of mana that leaked into their worlds.

Such species were bound for extinction after the first awakening, and the primordial vampire were sadly one such race.

When the first awakening occurred, only a pitiful 5% of the total population survived but even those 5% were enough to carve a lasting legacy in the universe.

Sadly Max was one of the primordial vampires who had an immunity against mana and this made his situation extremely precarious.

" The boy will die in 30 seconds at this rate, I can start casting healing spells but healing spells will not eliminate his allergy, unless his body learns to accept mana, sooner or later he will die". Kremeth said as listening to his analysis Mira gasped in disbelief.

" MOM, SAVE MAX PLEASE " Mira shouted in an almost crying voice as listening to her panic Rhea felt an obligation to try her best to save Max as she said " Then the only way to save him is to follow through with the race change and hope that his draconic part overpowers his natural immunity. I'll heal him enough to keep him alive, you go and kill the third dragon ".

Kremeth thought about it just for a split second but as he saw Max's HP drop below the 1000 mark he instantly made up his mind and jumped towards the third dragon.

Max was in a precarious position now, and time was of the essence.

Even as a god, Rhea was now pushed to her limits as she began healing Max. Usually the draconification procedure was supposed to be handled by 5 god level priests in charge of different aspects of the process, however, under the circumstances Rhea had to do it with just Kremeth as her support.

The ancient hymns she was chanting were the ones that were responsible for mixing the mana from the mana stones and the dragon blood and pouring them through the runic channel and when she paused to say a few words in bipedal English language, the flow momentarily slowed down.

The ancient hymns were hard to recite and it was easy for one's tongue to slip when they were doing it constantly and at a high speed, but Rhea not only had to focus on reciting them correctly but she also had to push the mana through Max's mana veins, circulating it smoothly through his pathways to clear years of blockage and dirt.

While doing these two procedures she now had to monitor his vitals and use healing spells too as the dragon monarch was pushed to her absolute limit.

Max's HP began to heal under Rhea's powerful spells, however, just as it went above 10,000 Rhea pierced Max's heart with another claw from the same hand that was piercing his neck, as Max finally blacked out from the pain.


Max's HP dropped to a pitiful 40 as Rhea felt her gut roll, she had made a slight judgement error and had almost accidentally killed Max.

She quickly began healing Max as his HP began stabilising above 1000 about 15 seconds later.

" This is it, with so many holes in his body this is the limit to which his body can resist, either he develops a second heart now and starts becoming a dragon or he dies" Rhea said as she signalled Kremeth to kill the third dragon.

The old coward felt his hands tremble slightly as he killed the third dragon, as he subconsciously worried about his disciple's life.

Although the old turtle did not show it, the past few days teaching the kids had been his happiest in a long time.

Nonetheless, he pierced the heart of the third dragon as it's blood began gushing into the runic formation.


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